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Q: Do you agree with the general direction Ryan set for the game?

Crowdforging Priority Poll: Barbarian, Bard, Paladin & Sorceror

Free Pathfinder Online Trial Account - 15 Days to Experience Early Enrollment (with an offer of support from Pathfinder University)


"24 Hours" - Penalties and Their Durations

"Auctions", the other way around

"Being's" good idea

"Belle Reve Penitentiary" in PFO: Can anything like it ever exist?

"Class" / "skill" suggestion: Necromancer along with other things...

"Crafting" Livestock, Mounts, Draft Animals?

"Criminal Behavior" Risk vs Reward, long term.

"Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage."

"Fast" Travel, Trade, and Guard Contract System

"Focused" Ability Modifier

"Ghost" Escalations

"Giving" add-ons to Crowdforger buddies

"Guild" hosting sites question

"I See You" - Tracking Your Target

"It's not a bug, it's a feature!" - T2 Gathering crowdforging ideas needed

"Let's Play" Videos - Any advice?

"Login failure " after leaving the game happen a distressing number of times

"Marketplace Hour" - A brainstorm extravaganza!

"Mentoring" Newer Players as They Enter PfO

"Mercy Mode" type deal for PVP

"One Clan, One Family." The Haggarssons: Recruitment.

"Patching - Pathfinder_data|Textures.pig timing out

"Permanent" Death system?

"Playing the Good Guys"

a "Prince" takes over for the Anonymous Bard in Marchmont Tavern - and sings Purple Sobriquet

"Reputation" - What Does it Mean

"Slotting" a Settlement

"Waiting for Character..."

"Word from a duper".

"X" would be Cool ... becomes Nobody does "X"

$15 reward level

$35 Adventurer Reward Tier Enhanced!

$35 Reward Tier

A $100 Question

$103 to $300k


$200,000 And Future Updates Coming!

$400,000 and climbing!

$500,000 in the books, new miniature revealed, Month One of Early Enrollment fills up!

$600,000 Reached! New Mini Revealed!

'...where YOU tell the story..." wait... what?

'Ay ye lot! Old Buurz want me epithet!

'Core Launch' when the floodgates open

'Hexes', hexagons, and tessellation patterns.

'if I can't have it, you won't either' + need info on character death

(Chartered Company) Koinonia Emporou

(Non-Settlement) Companies

*An anonymous bard in the Marchmont tavern sings an ode* ... "Despergobbo"

+1 Composite Maple Stave

+3 armor?

-A guide to the Fanes-

-Stache's Mustache-One Stop Magical Shop-Grand Opening Giveaway!

... and then there was Global Chat

...but developing an MMO takes 5 years and $500,000,000!

...the question isn't where... but when.

/ Vcaccept Syntax?

1 / 1 / 15 Server

1st Vid-FAQ

2 Kickstarter slots still available.

2 small UI problems

2 Years of UNC, 4 Days Late!!

2v2 PvP tournament.

3 / 25 / 13 Guessing competition winners so far and more guesses

4 Accounts For Sale Including a DT Account

8-Hex Bug

9 Sets of Armor from Alpha!

10$ a day challenge (yeah, I'm looking at YOU)

35$ Add-on Adventure Teir to Main package.

80 / 20 : Learning new skills in reality

100 level reward flip-mats available for purchase?

588 votes cast.

5000$ Question

@GW and Community: How will "Evil Alignment" be Manifested in PFO?

A Alpha Review By Pexx

A backdoor into the Land Rush poll?

A band of brothers(and sisters)

A blood hunt

A board divided

A Call for Hellknights

A Call to Sanity

A case for player owned shops, as opposed to auction houses

A combat scenario

A Community for Good

A Comparison (The most anticipated MMORPGs of 2013)

A compromise for friendly fire that should make EVERYONE happy

A Concern About Bounty Hunting

A concern on housing and settlements

A concern

A couple of comments about PvP / Griefing

A couple of questions.

A Couple of UI Requests

A defensive mechanic, also know as the 'Runaway and Hide' technique.

A Developer question concerning Classes! Lee, Low Hanging Fruit, and the Advanced Class Guide

A disappearing guild (settlement)

A few minor concerns and suggestions regarding PO

A few questions about banks

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