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Non Human musketeers.

"Factory sealed cases of two bricks"

A "Huge" Problem

"Pushing the envelope on what a Large mini can be...."

*Spoilers* Nualia mini painted

2 Paper mini questions

ACG minis?

Advanced Race Guide miniatures

Advice on putting together paper miniatures

Ahhhh Sweet addiction... Satisfied!

Akata miniature

Another figurine album on my Facebook.

Any chance for a "heroes" paper mini set?

Any guesses as to the remaining RotRL minis?

Any hints on Encounter Pack release schedule?

Any kitsune, nagaji, tenug, or wayang minis?

Any miniatures for ifrits and oreads?

Any plans for more Golarion monster minis from Reaper?

Any trading? My H&M, your RotR?

Anyone Joining Me at ReaperCon?

Anyone Know Where This Mini is From???

Baba Yaga's Dancing Hut

Base diameter of Iconic heroes miniatures

Bases for Pathfinder Battles Minis Sold Seperately?

Battles Stat Book

Best Paper Mini for general use?

Best Wizard Figure

Bestiary Paper Minis

Binder Minature

Bones Cloud Giantess Mini

Broken Mini

A bunch of garbage

Buying Heroes & Monster + Runelords pre painted minis in the UK


Can someone suggest some specific minis for these characters?

Carrion Crown AP Minis

Case Delivery Experience

Case incentives you still want

Characters and Monsters you most want to be made into minis?

Cheesy Pathfinder Minis...

Color Matching Konkrud

Colossal "Miniature" Wishlist

Confused about Pathfinder Battles Subscriptions

Cool Orc or Half Orc Barbarian w / Battle Axe?

Could Paizo Produce Miniature Bases?

Crown of the Kobold King Paper minis

D&D licensing questions with Pathfinder minis

Damaged Gargantuan Blue Dragon Mini

Deadly Foes Case Count

Desperate for minis

Disappointed with last few releases

Distribution on each mini in cases now?

Dodo Familiar

Draft Horse Team

Dragon Disciple mini?

Dragon Empire minis?

Droopy weapons ... Fix?

Dungeon crawl minis kickstarter

Duplicate Brick

Emerald Spire Paper Minis

Emerald Spire plastic minitures.

Emerald Spire: Baron Blackshield and Murgmo

Ever Reign - Link of potential interest for Minis Fans


Expiry of H&M encounter pack discounts

Feathered Dinosaur Miniatures 28mm scale?

Figure selection in your releases

Fixed sets only please

Friday Bog?

From the product page...

Frost giant's *right* hand broken off. Recommendations?

Full line of pre-painted Pathfinder minis? Any one else hear about this?

Future Heroes / Battle Miniatures from Paizo

Future miniature ideas

Gale Force 9 Demogorgon Mini

GenCon 2015 promo minis

GenCon Mini

Goblin Miniature

Gorum Warpriest Mini Painting advice


Great appearance, shoddy quality...

Half-orc pirate?

Help Re-Organize My Minis Collection

Here's hoping we see gargantuan Black and Red Dragons....

Heroes & Monsters

Heroes & Monsters ETA

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Battles Preview: Rise of the Runelords Round-Up

A Question on Miniature Cases

Store Blog: A Double Dose of Deadly Damsels!

Store Blog: A Fistful of Minis!

Store Blog: A Little Help for Your Runelords Game!

Store Blog: Beware the Jabberwock, My Son!

Store Blog: Beware the Owner of a Chicken-Legged Hut!

Store Blog: Bring out the Evil!

Store Blog: By Blade or By Gun!

Store Blog: Come Play With Me!

Store Blog: Death Comes on Black Wings!

Store Blog: Every Ship Needs a Crew, Every Hero a Foe to Fight!

Store Blog: For the Horde... of Paper Minis!

Store Blog: Gorillas, and Zombies, and Papercuts! Oh, My!

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