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Rules Questions

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Pathfinder FAQ Updates

Pathfinder Rules Questions Guidelines

Scribe Scroll FAQ Inquiry

Does Shillelagh work with Arcane Strike?

If an ability has a type listed (Su, Ex) but it grants abilities of a different type, what does it count as?

Can you hallow a portable structure?

Can you wear celestial armor under a suit of dancer's garb

Feather Fall

How would you identify a bardic masterpiece?

Ultimate Wilderness Boon Companion changes

What is the limit of reducing size categories?

Mobile Bulwark Style = Immunity to T-Rex?

Domain Question

Ring of Sustenance + Magic Item Creation

Void dragon suffocation breath

Can you distinguish drow from elves using darkvision?

Ethereal vs Incorporeal melee caracthers

Mythic Vital Strike and Critical Hits

Water Dancer Question

Does the DR 2 / Cold Iron come into play for a sprite swarm when they have weapon immunity

Downtime: Business Attrition Leadership Checks

Optional Stamina rule question

Would this work or would it cause something to explode / go horribly wrong?

Tortured Crusader question: Altering the same aspect of a class feature twice?

So how exactly does an Animal Companion work, in regards to the loss of the connection between owner and animal?


Brawler’s Flurry and Power Attack

Incorporeal creature in the wall....

Sanity System and Curing Madnesses

Hustling damage

Amulet of Hidden Strength and Vital Strike

Use of shadow magic to counterspell

Brawlers Flurry Confusion

[Ult Wilderness] Can the Menhir Guardian Monk benefit from Shifter's Edge?

Reflexive Trick and Spell Trick feats synergy

Enchanting question

Quick Shifter question

Telekinetic Haul / Blast Question

How do Alchemist Mutagens affect Druids under Wild Shape?

Morningstar question

Can you spend a feat on Clamor of the Heavens?

Fencing Grace and Spiral Rapier

Phylactery of Positive Channeling and Channeled Revival

Antipaladin w / level dip of Black-Blooded Oracle ability q

Tengu (Vigilante Agathiel)

Celestial Obediance to Falayna

Sundering armor with an anamantine weapon

At what range can you feint?

Mage Armor Spell

Question Rules interacting feat: Burning amplication and Fire sneeze


Leadership -What Kind Of Followers?

Is there any way to remove or neutralise Immunity from an energy type from a creature

Cleric / Monk cross class with darkness domain

Can Shifter use Shaping Focus?

Does the Medium really use Wisdom for UMD instead of Charisma?

Ultimate Wilderness's Weather rules and Precipitation.

Additional Info on hold person

Trying to catch a rulebreaking cheater!

Creation Domain (SRD), a now unexistant artifact of 3.5?

Sacred Sentinel

How does Shifter's Minor Aspect manifest phsycially?

Damage scaling from size

Combining unarmed attack feats

Swapped attributes, adapted magical item?

Mad Dog archetype and Rage Powers

Is there a way for a Wizard to learn a spell from a Sorcerer and scribe it in his spellbook?

Outsiders, Constructs, and Aging

Arcane Strike with a divine caster level

Fighter Advanced Weapons Training

Kinetic knight elemental blade

If healing a helpless comrade are you occupying their square for purpose of AOO?

Weird rules interaction with regard to magic item slots

Large size reach and ranged attacks

Does energy damage of the same type stack with itself on the same attack?

Eldritch Heritage and Mutated Bloodlines

Does eschew material components (and it's more powerful versions) affect foci and multiple items?

Throw and returning shield question multiple attacks

Giant Mantis Shrimp: Is it Intended to be Aquatic?

Freedom of Movement in regards to haste

wisdom to hit

Item Slots and the Non-Humanoid

Elemental Imbalance - level problems?

Linguistics ranks and Familiars

How does a Nature / Mammoth Shaman's "Spirit Animal Companion" work with multiclassing?

Does your scent change when using polymorph / change shape?

Ultimate Wilderness Tyrant Totem Question

Clarification on wild shape

New character Skill ranks above 1?

Sylvan Trickster and Divine Scourge level as witch level

Looking to "Riposte" or Attack in Retaliation

Afflicted were-beast alignment and ideals

Relearning cantrips

FAQ REQUEST - Bard Masterpieces and Bardic Performance

Command Word range


DC to Pinpoint Invisible Creature

Lethal, Non-Lethal dmg & Healing: help

Mystic Theurge & pets

Oracle casting from a Cleric Scroll

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