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Dragon Compendium

Topic Posts Last Post
Updating DC to PF

Tibbit Questions

Diopsid Question

To Paizo and all my Paizo 3.5 players

updating the Mountebank

Dragon Compendium: Dvati race (and others)

What's with the Dvati?

Paizo Blog: Dragon Slayers!

Ring the Golden Bell feat

Dragon Compendium: Official Errata Now Available

Question about Feat: Single Blade Style

Confused by Errata for Dragons; Question about Ice Demons

Alchemical Items Question

Question about Feat: Accrobatic Skrimish

Expanded Spell List for Urban Druid? Please! Pretty please?!

Mountebank class

Best way to play a Battle Dancer?

How to spot a Shadowdancer

Jester + Spell Compendium

Jester questions

Two Characters for One Player - Is it Balanced (the Dvati)

Dragon Compendium Art Gallery?

Bonespitter: CR 3? Really?

Urban Druid alternate shapes

Up to what issue does DC go?

Unseelie Fey Tibbit Battle Dancer / Jester / DEX Fighter

What have you used from the DC?

Cloak of the Mountebank

Slight problem with the Sha'ir's progression...

Dragon Compendium Vol. II: Monster Edition?

Urban Druid questions

Design Diary, Part I: Best of Dragon

Continued Dragon Compendiums ...?

Tibbits and Dragons

Dragon Comp. Half-Dragons?

New class run down, please?

My dvati sisters *role playing them, might have shackled city spoilers*

Supersizing the Tibbits

Design philosophy

Dragon Compendium Errors

How to buy--What helps most?

Expanding the Urban Druid spell list...?

Any News on Volume 2?

Arcane Spell Failure?


Question about Article "The Glyphs of Cerelion" (p. 147 ff.)

Urban Druid Variation

Prestige Classes

Suggestions for Volumes II and beyond

Dragon Compendium Vol. II: Dark Sun?

Question for the author of the Force Missile mage

Dragon Compendium Web Enhancement?

enough success for Volume II?

Savant into Chameleon?

Dvati Duets and other conundrums

Ninja / Battle Dancer ... Wis & Cha to AC?

......Silence Spell and SAVES!???????

Table of Contents

Question about Feat: Shorten Grip

Dragon Compendium: Temporarily Sold Out—Non-mint Copies Available


Dragon Compendium Art Preview

Dragon Compendium Character Sheets

Savant's caster level(s)?

Extremely Disappointed

AoW HC and Dragon Compendium II

Sha'ir casting

Diabolus LA

Where can I find the Dragon Compendium?

Distributor problems cleared up?

Unrecognized artwork?

Elven Battle Dancer Substitution Ideas. Pls help.

Retailer awareness?

Good Hits and Bad Misses

Very Pleased ... But ....

Great Stuff

Orange Dragon question

Question Regarding Shipping To Online Retailers

I'd rather see "Specialized Themes" over "Smorgasboard"

Best of Oerth Journal Hardback?


Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!

I'm probably one of very few with this request, but oh well...


Dragon Compendium Shipping Update

Dumb Question

Dragon Compendium Feats Preview

Sneak Peak at the Compendium Monster Chapter

Compendium Previews

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