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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Core Campaign

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Commonly Asked Core Campaign Questions - Look Here First!

Wooden Sword in core?

Store Blog: Over the Hills and Far Away!

Can we get the Inner Sea World Guide added to Core?

Extra Traits feat

CORE - Chronicle Sheet Access

Phylactery of Positive Channeling?

Retraining in PFS Core

Core Combat Maneuvers?

Druid - Animal Campanion help

Eyes of the Ten on Core

Wayfinders in CORE?

Druid Forms in Core Campaign?

Fighting Off Corruption Convention Boon Question

List of Traits Allowed in CORE

Store Blog: I Dream Of Genies!

Would Core be more popular if it were Core + APG?

Pathfinder Society "Core" character registry

The Muted God

Paizo Blog: Introducing the Core Campaign


What would happen with pregen credit to a non-Core character?

Prestidigitation to light torches? (Core PFS)

Is Core Dead?

Core Pharasma?

Wayfinders in PFS Core Gameplay

Are Wayfinders Still Legal?

Season 8 and the where the Core Campaign stands now...

Legal Animal Companions in Core

Questions Regarding a Core Campaign

Non-core weaponry

Enhancing Core

I'm GM-ing a scenario for the second time (both non-core). Can I give the chronicle to my core character?

Shields in Core

Any options for divine / spontaneous casters getting access to non-Core spells?

Core at PaizoCon 2016?

Core scenarios: Non-core treasure

Adopted Trait in Core Campaign

Deities in Core

Core Summoning?


Is an ironwood breastplate allowed in core?

FAQ Request: Please clairfy Legal Animal Companions in Core

Ever make a Core character by accident?

Familiar and Animal Companion OPtions Available For PFS Core?

Core Thornkeep

PaizoCon 2016 Pathfinder Society Games Sign-ups?

PFS character creation.

GM star replay in Core

Spending Prestige Points; Character Option? Spending PP with the Field Guide.

Sin Mage in Core?

Running We Be Goblins! as Core Mode

Core PFS question

Cost of an Oversized Adamantine Scythe in the Core Campaign

Core has been a huge success in Northern Colorado

We Be Goblins (all) - Officially allowed (all pregens) or not?

Clarification for Carrion Crown AP for sanctioned play

Core Chronicles & L1 Retraining....

Question about #7–13: Captive in Crystal boon [Spoilers]

The Future of the Core Campaign

Returning to Society play - GMing for local gaming group

REPOST: Pregen Specials and Core Legality

Is there a list of Core-compatible modules?

Wish for Chronicle Sheets

Reporting Core Games

Faction change?

Cleric of Philosophy of Strategy

Thoughts on the impact of CORE

Swarms at Higher Levels?

Where to find Core Online PFS Games?

Vanities in Core?

New GM, new core campaign

Do Core characters get Traits?

PFS Core starting languages?

Potion, scroll, or wand of non-core spell

The Dragon's Demand - Prestige and Fame

Poison Use in Core - An Appeal

Legacy character - core mode

Missing Human Ethnicities in Core?

Core Campaign Challenge!

Core Druid

characters listing as (RPG) vs (PFC)

Core Campaign Survey

[PFS Core] Spell List Question


Fane of Fangs in Core?

Trait chronicle

Did I do something wrong?


Applying Core GM credit to non-Core PC

Core watermarked sheets?

Pathfinder Society – HARD [CORE] MODE

Core Mode Corner Cases

Irrevocability of switching to non-Core Campaign

Core campaign Sorcerer build

PFS Core Loot

Scenario Experiences in Core So Far

Printable Core / Classic Scenario Tracker

Core Guide PDF?

core skill monkey

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