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Welcome to the Dungeon messageboards!

This is the place to discuss current, past, and upcoming issues of Dungeon, share tactics with other DMs using the same adventures, and gab about anything and everything to do with Dungeon! We’ve also got a discussion folder specifically for our 11-installment Shackled City Adventure Path, where fans of the series can discuss tips and tricks with others running the same campaign.

Our editorial staff reads this board frequently, and we’ll do our best to answer questions posted here. We’re always open to suggestions about how to improve the magazine, so take a few minutes to let us know what you think of where the magazine’s been and where it’s going.

We’d like to foster a positive, friendly community here at, so please be polite in your postings. By policing ourselves we can make sure the signal-to-noise ratio stays high, and we can prevent some sort of overly-moderated catastrophe community.

Dungeon Magazine

General Discussion
Savage Tide Adventure Path
Age of Worms Adventure Path
Shackled City Adventure Path
Maure Castle

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Topic Posts Last Post
So my players have this idea (spoilers)

Fire Troll Blog - Thanks for the (not necessarily deserved) praise!

Secrets of Souls Pillars, aborted assault on Wee Jas cathedral, what now?

Haunted Village Adventure

In need of a Free City Census!

CoBI- what a deadly parade

How many templates?

Mass Conviction + Recitation = DM Headache (spoilers)

Diplomecy is tough in The Lightless Depths...

Looking for a Dungeon column...

Meaner Isle of Dread Flora and Fauna

Read Aloud Text

Tides of Dread Victory Point questions


How do PCs find out about Shatterhorn?

Chapter 10 - C17 Secret Room?

Attacking the Last Laugh


Kings of the Rift -- Miniatures

PDF's of Dungeon and Dragon magazines

Awakening the [Spoiler] at Divded's Ire

Help my 8th level Rogue....

Beginning Savage Tide with Pathfinder rules HPs saves the day

Printing Maps as Battlemaps

How to start AOW

Hall of Mirrors backstory questions:

Encounter at Blackwall Keep

Funny moment in my SCAP campaign

Colossus in Dungeon magazine?

Mutiny on the Sea Wyvern: who has done something like that?

Occipitus' final test... stuck between a dragon, a fire giant, and his buddy

Dealing with Aushunna - Help my PC's avoid a possible TPK

Stone Statues in Mayor's Garden

Crater Lake Dangers and Searching for the Fiery Sanctum

Olman Deities and cleric PCs

Dire Hunger Monks - STAP Extension?

Q for those who finished the AP..

"Porphyry House Horror" in STAP.

Concerned about my PCs not being capable enough

What is SCAP

Killing Zyrxog / Cursed Items (Spoilers)

TIdes of Dread - Preparing for clever PC defenses

Adjustment to Tides of Dread [Minor Spoilers]

Khala - not as bad as he looks?

Manzorian = Tenser ???

What's the deal with Tlaloc's Tear?

Age of Worms Issue 124


Worm Food

Using Levistus (Arch-Devil) instead of Adimarchus

StormWrack... I should be able to get a hardcopy real cheaply, right?

So.. that was awesome...

Kraken's Cove ideas (spoilers)

How to begin STAP - Looking for advice and suggestions

How AoW broke 3.x

Bumping Zyrxog's level, slightly.

AoW question on the Faceless One

Where in Greyhawk is Icosiol's tomb?

Selling 12 issues of Dungeon + Player's Guide all you need to run Savage Tide on Ebay

Savage Tide- Dungeon Magazine #139.

Dealing with Ghelve in Life's Bazaar

Shipwreck and Rope Trick

Need more information for Sasserine and environs please!

Ship-to-Ship combat?

Savage Tide - Any Good?

Motivation for evil characters

Achille's Honor Roll

Which Dungeon is it...... [Warning: Contains Spoilers]

Shadow Pearls?

Age of Worms and Castle Greyhawk (Spoilers)

Chapter Seven Encounter Maps

Occipitus Encounter Maps?

Buffing Rowyn

Harliss' Triumph

Xerkamat's Lair

Trap Question

just noticed

Jailing the PCs in Sasserine (spoilers)

Rowyn's offer

How badly do I want to make my PCs suffer? [Spoilers]

The Lightless Depths

Bhal-Hamatugn temple questions

Farshore population...???

Rat’s End and the Hellfish

Fleshing out Wormcrawl Fissure

The Fifth Council Member

When a Seeker Wrecks a Ship

Alastor Land

Obox-Ob minions?

Origins of Dragotha

Please help (I'm not Evil Genius enough)

Timeline - A Different Question, I think

Grimlocks in Three Faces

Symbol of Law?

why is the faceless one powered down?


Escape from Drathkar

Dark Robe

Resting in Three Faces of Evil

Revenge of the betrayed? Spoilers as usual...

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