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Rules Questions

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Eidolon evolutions, arms and claws

Mounted Charge from a Huge Mount

Ride the lightning Bl power


Kval and medium weapon size.

Reporting / Scouting Cartridge Duration / Range

Animated Objects Questions

Life Oracle mystery spell

Eidolon kissed by a vargouille

Scarab as a familiar

Making a Handy Haversack

How man spells does the PC get?

Zombies + Sculpt Corpse

Does Expanded Preparation Expand?

Gestalt Untyped Bonus Stacking Question

witch patron spells

Confused about Beastmaster at first level

Alchemist Bomb Question

Hexing Glyph and possibilities

Sculpt Corpse Confusion

Bouncing Spell Metamagic Feat and Thorn Javelin Spell

field instruction; tactician look-a-like

Dying from negative hit points while CO-Damage

Mantis Zealot + Cult Leader?

Clarification on the term Spell List

Learning Spells from Another Class's List

A few questions about adamantine weapons and whether a something stacks with one of their qualities.

PFS - Tiefling

Oracle Spell Selection (Dual-Cursed)

Eldritch Guardian / Sorcerer + Improved Familiar

Am I my own ally?

Multiweapon fighting, light weapons, and throwing weapons

Druid with Circlet of Speaking

Elemental Assessor and Elemental Commixture

Repel Wood, a wooden splinter vortex of no-damage

Opening Volley [Feat] & Spellcasting

What square are you in when you mount and dismount?

For the life of me can't find a set of optional rules I was certain I saw. Little help?

Elemental Resistances

Need help understanding adding magic to bonded items

Permanency and scrolls

Languages-Thieves and Rogues tongues?

Sorcecer 5 + 2 Dragon Disciple + Magical Knack +2 to Dragon Disciple ??

tower shield. create pit

Planar Preservationist and Evolved Summoned Monster

Teleporting group and dimensional anchor

Seeker Lore

Action to receive an item?

Deadly Fists?

Brawler's Flurry Combat Maneuvers

Having trouble with Dragon Totem Resilience

Dancing Weapon Rule Questions

Cavalier - Human Favored Class Bonus

VMC Classes - How do they work?

Paying for spellcasting services

Siege engine reloading

Do you take bleed damage with the hit, or only on your turn?

Heroic Defiance and Hideous Laughter (or Defiance vs a spell with multiple effects)

Magus / Mystic Theurge Spell Combat / Spell Synthesis

How do Rage Power Stances interact with stances from style feats?

Purify Food and Drink?

Can I use Vital Strike with Siege Weapons?

Grappling tiny creature in another character's square

Mystic Theurge Spell Synthesis

Untangling the results of a Spirit Whisperer (Wizard Archetype)

Does An Inquisitor Get DR With Righteous Might?

Unchained Skill Unlock Stealth

Warleader's Rage and Sympathetic Rage

Skeletons, zombies, and bugs

Ghoul Bloodline

Range increment for a lasso

precise shot and ranged touch spells

Triceratops animal companion powerful charge and Strong Jaw spell

Water Walking Questions

Rules for magic longbow

Blade Barrier Clarification

Horn of the Cryosphinx on Monks - How Does it Work?

Shadow evocation (and resist energy and protection from energy)

Brawling on Blunt Arrows?

Caustic Eruption - self destructive?

Believer's Boon - Uses Per Day

water elementals in water

Magus and at-will metamagic'd Cantrip

New spells on level up.

Mounted and higher ground

FAQ Request: Words of Power

Can a monster use both melee AND range attacks with a full round action?

Applying Combat Feats to Special Ability like attacks?

Exotic Lance builds

Not so toxic after all?

Using the Steal combat maneuver to remove your own equipped gear?

Unchained ABP and the Amulet of Mighty Fists

Bison as an animal companion

I love the new Crafting Rules in Unchained, but I have a question...

Wizard Class Skills-where's Use Magic Device?

Summoner Merge forms and Aegis

Sheilds as weapons?

Spirit Oni and its subtype traits

What official options are there for Dex to Dmg?

Post-FAQ pummeling style and feral combat training interaction

19,801 to 19,900 of 70,112 << first < prev | 194 | 195 | 196 | 197 | 198 | 199 | 200 | 201 | 202 | 203 | 204 | next > last >>
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