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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Monks and "shields"

Point Blank Shot (and other Damage Increases) with Alchemist splash damage.

Question about crane style

Natural attacking kobold

Multiple Magus Spellstrikes in One Round

Proper use of Lob Shot in PFS.

Does Favored Prestige Class stack with Fast Learner?

Storm Dreamer Medium Archetype Error (?) [Adventurer's Guide]

Any official rule for fumbles?

Chill Touch - does it end if you cast another spell?

Curious about a few of the Race Building rules

Brawlers and Versatile Design.

Flaming Sphere Movement

Vital Strike & Step Up and Strike

Kineticist Mephit

Dex to Damage and Two-Handed Fighting

spellslinger / eldritch archer / Hexcrafter ECL6

Magic Missile + Elemental Spell + Admixture = Cold Descriptor Magic Missile?

Clarification if these feats stack correctly

Confirm tiger claws total damage.

Direct contradiction in FAQ on two-handed weapons in one hand

What's the duration of Corrupted Flesh?

What's the duration of Corrupted Flesh?

Cavalier mount tricks

It is possible to trample a swarm?

Non-weapon focus options

Optimizing grapples - looking for boosts to grapple

FAQ / Suggested Errata: Negative Levels and Energy Drain

Tremendous strength

Elven Battle Focus Modifier

What does Countersong affect?

Kineticist Elemental Whispers familar + Improved Familiar?

Spell Perfection and how it interacts with the chosen spell

Is climbing distance measured from your feet, or your hands?

Spirit guide oracle. Of life

How fast does Interposing / Grasping Hand move?

Spell Resistance ruling?

Is an Avian Synthesist Summoner Possible?

(PF) Critical Hit Question

Animal Ally and spells

Multiclassing and extra attacks

Craft your own entourage at level 3

Panoplies and the Haunt Collector and Relic Hunter archetypes

How do you summon a Phantom as a spiritualist?

Goblin Fire Drum and Alchemical Cartridges

Does a Spring-loaded wrist sheath use your wrist slot?

Sage Familiar archetype and skill points

FAQ REQUEST - Bard Masterpieces and Bardic Performance

Incorporeality and Ghost Touch

Cavalier's Banner and concealment

Vampiric Shodow Shield vs Undead

Fake Footprint Fakeout

Using Enervation to debuff how does it work?


Nursing Necklace

Riding Huge mounts: breaking down the rules so we can know how to do it

Does class skill in linguistics mean bonus languages?

I'm trying to figure out "Psychopomp, Nosoi" 's skill ranks for Sage archetype.

Revised Action Economy

Perception and height

What type of damage does Cytillesh Bomb deal?

Ankou's Shadow (Slayer Archetype) Shadow Double

Ice armor spell

Interrupted Feather Fall

Need rules lawyer - Agile Maneuvers / Weapon Finesse and grappling

Specialist Wizard's Bonus Spell Slots for 0-level Spells

Can you attack yourself as part of a full attack?

"before the results of the roll are revealed"

Are Items People Too? Intelligent Items As Constructs

Can an Eidolon wear Mage Armor

Chile Touch vs Undead. Does Remove Fear help the Undead?

Time magic

Annihilation spectacles and metamagic?

Myrmidarch and Sigilus Spellstrike Progression

Interaction of wings of air with longstrider

Is NPC Wealth modified by Templates?

Are Grabs attacks?

+ 10 Profane and +9 Sacred Armor Class Bonus on one shield, is it possible?

Shaman / Witch and Improved Familiar

Illusions and detection spells?

Can you blend Vivisectionist and Grenadier Archetypes?

How do I tendril? - Spiritualist Bonded Manifestation questions

How does the Dusk lantern work?

Weapon Proficiency

Sacred Summons, "Exactly match"?

Tengu Shigenjo's Oracle Curse effective level cap?

Daze / Stunlock Rulership Variant Channel Cleric

Wording of Marid Bloodline Arcana: cold VS water

Several damage reduction how it works?

Muse and bardic performance

Levitation and duration.

Can mobs do sneak attacks or channel smite?

Bard + Skald: Performance and Raging song

Whirlwinds and Swarms.

Telekinetic blast into water

Question about basic pyrokinesis

Emissary Familiar's Alignment?

Siege mage bond use as a disarm?

Pricing Mithral Armor for Unusual Creatures

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