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Pathfinder Online

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Blogs and Q&A Videos: Submit questions here

Poll: Kickstarter Land Rush Leaderboard

Crowdforging: Next Steps

Wait while I don my armor

Whats up with harvesting?

Chance of finding spells?

Trading "Flammables" for boom-booms, and other grenades

Goblinworks Blog Alpha 12.1 Release Notes

The feasibility of playing on your own part 3 - Monster Slayer

I'm looking for X recipe

Auction House: Hard Lesson learned

Pathfinder Online (Public) - Shared Data from the Devs

Chat Channel List

Towers and Settlements - two steps forward, one step back

Crowdforging a new Rogue for PFO

Buying a new gaming PC - suggestions please?

4 Accounts For Sale Including a DT Account

Kabal General Info (Stoneroot Glade Settlement)

Wearing armor and defenses (saves)

The feasibility of playing on your own part 1 - general thoughts

We need a Team of In-Game Actors for our Trailer

PFO Account w / DT & daily rewards from Kickstarter

Unofficial PFO Atlas

When will Expert and Commoner roles be implemented?

/ Vcaccept Syntax?

Cloth armor drops from NPC - AFAIK they don't exist.

Keepers of the Circle * New 5 / 9 / 2014 *

Splitting Stacks: It's ALREADY In the Game

The need for a good way to split stacks (and description of a bad way)

The feasibility of playing on your own part 2 - gatherer

Printable Settlement and Thornkeep maps?

Open Contest

Allegiant Gemstone Co. - Wants You! - & Merger Options

Chartered Company: The UnNamed Company

Reliable Iron Source until the nodes get fixed....

Polish that grass already!

Want to try this game, but have some questions.

Freeholder Trainers are Bugged (12.1)

Looking for Destinys Twin Account

The rogue's lack of flat feet is making me distressed.

Early Enrollment Survey - Time Sensitive!

The lighter side of Bad Nodes

Character Planner Paperdoll and Doc

Spell penalty for armor? What is the effect?

Desynching, relogging and dying

Crafters May Be Immobilized By Materials

Question for Lee about resources from nodes vs Bulk Goods / PoI's.

All must bow before me!

Proficiency 2

Longbow:Impact Critical shot

Levelig block? Or am I just tooo newbish?

Emote me!

The Server has Dropped Your Connection: Could not connect to any map-server

Schedim avoids gawing of fingers while waiting by thinking ahead

Selling Account with DT

Reactives mirroring back on the Attacker

Inventory Problem and Auction House Problem

Goblinworks Blog: Closing the Gap to Early Enrollment

What's your PFO Methedone?

Settling in

High level characters - whats the vision?

Constructive Criticism

Some small suggestions and nitpicks...

Account for Sale

Crowdforging a Player Feedback Survey! At your leisure...

Early Enrollment_New Player information

Crowd Forging: Crime, Profit and Alternative Punishments

What is your opinion of the game so far? Where will it go from here? [A thread dedicated to give each person their opinion]

Settlement: Tavernhold (CG)

Company and Settlement Tools Needed for MVP / Early EE (Month 1)

Trailer Team - Open Discussion

Walkthrough videos to help new EE players

No new build Friday 14 November

Negative time on Tower PvP Window

Crowdforging: Help Us Brainstorm Ideas for our first Trailer

Helping New Players

PFO Wiki_Geography

Pathfinder Online User Guide w / Informational Images and Charts

Reference: Skills, Trainers, and Training Structures

Reference_New Player Resources

The Empyrean Order's Journey from Brighthaven to Ozem's Vigil

Immobilize and Knockback: Working properly on all attacks?

Adventure Time with Bonny

On screen icons, mini map and combat

River Roads Trading Collective

[Update] Kabal a Pathfinder Online Community [NG]

Accounts for sale

Open PvP Hex (for now?)

Schedim keeps the ennui away by mumbling about potions and such...

WTS 2 Accounts or trade them for Star Citizen ships

WTB - a DT account...and a pony, a pretty, pretty pony.

Is Early Enrollment open right now?

Call to Testing Arms: Need a player with a fast attack build

Thanks for Last Night

WTS 1 account worth 155 USD for 110 USD (incl. all perks like destinys twin, 7 months gametime etc., 15 USD credit)

How Do You Port Over Your Pledge to if You Haven't Yet?

Selling Pathfinder Account with DT

Settlement: Talonguard

PFO Wiki_Glossary v2

Standing Tall in the Dark

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