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Shackled City Adventure Path

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Finally running Shackled City

Yay, the campaign has begun!

Character death in the Demonskar Legacy [spoilers]

Monte Cook's Complete Book of Experimental Might SCAP conversion

A Fitting Lieutenant for the Blue Duke

So, is SCAP available for sale as a PDF?

Chapter One Loose Ends and Questions

Pathfinder creature conversions

Am I running things wrong or does 'surprise' not work?

SCAP to Sargava: Deity conversion and other issues

Test One of the Smoking Eye Question

DM Question: the light at the center of the wooden gear

DM Question: Just a Grell-related thing

Rolling or pointbuy

Hero Lab portfolios

Tyrannosaurus Skeleten Miniatur?

Cagewright Pathfinder Conversions

This AP is SO much fun!

Help me think of some rumours, articles and pictures for the Cauldron newspaper

The Demonskar Ball

Location of Cauldron in Golarion

Distance from Sasserine to Cauldron?

Flood Festival

Modifications to Drathkar's Way

Cauldron's Founders. Who were they?

Ghelve: An Alternative

Good looking?

Cauldron 2-sided Poster Map for Sale

I need some clarity, please.

Shackled City Glories!

TPK in the offing


Shackled City AP in Pathfinder RPG

When Does SCAP start?

Running in Pathfinder with 2-3 players

3.5 SCAP + extra stuff + FR. Trying to make SCAP the best experience ever!

Continuity between chapter 2 and 3 aka Flood Season with the Orak's decanter of endless water

The players didn't clean up all the baddies. What should happen?

How many character deaths in your Adventure Path?


Dark Myrakul in Pathfinder...

A little help here....

Original Printable Monster Tokens

Crater Lake Monster's hunt

Draconic Kuo-toa

Chapter 2 Rules Question - Contains Spoilers

Pathfinderized Traits for SCAP

Thoughts on Jil

SCAP Traits in PF?

Any Suggetions?

Another Campaign Finished

Shackled City in Pathfinder

A Conversion Project - Shackled City to Pathfinder

Shackled City set in Golarion. Possible?

Considering to run Shackled City (with own modifications)

Kallev AC - Drakthar's Way

Fitting a drow inquisitor PC into the party (Greyhawk grognards needed!)

I need the appendix electronically

Post seige of Redgorge

Hey DD, ever write up the Haunted Village side trek in full?

quick questions for DD or anyone else who has finished

Noble PCs and the Shackled City AP

Vanishing and using an infected scroll to learn the spell

Death in SCAP

Lords of Oblivion

. . . And Justice for Hobgoblins?

Life's Bazaar: PC's taking their time cleaning out the place.

Smoking eye and the guardinal

In and Out SCAP


Names for adventuring parties

Precursor and prologue for SCAP

How to (radically) shorten Shackled City AP? (Lots of Spoilers!)

Hardcover questions

Is it just me? Cagewrights and Adimarchus

Starting the Smoking Eye in Golarion

Shackled City in Planescape?

Zenith Splintershield's equipment

Shackled City 2nd Edition AD&D?

Question about the Test of the Smoking Eye

Replacement monsters for SCAP in PF?

New Shackled City Game in Golarion

What do you think of this idea?

So one of my Shackled City Players is a serial-killer.

Advice on Intro Game for Kids Learning D&D?

The Haunted Village - Help delvesdeep!

How much of the Adventure Path was changed for the Hardcover?

Cauldron's town crest? (Spoilers, I guess)

Has anyone done a conversion of Kaurophon?

Base of operation = Jazaruine?

Skies Treasury - Chapter by chapter

How much downtime is there?

Smaller dungeons?

Political Economy and Society of the Cauldron region

Cauldron's Coins

Crescentia recovery?

The Striders of Fharlanghn

Finished Shackled City

What's your party pedigree?

SCAP into Pathfinder RPFG

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