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Topic Posts Last Post
Converting "Into The Maw" to Pathfinder

Champion Games -- What are the True Rules?

Pathfindering the Tooth of Ahazu


Our Kyuss fight

And the true name of Y is.......

Is Darl's group too tough?

Aztec Mythos Redux

Age of Worms campaign begins!

Savage Tide character point buy

Did anyone stat out the phanaton war party that can assist in Tides of Dread?

Cauldron 2-sided Poster Map for Sale

I need some clarity, please.


Greyhawk map references for Age of Worms

The hunt for Dragotha begins

Age of Worms vs. Savage Tide

Shackled City Glories!

Savage Tide: d20 Past Conversion

Jade Ravens after Savage Tide

TPK in the offing


Unaware players take Ilthane's egg with them!

Straight to Scuttlecove!

Ulgurstasta on the loose! - What's the fallout?

Dungeon #143 in pdf / download format?

Internet Archive scanning and posting Dragon Magazine?

Embarking on the journey to the Isle of Dread, players spot something I did not

Dungeon Database?

What's special about Age of Worms?

How bad an idea is this?

Wells of Darkness question (major spoilers!)

Savage Serpents: Serpent's Skull Crossover [SS Spoilers]

Shackled City AP in Pathfinder RPG

Playtest over!

End of the Playtest

Mythic Playtest 2

Mythic Longevity feat, please?

Mythic Adventures = Advanced Prestige Classes?

Results from Kain's Game (Ongoing)

Are Mythic Spells hard on spontaneous casters?

Undead companion question

Why was Mythic released vs Epic content?

Our Dragotha fight

high level monster tactics

Mythic Adventures - Update 12 / 21 / 12

So, what's next?

Mythic Tier vs Path Tier and Dual Path / Path Dabbling

My feedback after running a campaign with Mythic final bosses

Missing the Myth

Examples of overly complicated rules

When Does SCAP start?

Halfling pic

Do Mythic paths replace class levels?


Re-appearance of Darl?

Running in Pathfinder with 2-3 players

XP for freeing Krathanos?

Conversion of STAP to 4e?

Playtest Over?

Question regarding multiple DMs

Mythic Path Idea

3.5 SCAP + extra stuff + FR. Trying to make SCAP the best experience ever!

Using Styes or Saltmarsh in the STAP

special classes - spirit shaman and radiant cleric of pelor

Mixing it Up

Mythic Two-Weapon Fighting

Mythic tiers: a solution for the small party?

New Ideas for Mythic Adventures Playtest

Shadow vs Darkness

Alternative progressions for tiers.

Alchemical items - Spicing things up a little

Trickster is a bit dissappointing.

Dragon Magazine Magical Interferance article

Lingering Spirit Discovery and Hard to Kill / To The Death

More allies for Farshore

Hero Lab - Mythic Playtest addon....

Tides of Dread - CAPTAINS of the crimson fleet

Savage Tide humor

been playing age of worms... just found this

Help with an Idea

Playtest Results: Some Mythic PCs are Too Fragile

Playtesting Mythic with my Runelords campaign

Demon game...

Help with an Idea

Mythic Sanctum of the Serpent God

Into the Wormcrawl Fissure a Cinch for my players!

Experience gain at higher levels / tiers

Avatar 86's Untitled, custom campaign.

Feedback - Wild Arcana / Inspired Spell

Feedback - Mythic Crafting

Suggestion - Esoteric Training

Problems / Questions my group had

Use of the wish spell, ch. 12

Mythic Playtest Feedback: "The Black King"

Post your mythic spell suggestions

Casting a second spell as an archmage or hierophant

Problem with Amazing Initiative and our solution.

A few concerns with mythic rules

Suggestions for side adventures

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