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Topic Posts Last Post
Not having a good time

General Discussion: Kineticist

Age of Worms in Eberron, 5th Edition

General Discussion: Psychic

More Maure Castle?

Dragon 319, Animal Fist Shen Prestige Class

Maure Castle at GaryCon

Occultist Implements

This AP is SO much fun!

Age of Worms Obituaries

General Discussion: Occultist

Town of Oakhurst in GreyhawK?

HoHR - Zyrxog's Next Move?

Blegh (HoHR Rant)

SCAP to Sargava: Deity conversion and other issues

RPG magazines?

Who remembers Bubba the Barbarian?

Maure Castle to Golarion

Whatever happened to intwischa?

And The Earth Shall Rise Against You: A Geokineticist Playtest

Welcome to the Occult Adventures Playtest

Occult and horror adventure recommendations

Occult and horror adventure recommendations

How Big the Victory in Tides of Dread?

Kineticist archetype

Sequel to Mad God's Key?

Hall of Harsh ... Ouch!! "SPOILERS"

Bullywug Gambit Levels

Regarding Telakin

PFS Emerald Spire 1 Aerokinetisist

General Discussion: Medium

More Maure Mysteries

Welcome to the Occult Adventures Rules Discussion Forum

Kineticist questions

General Discussion: Mesmerist

A Collection of Cool Things You Want Your Kineticist to do

Allustan the Cowardly?

Internet Archive scanning and posting Dragon Magazine?

Why Do Dragons Serve Dragotha?

Recurring (bad?) NPCs - What do you do with them?

Issue #274 Powerplay- Touch attack spells+Improved unarmed strike?

My Savage Tide Journal

General Discussion: Spiritualist

#6-06: Hall of the Flesh Eaters Level 3 Spiritualist (Hatred) Playtest

Kinetic Blade to hit

Kinetic its and obscuring mist

Chapter 4 --- There's a possible plothole

DM Question: the light at the center of the wooden gear

Download Request: Savage Tide Encounters PDF

The Name's Fire. Wang Fire. Pyro-For-Fire--I mean "Hire"!

Occultist Implementations clarifications

"Psychic Spell" is a new classification of spells?

General Discussion: Spells and Magic

Magic jar and target hit dice

Eligos's Paintings—What Do They Represent?

Paizo Blog: Last Call for Feedback!

Thirteen Cages and find the path spell

(13th AGE) Age of Worms Adventure Path - conversion

The Best of Dungeon Magazine

Final Thoughts?

Human:-Male-Spiritualist Level 1 - PFS Season #6-06: Hall of the Flesh Eaters.

Mythic Occult Adventures

Paizo Blog: Occult Adventures Playtest Coming to a Close

Things to correct

Thank You! The Playtest is now closed!

Occultist 9 Playtest, Archer Build

Fast feedback

Level 4 Occultist PFS Playtest

PFS #06-06 Hall of the Flesh Eaters. Level 1 Occultist.

Beginning my playtest feedback

Kineticist 3 (cold) [PFS]: The Enigma Vaults

Like the Roaring Falls: A Hydokineticst playtest

My First Impressions

1001 Spiritualist Concepts

Spiritualist Level 1 - PFS #6-06: Hall of the Flesh Eaters

Areokineticist, 6 Scenarios Played

Ring of Sustenance and the Kineticist

Full occult team at level 5, short test

Hydrokineticist PFS feedback

Is Burn damage optional?

Kineticist 3 (cold) [PFS]: Home Game

Spiritualist L1 [PFS]: 00-03 Murder on the Silken Caravan

Mesmerist and Medium in the Battle Tester!

It's probably too late to make this suggestion for spiritualist, but a less summoner-like spiritualist concept.

Aerokineticist-3 / Defenders of Nesting Swallow [SPOILERS]

Telekinetic Build Advise

Welcome to the Occult Adventures Playtest Feedback Forum

Kineticist House Rules

Telekineticist and Hydrokineticist - 1st Level - PFS - Rise of the Goblin Guild

Level 13 Playtest -- 1 Pyrokineticist, 1 Geokineticist, 1 Occultist, 1 Medium, 1 Mesmerist

Kineticist Move Earth Unworked Stone

Kinetic Weight Lifting, a Math and Balance Problem

Mesmerist Level 1 - PFS #6-06: Hall of the Flesh Eaters

A Happy Medium (Alternate Medium)

Float like a butterfly, sting like a freight train - Level 3 Telekinetic - PFS Hall of the Flesh Eaters

Alternate Kineticist:

1001 Medium Character Concepts...

Okay, can we now make a proper Jedi. :)

Kineticist Feedback: PFS The Confirmation

Can we expect to see Prestige Classes in the Occult Adventures Hardcover?

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