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Topic Posts Last Post
Porphyry House Horror question...(Dungeon 95 sealed content)...

Are Dungeon readers more numerous or just more vocal?

Code of the Minotaur (old Dragon)

Question about cloning creatures' possessions through Stat blocks , Throne of Iuz spoiler

Core classes

Cartoon characters???

Combat Style?

Adventure Path & Spelljammer (spoilers)

More Flaws Please.

Half-celestial template as class level progression

Request: Lankhmar Material

Tactical and Weapon Style Feats

Radical Ending to Life's Bazaar

A little help!

Crusades Adventure

Working the the vanishing

Jzadirune and the vanishing???

Issue #120 and its map came completely tore up

Mystara adventures?

Slippers of spider climbing and Webs

Issue #274 Powerplay- Touch attack spells+Improved unarmed strike?

Experience Points for a 6 person party?

Eberron DM Need Help Using Dungeon

Dungeon conversion subforum? Anyone interested?

An idea about the Last Laugh

My Kopru Ruins

Eberron Magic Items

Monster Tokens: Eberron

any one read this series?

Zogonia, Complete Adventurer

Campaign Workbook Requests

D and D Minatures

Insider's view of DRAGON (and DUNGEON)

What's your average party wealth?

Question about Sheltered Vitality spell and Sanctified Spells

Dragon Magazine Archive CD

Attacks of Opportunity and the Cleave or Great Cleave feat

D20 Modern and related

Submission Question

Love the downloads!

Failed Wil Save? Part deux...

Year of the Dragon

CSI: Cauldron

Sugguestion for new idea about weapons

Cauldron NPCs - DM stories and advice

Old Dungeon Adventures

good "filler" adventures?

Frankenstein's Monster

Timeline for Cauldron area

Dragon / Dungeon all poly-bagged?

More info on the Striders please!

Handling XP for Traps In Jzadirune (or in general)

Side Quests

Feed back on issue #119

Headless - Dungeon #89

in Life's Bazaar now - Jil's involvement later in the campaign?

Crouching Ranger, Hidden Fiend?

Hunting a back Issue...

Yay!!! The Flumph!!!!

Cauldron establishments, especially inns

Cauldron Resource: House of the Blue Lantern

Looking for help

Missing article from issue #328?

Non-core class acts?

New Novel Approach

Article Request: Dark Sun Advanced Beings

Old heroes, new WORMS?

Looking for Maps

Ingredients to a great adventure

Castles and Crusades article request.

Cagewrights? Who are they?

Exalted 'sanctify' feats

Question regarding the Targetteer from Dragon #310

Mark of Wee Jas in Mad God's Key


Anybody for a little evil?

Bracer of Wands? #291

Wizards vs. Fighters themed issue

Target Date for AP2?

Dr. Pepper ... Hot or Cold?

Mad Amos

Holy Ki Strike Feat

What was the first 3.5 vertion of Dungeon?

Dragon #322 - DC of Items in Article "Sneaky, Stealthy &Stylish"

use for digital maps

Article Idea: Guide to Setting Conversions

Possible brilliant idea. I know I'd buy it!

Looking for a specific adventure

Greetings Citizens Of Cauldron

Cities of Shadow... Balefire and Istivin

For Erik and the Dungeon Crew

Kopru City Alarm (spoilers)

Request: How about the 'other' classes?

Books required for AP2


Evangelist variant class question

Cover of Dungeon 114

Vhalantru Enhanced

Most frequently used article / issue of Dragon?

Potion Belt Use

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