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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Lenses of Darkness: interfere with Darkvision?

Circumventing Shadowbound curse with Lightbringer?

Does ammunition fired from a magical projectile weapon gain the benefits of the weapons magical enhancement or abilities?

Spiritualist question re phantom blade and black blades

Giant Frog wearing Dire Collar

Undead vs. intelligent weapons

Sylvan Hideaway

Are things and people in Pathfinder made out of real-world atoms?

Agile Lamellar

Cold Weather VS Natural Fur

Enforcer Feat and Skill Unlock for Intimidate

Attempting something epic

Coup De Grace and Stealth

DC to Pinpoint Invisible Creature

Master Sniper + Sneaking Precision


Can I use Style Strike with the BAB attack when I use Flurry of Blows?

Warpriest Sacred Weapon (Ray)

Due Psychic casters have to combat cast?

Wall of Ashes uses per day

Mesmerist False Flanker / Solo Tactics

Cold Subtype vs immunity to cold

Lurker in Light Ritual Gate numbers

Unclear Glossary Definitions

enchanting items, have I been misinterpreting?

Discussion regarding double weapon, twf and bab

Parade Armor And Special Materials (PFS)

Bolas+Brutal Bolas: How do they work?

Magic Weapon Effects Touch Attack

Charging / Bull Rushing While Swimming

Question about blinded, blind-fight and invisibility

Ride-by Attack and Mount attacks

Creating magic items at a higher caster level

Disguise skill / objects

Combat Maneuver Magic Weapons Effects

How to ignore Halting Blow ?

AOO's and the 12 headed hydra(Miasma Hydra)

Lamashtu's Carving and Crits

Two-Handed Weapon and Two Bucklers?

Using Node of Blasting Offensively

Holy Ice Weapon, what can do?

Headband of Vast INT and Staff of Mithril Might Stacking

Sneak Attack and Flanking Ruling

Simulacrum and Domains -- is this fair?

Simulacrum and Domains -- is this fair?

Fly skill questions

Question with Escape Route teamwork feat

Does a Warpriest’s enhancement to Sacred Weapons stack with Fate’s Favored Trait?

Gauntlet vs Unarmed Strike

Several Rules Questions about Spiritual Weapon

Skill Unlock for Intimidate

Master Alchemist + Beaker of Plentiful Poisons

Bonus spells for 46+ in a casting stat

Weapon Cords and Meta Magic Rods

Pyrokineticist Elemental Whispers

Draconic mystery wings

Hard Question About Demoralize

Cayden Cailean's divine fighting technique = spell combat for alchemists?

Inquisitor, Infiltrator and Heresy Inquisition Bluff bonus

Dragonheir Scion rules question

Flag bearer bards

Kineticists: Ride the Blast and Familiars

Wood- / phytokineticist verdant blast question

Whip feats fusion

Racial heritage related

Hunter: Flanking bonus for range Attack?

What Happened to the Roper?

Fireball and Web Combo

Robe of Bones monsters

Augment Summoning, Summoner's Call, and Summon Eidolon

Can I throw Shillelagh?

Ways to get a Tattoo Familiar as a Witch?

Obscuring Mist w / Large Creatures

Rules for Spell Power Components

Occult Spell Casting Detectable?

Cure Disease vs Genetic and other Persistent conditions

Enlarge person using Leadblade

Odd question about Attacks of Opportunity

Fire's Fury - Pyrokineticist

Invisibility / Perception / Pinpoint Creature

Invisibility and Pinpointing Question.

What is the duration of an infusion?

Help with Fire Affinity, Ifrit ability?

Weapons / musical instruments?

Soulless Gaze Feat

I'm a little confused on how my shotgun works in game, several questions i have.

Animal Companion (Wolf) and Trip Attack

[rule clarification] Would "aid another" also start a melee attack?

What does the spell Microcosm do?

Alchemy Question - Are pastes a form of liquid?

FAQ REQUEST - Bard Masterpieces and Bardic Performance

If a Dragon obtained a feat that gave them a additional breath weapon is it still under the same rules as their normal breath weapon?

Succubus in a grapple.

How do magical armor effects affect normal armor?

Mythic Form of the Dragon cheaps out?!

Ki Pool Extra Attack Weapon

Mystic Theurge: "gain other benefits"

Huntmaster (Human Feat) paired with Pack Lord (Druid Archetype) or similar classes.

Cantrips and Metamagic Feats

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