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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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Rules Questions

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Topic Posts Last Post
Is it a Cha based skill?

Pummeling Style + Coup de Grace

Sacred Weapon, Natural Attack, and Improved Natural Attack Interaction?

Do animal type specific things affect dire animals?

brawlers flurry+ natural weapon ?

Anathema Archive

Enlargement Magic Item

Hexcrafter RAW or RAI?

Wild Empathy and Non-Numerical Modifiers.

About the Swashbuckler's opportune parry and riposte.

AoO's and panther style

a matter of size

Investigator, Craft (Alchemy) and Potion Identification

Do touch attacks bypass DR?

Can Oozes be dazed?

Multiclass Brawler taking improved TWF as a feat to enhance flurry

Hostile Juxtaposition

Defending Bone + Unguent of Timelessness

Stygian Slayer has no weapon proficiencies?

Second level spell stored in two first level spell slots?

Possess Object

What are feats that "affect or improve defenses or melee attacks"?

i have a rules question.

TWF while grappled?

Narrow Frame question

Cover, partial, soft, i mean cover...

On using Polymorph Any Object to duplicate lesser spells and its duration

Incorporeality and Weapons treated as "magic for the purpose of ..."

Intellect Devourer and Neh-Thalggu

Feat Pre-req question

Feeblemind and Arcane Bond spell casting

domain spells

What kind of caster is the arcanist?

Multiple Creatures and Grab

Robe under Armor

Does the headband of fate's favor interact with the sleuth's luck ability?

Time Stop and Quickened Spells

Large race Synthesist!!!! Please Help

Harpy's song: requires a standard action?

Delay Poison?

Ranged Touch Attack + Sneak Attack + Maximize

Alignment channel in Mass combat

Missing with a thrown splash weapon

Ice armor Question

An Inquiry on Touch Injection, Full Attacks, and Every Teenagers Favorite Activity.

Can a character intentionally lower their AC?

Does mind blank protect your gear as well?

Elf arcanist favored class bonus: what does it do

Rule check; I have 4 / 6 / 8 / etc arms, can I use more magic rings?

Multiclassing Into Same Class Archetypes

Swarm VS Swarm ?

Blessed fist spell and natural attacks?

Beastmaster's Battle Roar + Wildshape?

Reckless Rage Doesn't Scale...Correct?

Slashing Grace makes Swashbuckler Finesse useless?

Cartomancer (Witch) question re: Returning Spell Deck

Fireball - Ranged Touch Attack AC

Shield master+shield spikes

Crafting Weapon Question : Please point out flaws in my understanding

Hald-Elves favored class bonus +1 / 2 to oracle revelation taken when the favored class is not oracle

Crypt and Trap Breaker

Monk bleeding attack

Shield Mastery

Keeping lycanthropes at bay

do monks / brawlers need to take two weapon fighting to qualify to feats?

Kinslayer's Brand

Eidolon Starting HPs

Powerful Charge

Overrun rules

Leveling up domains, and school specialization while multiclassing

+4 defending amulet of mighty fists?

Improved Spell Sharing (Teamwork) : Useless feat?

status condition durations?

Spelllstrike and crits

Oracle Life Link- Setting up Link, need Line Of Sight?

Can skeletal mages speak?

Amateur Dares?


Can Sanctified Slayer take Extra Slayer Talent?

Dual enhancement feat

Alchemist bombs and cognatogen

Can Inspired Weapon be added to an AoMF?

Touch Spells

Help me with a cursed item

Question on Summoning Feats

Total characters of each class in a settlement

Slayers and Improved Evasion

What damage is multiplied by deadly stroke?

Monks and Unarmed weapons?

Fireball - Ranged Touch Attack AC

Sending and Familiarity

infernal healing vs infernal wound

Silver Smite Bracelet Equivalent

I need a DC chart.

Bloodrager / Dragon Disciple

Voidfield (UM Void-Touched Sorcerer ability)

So monsters as PCs? Am I doing it right at all?

Barbarian Spirit Totem - Spirit wisp attack

Feint at range?

2 Bucklers and a pistol

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