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Scenario Submission Talk

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Maps and Copyright

Rejected Scenario: Weaver of Lies

Grand Master Torch

Sanguine Writings - Rejected Submission

Rejected #45: The Minotaur Medium

Rejected Scenario #45: The Tauren Imbroglio

PFSS #45

The bull prince and the murdered wit.

Rejected 45 Fate's Architect

#45 word cull countdown

Poisonous Secrets (rejected scenario)

The evil winter of Falcon’s Hollow (Rejected)

#43 - The Pallid Plague

Rejected 43 Critique away

The Trap Smith's Vault (rejected submission)

Please provide me with some peer review on this submission (rejected scenario)

The Bride of Orcus (rejected first attempt)

Vexed (rejected 43) Critique welcome

Forge of the Dark Smith (rejected)

Open Call for PFS Scenario

Evil's Clutch #43 rejected

Secret War - Rejected Scenario

Rain Rain Go Away (rejected)

The Blinker Strikes... out--my rejected scenario

The Watchers from Below (Rejected Scenario)

My submission- Bedlam in the Backwoods (rejected)

First Scenario Attempt

First Scenario Attempt- Fallen From Grace Feedback

My submission - Army of the Damned

Angry Spirit's #35 rejection

Approximately midnight, September 17th, 2009, Eastern Time, on the Paizo blog. :-)

Where are those 750 word examples?

#35 Submission Rejection

#35 rejected submission

Successful scenario proposals - may we see them?

So who is writing scenarios #27 & #28?

Sorry, Josh, I goofed

Rambler's Reposted Rejected Ryting (pfs 28)

The fell of my jungle song...

PFS 27 & 28 Rejection Critiques

Turnabout is fair play (my rejected scenario #28)

Rejected #28: Lyrics of Extinction

Rejected #27: Our Lady of Silver

To mod writers: no more playing on words

Trying to write a scenario submission but need help.

Scenario 27 Brainstorms?

Open Call 27 & 28

Just submitted my first RPG proposal ...

What does a successful proposal look like!

Questions regarding open call proposals

What is the "fell song"?!

New Critique Group for PFS Open Calls

Writer's Workshop: Chris's Submission

Congratulations Scenario Authors

My Rejected Proposal - Comments welcomed

Comments for my submission PFS #23

My First Attempt (unfinished) Scenario Writing

This was my first submission, what do you think?

Ratio of submissions for 23 and 24

Rejected Submission Critique

Looking for a little feedback on my submission

PFS #23 and 24 submissions - who's with me?

Tiers, threat levels, and killing PCs

Any chance we can see a successful proposal?

Clinton Boomer is Evil

Content outside the SRD?

Peer Review request for PFS #21

Congratulations to PFS 21 and 22 authors

My first proposal fell short

PFS #21 Proposal - Criticism, comments welcome

Comments on PFS #21 proposal

Comments on PFS #22 proposal

Who's submitting for 21 and 22 open call?

Do you hurt children?

PFS 19 scenarios that got the "Galtan Finish"

PFS Scenario #12: by Alison McKenzie

PFS 20 Demon Haunts the Devil's Hall

Scenario #19: Skeleton Moon Author Announced

How to write a Pathfinder Society scenario?

Pathfinder Society Scenarios and high level play problems

Critique my PFS 20 Scenerio

Who's submitting for the PFS scenarios 19 & 20 Open Call?

PFS#20 clarification

Prepping for PFS Scenarios #19 & #20

Lost in Translation (PF#19)

Open Call: Pathfinder Society Scenario #17[SPOILERS]

Open Call: Pathfinder Society Scenarios 17 & 18

Scenario 18's that weren't accepted

Announcing the Authors of #17 and #18

Scenario 17's that weren't accepted

Congratulations to those whose submissions are accepted ...

Writing for the Pathfinder Society Open Call

Open Call: Are site-based adventures preferred?

Open Call: Pathfinder Society Scenario 18 [SPOILERS]

Open Call Faction Missions

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