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Rules Questions

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Pathfinder FAQ Updates

Pathfinder Rules Questions Guidelines

Elemental Body and Armour

Do my Animal Companion need "Share Healing" feats?

Shutting down grapple / pin, and murderous command.

Hidden Light and Stealth

Can a critical confirm if the confirmation roll is a 1 if a 1 + bonuses would hit the target?

Two mediums. Seance bonus

Fighter (etc...) Feat Swap ability

Aberrant bloodrager and long arm spell interaction.

Overcoming what DR with Magic Attacks (Eidolon)

Amulet of mighty fists: several questions

Oracle revelations and multiclassing.

Grappling -tie up

Two-Weapon Fighting (4 arms, 2 two-handed weapons)

Elemental whispers + hiding an item

Does Ventriloquism work with verbal components of a spell?

Arcane Trickster Spellcasting

Insane Druid - Multiple Personality Disorder, Evil = Ex-druid?

Create pit + grapple

Beast Shape Spellcasting

When do armor spikes apply their "extra damage"

Feats and Multi-classing.

Earthquake and underground creatures.

Tiny damage

Summon Giant Ally

two weapon fighting and unchained monk flurry

Non-spellcaster magical crafter?

Is there a recharge time on Dragon Breath Weapons?

Natural Spell Combat + Spellstrike + Claw / Claw / Bite

Polymorph Any Object and ability scores

Blade Tutor's Spirit and Large Weapons

Trait Question: Adopted and skins

Retrying skill checks.

Spiritualist Phantom Questions

Magic Weapon Special Abilities Vs Damage Reduction

wielded weapon saves question

Any sense of having DR / evil?

Leveling up in-game?

Feinting penalties?

How to identify Core from Standard

Oread - Earth Insight - Not real useful?

Scrolls and Wands - Casting?

Jumping to a lower position

Fly checks with a Carpet of Flying

Defensive Weapon Training (Combat)

Combat Maneuvers while Holding Torches! Help!

Martial Flexibility clarifications.

Vital Strike + Charging

Dhampir PC vs a Shadow

Operative Weapons & Combat Maneuvers

Gray Maiden armor stacking

Combat Familiar Hit Points?

Readied Action + AoO

Armor properties and Polymorph

Argument on merciful weapon quality on a normally leathal weapon

Kineticist Kinetic Fist

A spell on a weapon, vs a SR monster, how does this work?

Elixir of Dragon's Breath (Brine) save DC?

Growth in Ash mechanics question.

Double Plated Celestial Gray Maiden Plate

Can a kineticist choose to do LESS damage than max?

Define 'Same Attack Action'

Leaping Dragon Maneuver Question

What does this mean exactly- Deadshot +2

Panache / Grit / Luck clarification

Bleed questions (Bleed the spell)

Detecting spells on an object

Can I sneak attack with an attack that does no damage?

Does the alchemist's wings discovery qualify you to take the monster feat (fly by attack)?

Starting Gold for Games Starting at Higher Levels?

Mauler (familiar) & PC Feats

Pakalchi Entangling Train and Escape

Emergency Force Sphere Orientation

Trying to figure out Naiad

Cone burst - what counts as a corner?

Blade Adept Black Blade + Occultist Legacy Weapon Question

Spell Sunder CMD?

Hoofed Humanoids Having Horseshoes?

Questions about Underwater encounters

Harrowing Spell - misaligned crown card

Cost of cold iron weapons?

Synthesist Summon bonus feats, feat requirements, and skills

Spirit Dancer Medium Archetype and Spirit Focus feat

grapple, grab, and constrict. wow confusing me

Attack Roll Modifiers and See Invisibility

Monstrous Extremities

Iron Priest, Channel Energy and Hardness

Dragoon Fighter: Gloves of Dueling Bonus Value

TWF bows

Salamander Bloodline crafting, Imp. Eldritch heritage and sorcerer

Spell Focus doublecheck

Ricochet Splash Weapon Feat and Large (or Larger) Creatures

Another Archetype question.

"Start / Complete Full-Round Action" and spells.

(Pfs)Making the most of Draconic druid multiclass, save the Drake

Question - Bloody assault feat

Vigilante's Entrepreneur Talent: Function for Craft

Undead and the Clerical Hive Mind

Armor Master Armored Defense replacing Weapon Training 3

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