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Planet Stories®

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Planet Stories in a web page not far far away

Yet ANOTHER potential Aushanna TPK

"0 level" Psionics

"A spell weaver? Aren't those supposed to be extinct?" they said.

"A Surge of Theurgy" question.

"Acid Dart" Question

"Age of Worms" DM-created resources

"Allustan? That guy who ran away?"

"Amazingly Ignorant Planet Stories"

"And Madness Followed" Keoland-style

"And Madness Followed..." Tie-in?

"And the river shall bring forth frogs abundantly,..

"Animate Rope" in Web Enhancement

"Art of the Duel"

"Aspect of the Ebon Triad" in Faerûn

"Atheist" class

"Automatic Hound" question

"Awakened" template?

"back to 3.5ishness"

"Backstab", please come home to your Rogue

"Born out of violence" half-elves and half-orcs pg 6

"Bright Mountain King" missing trap?

"But where's [Spell X]?!?"

"Chimes at Midnight" missing info?

"City of Broken Idols" (When will I receive my issue question)???

"Core" and PFRPG: A Request

"Crescendo" Combat Feats (Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack; Cleave, Great Cleave, et al)

"De-specifying" Skills?

"Didn't Vecna have a better hand once?"

"Dread Pagoda" missing areas & descriptions?

"Ecology of..." is great, but still...

"Empty" character levels

"Enchant" vs. "Enhance" (p. 33, et al.) - recommend "Imbue"

"Enhancement" no longer a bonus type? (p. 81)

"Expedition to the Barrier Peaks" for 3.5E!

"Final" getting thrown around a lot...

"First-level" Campaign, a la ASEO

"Focused Specialist" Alternate Class Feature

"For reasons that will soon become apparent..." - hint or over-analysing?

"Home Under the Range" question

"I pronounce Judgement on thee and give mineself Healing!" Huh?

"I take 20"

"I'm sick of Doing FAVORS!"

"Kit" for upgrading magic weapons and armor?

"La Marée Sauvage"

"Leap for Cover" Deed

"level 0" or background skills, feat and hp as optional rule

"Living Greyhawk Approved" articles

"Mandatory" soloing in other identity?

"Master Index of Articles"?

"Missing" Features

"Monstrous" Dungeon Submission Question

"Ninjas"! - "Damn"

"Non-Associated Classes" and Monsters - still valid?

"Pandemonium in the Veins" in AoW?

"Pathfinderized" d20 Modern Age of Worms

"Porphyry House Horror" in STAP.

"Prince of Redhand" and Monks with Vow of Poverty

"Progressive" combat feats -- sell me on it

"Psychic Spell" is a new classification of spells?

"Raiders of the Black Ice" and Frostburn

"Restarting" my game

"Savage Sides" (Share your side quests.)

"Savage Tide-articles"

"Secret" Seeker Lodge

"Serpents of Scuttlecove"(My Favorite so far)!!!...spoilers

"Spontaneous Casting" for the Wizard

"Stalking the Darkness" => Level 15 PBP playtest

"Stealing" ideas from 4E

"Stop stealing my kills!"

"Switching" subscriptions

"The Black Bard's" version of The Wreck

"The Bullywug Gambit" questions


"The Distraction" from issue 145

"The Fall of Greymalkin Academy"

"The Journey" article idea ... 100 Environment Descriptions

"The Lightless Depths"?

"The Quicksilver Hourglass"

"The Sarkorian Prophecy" (Level 10) PbP Playtest

"The Spire of Long Shadows" translation needed

"The Wrath of Nature" Playtest (Spoilers)

"The Wrath of Nature" Playtest Report

"There Is No Honor" maptools pack!

"Tides of Dread" XP and level progression

"Tides of Dread": Aquatic encounter questions

"Train Harder, More Ki"

"Unearthed Arcana" for Pathfinder RPG

"Useless" Ability Scores - suggested alternative

"Useless" Racial Abilities

"Valantru killed by seasoning" OR "How not to railroad your PCs"

"Vigilante class" vs. "Vigilante identity" as rules terms

"Vodoo" magic in Greyhawk

"Voyager" type AP suggestion

"Wizards Three" article causes question marks to magically appear

"Writing for Dungeon" @ GenCon?

"Zenith Trajectory," now finished...

# 338 / Dec 2005 - Expanding the Magic of D&D

# of Cultists (3FoE)

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