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Topic Posts Last Post
"24 Hours" - Penalties and Their Durations

"Auctions", the other way around

"Being's" good idea

"Belle Reve Penitentiary" in PFO: Can anything like it ever exist?

"Class" / "skill" suggestion: Necromancer along with other things...

"Crafting" Livestock, Mounts, Draft Animals?

"Criminal Behavior" Risk vs Reward, long term.

"Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage."

"Fast" Travel, Trade, and Guard Contract System

"I See You" - Tracking Your Target

"Let's Play" Videos - Any advice?

"Mercy Mode" type deal for PVP

"Playing the Good Guys"

"Reputation" - What Does it Mean

"X" would be Cool ... becomes Nobody does "X"

$15 reward level

$35 Adventurer Reward Tier Enhanced!

$35 Reward Tier

A $100 Question

$103 to $300k


$200,000 And Future Updates Coming!

$400,000 and climbing!

$500,000 in the books, new miniature revealed, Month One of Early Enrollment fills up!

$600,000 Reached! New Mini Revealed!

'...where YOU tell the story..." wait... what?

'Core Launch' when the floodgates open

'Hexes', hexagons, and tessellation patterns.

'if I can't have it, you won't either' + need info on character death

...but developing an MMO takes 5 years and $500,000,000!

...the question isn't where... but when.

1st Vid-FAQ

2 Kickstarter slots still available.

3 / 25 / 13 Guessing competition winners so far and more guesses

10$ a day challenge (yeah, I'm looking at YOU)

80 / 20 : Learning new skills in reality

100 level reward flip-mats available for purchase?

5000$ Question

A backdoor into the Land Rush poll?

A band of brothers(and sisters)

A blood hunt

A board divided

A Call to Sanity

A case for player owned shops, as opposed to auction houses

A combat scenario

A Community for Good

A Comparison (The most anticipated MMORPGs of 2013)

A compromise for friendly fire that should make EVERYONE happy

A Concern About Bounty Hunting

A concern on housing and settlements

A concern

A couple of comments about PvP / Griefing

A couple of questions.

A Couple of UI Requests

A defensive mechanic, also know as the 'Runaway and Hide' technique.

A few minor concerns and suggestions regarding PO

A Few Simple Ways to Make NRDS Viable

A few small features that I wonder about.

A few thoughts after reading the blogs

A few thoughts on 'Teaching'

A fourth month free!

A Fresh Start

A fundamental misconception in The Great 'PVP' Debate

A Game for Game Masters?

A Great First Year!!

A Happy and Martial 238th Birthday!

A hundred square miles, two hundred forts

A kind of magical 'wishlist' (but not really)

A lesson from GW2 that I hope PFO doesn't have to learn.

A Meeting Discussing the Merits of Pathfinder Online

A New Convert to Pathfinder Online

A new interview up at Kickstarter Conversations

A nice SAD moment, courtesy of Patrick Rothfuss

A pie-in-the-sky request

A Place for Everything, and Everything in its Place

A Plea for Dragons to be something more than just another monster.

A plea for Ryan: Please talk to us about Friendly Fire

A Plea to Goblinworks

A plea: Keep traps fun and relevant

A Plea: Physics IS Compatible with High Fantasy!

A Plea: The Metric System is not compatible with High Fantasy

A plead regarding the loot...

A Possible S.A.D. Exploit + Solution

A post from that made me smile...

A pressing Print Pack delivery question for Paizo

A Proposal For War

A PVP War System and Player Company Relations

A question about canon Pathfinder and PFO

A question about guild structure.

A question about sponsership.

A question for the Devs on the discussion of Diplomacy and "classes

A question on exactly one person's mind..

A question on Monk's unarmed strike - Murder by Numbers related

A question to the Devs About In game currency

A quick overview of what I think you can do in PFO (please comment)

A Quick Update about the Kickstarter Pledge Manager

A rant about my Friends decision and the MMO.

A real world city that is a model for a PFO player settlement

A Sample Pitch Letter for the Kickstarter

A second Kickstarter?

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