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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Can you roll a Natural 1 and still pop / destroy a mirror image?

Craft magical item rules: Craft into something new

Does Conditional Curse stack with Bestow Curse?

Cayden Cailean's divine fighting technique = spell combat for alchemists?

Flurry of Blows while holding a item? Still doable?

Bladed brush really need an errata or a FAQ

A few clarifications about how some features work with multiclassing

Ascetic Style and Monk Robes

Can you take Eldritch Heritage in a Bloodline you already have if so what happens?

Studying Troops

Startoss style and... melee damage?

Cavalier archetype Gendarme and Bonus feats

Can you use a Swift Action & Immediate Action in the same turn?

Can Swarms double move?

Undead Anatomy

Improvised Weapons are they Weapons FAQ

Natural 1's, Missing by 5 or less, and other similar effects

Elven Curved Blade & DEX to Damage

What is the range of Form of the Dragon's frightful presence?

Giant Slings

Appraise Every Single One?

FAQ Request: Kensai "Chosen Weapon"

What is Hard Cover from an Armiger?

Mindless undead can make intelligence checks?

Studied Target, Archetypes, and non-slayer ability DCs

What is Hard Cover from an Armiger?

Rend body saving throw does what exactly?

What is a human language?

Stealth question

Startoss Comet: Does it work with Slings / Sling Starves?

Coin shot question

non-elemental breath weapons apply to Damage Reduction?

Do I Still Need Serpent Lash To Reposition?

Losing a Feat

Leaf Armor conflicting stats in two books

Merge with familiar + Ioun Wyrd; Do you still get the benefits?

Student of Stone.... Help Me!

How does grappling work in this situation

Improved Spell Sharing

Bull Rush / Drag / Reposition vs a creature in grapple

Bloody Damn Negative Levels

Creatures with the Attach (Ex) special ability and creatures with the Attach (Ex) universal monster ability

FAQ REQUEST - Bard Masterpieces and Bardic Performance

Creatures Eligible to Use "War Saddle" Magic Item

Attacking a Rust Monster with a sword

Magic and Iteratives

Looking for an OFFICIAL answer on Lullaby of Ember the Ancient for PFS

Skinsend and construct hit points

Elven Curved Blade & DEX to Damage

Elf Wizard FCB

How to qualify as Azlanti?

Succubus in a grapple.

On spells: Detect Thoughts, Marionette Possession, and Spellcraft checks

Potions and AoOs

Alchemist Simulacrum & Doppelganger

Craft DC to build a room or building

Magus with Natural attacks vs other arcane

Flash forward + Pounce clarification

Ice Spears

gauntlet and monk unarmed damage

Munavri LA +1?

Legal Fey Eidolon Evolutions

Eidolon Subtype Questions

Animal Companion stacking Question

Guided Hand (Mythic)

Vampire PC; Private dwellings?

Questioner Spellcasting Question?

Spell Sharing and Companions

Moss Troll with Weapon Proficiency

Flanking Question

Archetype Combination

Do Eidolons have class skills?

Spirit Guide Oracle + Hex

Technology Guide Errata - Cybernetic Eyes & Veemods.

Desna Cleric take the Trade Domain?

Project Image - save and the spells don't work?

Determining cover with large creatures

alchemist thrown splash weapons

Sap Master / Scout Rogue

How does Molthuni Arsenal Chaplain's Weapon Training work?

Warlock Mystic Bolts - Holding a charge

dragon has me grappled do i still count as flanking?

Is Natural Armor an Ability?

Wound Thresholds and Extracts

Phantoms with Chill Touch

What ways are there to give a weapon temporary enchantments?

VMC Oracle clarification

Does gaining access to a bonded object at later levels mean paying replacement cost?

Can Monk(Master of Many Styles) and Monk(Sohei) coexist?

Half Dragon Template question

Making gold with Mythic Scribe Scroll

Constrictor Snake full Atk

Magic Items and Light Spell Levels

Smite Evil Bypassing DR

Does empathic link allow a witch to locate their lost familiar?

About a Condition on a Vanity

Scurrying Swarmer question

Two-Handed Weapon and Two Bucklers?

Can a synthetist's eidolon suffer the effects of area spells?

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