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Welcome to the Dungeon messageboards!

This is the place to discuss current, past, and upcoming issues of Dungeon, share tactics with other DMs using the same adventures, and gab about anything and everything to do with Dungeon! We’ve also got a discussion folder specifically for our 11-installment Shackled City Adventure Path, where fans of the series can discuss tips and tricks with others running the same campaign.

Our editorial staff reads this board frequently, and we’ll do our best to answer questions posted here. We’re always open to suggestions about how to improve the magazine, so take a few minutes to let us know what you think of where the magazine’s been and where it’s going.

We’d like to foster a positive, friendly community here at, so please be polite in your postings. By policing ourselves we can make sure the signal-to-noise ratio stays high, and we can prevent some sort of overly-moderated catastrophe community.

Dungeon Magazine

General Discussion
Savage Tide Adventure Path
Age of Worms Adventure Path
Shackled City Adventure Path
Maure Castle

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Topic Posts Last Post
The Crucible

8th Olman village

A Really Good Reason for SoS.

Striders of Farlanghan: Affiliation

SCAP Stats and Ending

Shackled City location in Golarion?

Shackled City and adding something for a character

We are victorious!

Another dumb question for Mr. Jacobs, DD or anyone else who has run this

Nearly 8 years later...

Bullywug Gambit: Why wouldn't PCs attack Harliss Javell?

Need help finding the web enhancments for SCAP please

Champion's Belt (Player Spoilers)

Shackled City Book

Need help with an idea...

Skullrot 3D

The end is nigh and 3rd time's the charm

Dragotha in Age of worms

Ebon Aspect on the Rampage

Karizmodus the Carver

Seeking ideas for temporary wizard PC in SCAP -- spoilers warning!

Oh My Gosh, Orgosh (spoilerish)

Mature Nabassu from Into the Maw

Comments on Dove Arrow's Age of Worms 4E Journals

Anyone have any good info on Kaz. Lidu

Swapping out Neh-Thalaggu for... a Dragon?

Scuttlecove Maps for Virtual Tabletop

Cagewrights identity...spoilers

Lost Citadel?

The End.

Recent Discussion on Female Gamers

Anyone Pathfinderize the Totemic Demonslayer?

Body Thief Plot

Kyuss caster levels?

Unlife Vortex Guardian

A Roster for Cauldron's Town Guard

Cerulean Curtain Calls

PFRPG: Heart of the Jungle

Areas D,E,F,H and so on of Lightless Depths

Kyuss and the spell list

Question about pre adventure Paths (No spoilers please)

Kuntz to release Castle El Raja Key levels in 2010

AoW in that Pathfinder Setting...

The Vanishing

Kyuss Reveal Too Soon?

EoME Malcontent * Spoiler *


Thessalar help needed quick! Many Spoilers!

I'm a bit confused about something

Those familiar with Golarion, I need suggestions..Mr Jacobs???

Shackled City advice

Gunpowder Weapons in SCAP?

Thirteen Cages: Make a Wish

Savage Tide Adventure Path chornicles from a DM's perspective...

How much can be revealed... and when?

Squeezing Chapters 11 & 12 in 9 hours

What's Your Party's Details for SC? (e.g. how many and what are they playing as?)

Can someone give me the list of issues for Savage Tide?

Question about Tarterian Characters

End of AoW(For DM's only) or those who never plan to see the end of the campaign.

Barnos the Kyuss Knight

A few Flood Festival events

DM wants to hurt Characters: Help!!! :)

Dragon in A Gathering of Winds

Farshore Stats (PFRPG)

Starting Date for Shackled City Campain in Default Setting

Triel... Lathenmire? ... and the priestess's madness.

Flood Festival Heros Feast

Great adventure path! Bring on STAP!

Can the Ulgurstasta be turned?

Building a Church in Cauldron

Champions belt and spells

Vhalantru As A Patron

PF suggestions for fine-tuning SWW?

Khala retreat in The city of broken idols

Oblivion Doors

Anyone still running SCAP?

Sea Wyvern's Wreckage

Alkilith Demon

Shackled City Play by Post on Paizo

Problem with Paizo PDFs being 'Read Out Loud'

AoW Endgame: Apotheosis and Lashonnas Motives

3 Faces of evil, alternates or fixes...

Master of the Unseen Hand advice

Demonskar Ball question

Going to start SCAP soon

Party Monk Puts the Smack Down on Crimson Throne (spoilers)

A Place to share NPC and creature conversion for SCAP into Pathfinder.

New Flood Festival contest: "Name That Meat"

Where on Golarion does Shackled City belong?

Final thoughts on Kyuss endgame.

Age of Worms for Maptools

DM Guide?

Anyone doing PbP for Savage Tide??

Switching SCAD locale...

Ebon Triad in PF.. Mr.Jacobs please advise...

Question about Mad God's Key

Searching for Ideas (Spoiler Alert)

Dove Arrow's Age of Worms 4E Journal

Starting AoW campaign... A few questions

601 to 700 of 9,056 << first < prev | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | next > last >>
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