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Welcome to the Dungeon messageboards!

This is the place to discuss current, past, and upcoming issues of Dungeon, share tactics with other DMs using the same adventures, and gab about anything and everything to do with Dungeon! We’ve also got a discussion folder specifically for our 11-installment Shackled City Adventure Path, where fans of the series can discuss tips and tricks with others running the same campaign.

Our editorial staff reads this board frequently, and we’ll do our best to answer questions posted here. We’re always open to suggestions about how to improve the magazine, so take a few minutes to let us know what you think of where the magazine’s been and where it’s going.

We’d like to foster a positive, friendly community here at, so please be polite in your postings. By policing ourselves we can make sure the signal-to-noise ratio stays high, and we can prevent some sort of overly-moderated catastrophe community.

Dungeon Magazine

General Discussion
Savage Tide Adventure Path
Age of Worms Adventure Path
Shackled City Adventure Path
Maure Castle

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Topic Posts Last Post
Zyrxog's Lair question

Savage Tide 3d models for miniatures

Smoking Eye Template Difference

Populating Scuttlecove and anywhere else really...

Rowyn as Princess of Ahlissa

Bad puns-

Question on the Soul Pillars

Replacing Sunblade

What Comes After ToD?

RPGenius sleeping?

Player Debt

Need some help finding some good art as visuals for game

Origin of Kyuss

Party / Bullywug Alliance

Chimp Attack!

Pumping up ToD

The Gottrod Fight

4E Alakast

SCAP Session Logs

My Valanthru Dilemma...

Full Scale Maps

The "Antimagic Familiar" trick

Grell TPK in Jzadirune

In Praise of the 3 Faces of Evil

4th Adventure Path Project (Dragonfall)

Negotiating with the kuo toa?

The Cagewrights

What is a Lemorian Golem to do?

Suggestions for dealing w / soulfire armor

Chapter 5 Pic

Cauldron Coinage Continued...

Temporary NPC Table

Nabthatoron's motivations and Alakast

Kullen's Return / the Great Games

Starting Drathkar's Way

Bringing Maavu and the Striders more into the campaign

Which issues to buy?

Skipping "Here There Be Monsters" (HTBM)

Gas Trap?

The Prince of Redhand - Modifications

A question about the Wind Dukes

Lords of Oblivion creatures (spoilers)

Game Play: Wind Warriors

Delvesdeep - any more on the dreams?

Identifying Zosiel's circlet

Whispering Cairn Guardian of the Veil

How Do the Blessed Angels Fit into the Age of Worms?

Maure Castle in The Adventure Begins source book

When to introduce The Free City

Wouldn't Kullen be protecting his sensitive eyes with dark shades?

Macutotnal and the nimbus bow

Comparing Whispering Cairn and Three Faces

Some Statistics From The First 14 Sessions Of My SCAP Campaign

Richard Pett!

poison on skeleton crossbows, Whispering Cairn

New AoW campaign Starting _ Where in Golarion?

Cartography Tutorial

Keeping the Stormblades as believable rivals?

What to do with Rakis-Ka

Olangru vs Arcane Sight - spoilers galore, of course

Facing off against Olangru - or - Into the Shrine

Where did Smenk get the worm?

What if Kyuss' monolith isn't stolen from Dragotha's lair until he is defeated?

First Session of Age of Worms: HPK: Half-Party Kill

Player safe maps

While y'all are eagerly doling out advice....HELP

Cauldron's Ruling Council

Erik's inspiration?

a Very Bad End to the champion's games! - warning: spoilers

Sin City or Ankh-Morpork?

Gameplay: Rival Adventurers

Unlabeled Room Through Secret Door From Room C17 in the Fiery Sanctum

Wind Dukes?

Age of Worms Character Background 1: Tyralandi Scrimm

Which Adventure to Use?

"The Black Bard's" version of The Wreck

SCAP 4E - Chapter Five

SCAP 4E - Chapter Seven

Maavu's Death Sentence

How strong is the Thunderer?

High Handcrafter Question

Age of Worms Character Background 2: Aroval (Demon Boy)

What is the value of Savage Tide?

What to do when the players hole up.

TBG- replacing the Phantom?

Savage Tide and MapTools?

Savage Reboot

Test of the Smoking Eye - Why?

Bridging TINH and Bullywug

Don’t mess with the Meravanchi!

Maure noob (please excuse the rambling)

Bozal Zahol, evolved.

Ship names or Pirate Names

Just a simple question about Alhaster

Cartography in Dungeon

Fixing the Kings of the Rift

Nabthatoron - Do the PCs really need to defeat him?

Foreshadowing the Age of Worms

Any of My Gencon Players Interested in Helping Me Finish Savage Tide?

Need player help with AoW.

1,301 to 1,400 of 9,061 << first < prev | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | next > last >>
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