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Blogs and Q&A Videos: Submit questions here

Poll: Kickstarter Land Rush Leaderboard

Crowdforging: Next Steps

In Anticipation of EE: 24 Hour Challenge!

Don't walk to Brighthaven or Rotters Hole empty handed

In Anticipation of EE: Adopt a Starter Settlement!

SUNDAY December 21st, at 5PM EST / 2PM PST / 10PM GMT - ROTTERS HOLE population test! [Make it if you can!]

how it's done

Low Challenge - Round 1

Saturday December 20th, at 5PM EST / 2PM PST / 10PM GMT - Brighthaven population test! [Make it if you can!]

How to accept a Company to your settlement

I'm looking for X recipe

Either the server is down...

Connecting to Server... after two hours. Anyone else?

A request for any crafters attending the December 14 Stress Test at Rotter's Hole

New Alpha Build 20 Dec

Goblinworks Blog: Alpha 15 Release Notes

Spells and spellbook questions

Unofficial PFO Atlas

Where I can see what are the benefits of increasing a cantip level?

No update today?

Merge EE and alpha - or start pre EE by making alpha persistent

Two shrines


Working on my own guide. Thoughts?

Materials Available in Blackwood Glade - This week only

PSA: Feat limits lowered for players not in PC Settlements

What is the spell NPCs cast that turns my direction and seemingly pulls my avatar?

Where do you find green?

Which Auction House Settlements have Tier Two or better weapons and armor?

There be dragons!

How to trade between characters on the same account?

Where has Lifedragn been?

2 small UI problems

Challenge – not how high, but how LOW can you go

Happy 40th!

Gathering works - as far as I can tell

Questions for Stephen...

Extended Downtime 15 Dec

Adventure Time with Bonny

Unexpected Server Downtime 13 Dec

Sin's Subterfuge Guide v1

Thornkeep and The Emerald Spire

The three main types of PFO player.

Team speak 3 and is there a public TS ?

Chat Tabs and who's online

Customer Service PSA


Red Flag not going away?

There are INNS!!!

Unable to resolve the remote name

Open Contest

Not Recovering Power?

Gathering ranks

Alpha 13 some gahtering result and consideration

Stress Test 17:16 09 DEC

So, how many times have YOU clicked refresh on / blog?

Initial Impressions of the First Mac Client Release

Chartered Company: The UnNamed Company

Sin's Martial Guide v1

The status of the desync...

Goblinworks Blog: Alpha 13 Release Notes

Mac troubles: reinstalled oringal system software but still will not boot

+3 armor?

The Full Guide to Keywords

Schedim is thirsty and thinks about water ....

Cross Bow vs Long Bow vs Short Bow

Early Enrollment - Questions and Concerns

looking for an alpha invite

Starting XP

Willpower Training Is Not Working Correctly

Router's hole Mayhem Today - please try to attend via alt.

Character Planner Paperdoll and Doc

PFO EE / DT account for sale

PoI Terminology: What about Landmark?

Pathfinder Online (Public) - Shared Data from the Devs

Adventure Time in the North This Weekend

Gathering Survey for Alpha Build 13

Testers Required in rotter's Hole over the Weekend

Crafting Points Math: How does it work?

Calling all Alpha participants, GW staff, and anyone with Alpha access! Come spend Thursday Night in Brighthaven for a large scale battle and event!

Pathfinder Online IRC channel (and possible fansite)

Rogue feat Compound question.

Proposal: A New Kind of Event

New Player Guide

Changes in the rarity and locations of crafting materials in Alpa 13

Who Trains What?

desyncing, death & durability

Recipes droped in-group appear to be broken

Problems when loggin in when you have 2 accounts?

The Directionless Coalition

ZOMG! Making sure that 2014 won't be like 1984!

Baby Escalations & Alpha 13 Testing

Terrain fault at Auroral

Kabal General Info (Stoneroot Glade Settlement)

When we will get out basic camps or other ways to temporarily store material while harvesting?


Extended Downtime Today 2 Dec

New chat channels, what is the range?

Account for Sale

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