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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Knowledge Skill and similar Abilities Quuestions


Cavalier and his mount

Redemption Inquisition and Natural Attacks

Undine Loyalty Trait

False Medium, False Sensitivity

Contagion and Unchained Diseases.

Bleeding Critical from different sources

Gunslinger Shots Per Round - Is the Math Correct?

Multi-Archetype Question

Magic Item creation with class specific items

What to do with multiple Concentration Check modifiers?

Are far strike monks proficient with thrown weapons in melee?

Lucerne Hammer

Keen Lucerne Hammer

Animal companion barding and flying

Non Human Tieflings and Pass for Human and related Tiefling questions

Line of Effect / Sight and Higher Ground

Blaster Mage faq

Can a creature with 15 foot reach attack 3 diagonals away

Mummy Rot, or Mummy Rot ?!

how much damage / subdual damage can you take before waking up?

Channel energy creates a wave of energy, can this be seen, is it visible magical effect.

Possession and saves.

Monster Codex - Shady Minion Stats?

Skald Fated Champion and "Shield of Foresight"

Barbarian primal hunter archetype clarification

Creature with DR and hardness, stack or overlap?

Vital Strike feat

Two-Weapon Fighting

Witch familiar as a tattoo

Undead Treant

Rogue trait: Ledge Walker

What's the status of Magus dex builds & dervish dance?

Improved Critical and Broken Weapons

Timber Wight Regeneration

Teleporting to escape from bonds

How to create this specific item.


Legendary Upgradable (Mythic)

Rolling a natural 20 - Stabilize

Heavens spirit animal and the meaning of "flesh"

Why does a gorilla only have a 15 strength?

Difficult terrain & Dexterity bonus to AC

Unsworn Shaman, Minor Spirit and number of Hexes (FAQ?)

What is the UMD for my Imp familiar re: wands? and how would I boost it?

Clarification Needed: Weapon Finesse & Slashing Grace

Help Me Understand Barding (And Animal Companion Items)

Do familiars get feats?

Using Summoner's Maker's Call From Another Plane

Flaunting your foulness with a medallion of thought projection

Retraining out of a prestige class pre-req

Magus (Mindblade) Psychic Access And Spell Blending

Qualifying for feats with magic items that grant feats... sometimes...

Temporary HP and injury poisons.

Scaled fist / Enlightened Paladin

Mythic Items - Legendary & +6 enhancement??

Deliquescent gloves and improvised weapons

Sacred Geometry... My brain hurts.

What do I give up if I use Whirlwind Attack?

Animate Dead Questions - Fighter

Reach, can I do that?

Boots of the Winterlands

Does a Magus' Spellstrike cast the spell INTO the weapon or THROUGH the weapon?

PC natural attacks and 1.5 STR multiplier

Pounce and Ride-By-Attack

Pinpoint Targeting and movment afterwards?

Plasma Blade

Kinetic Invocation

Fast healing vs. Drowning

Knowledge (Arcana)

Alter Summon monster and Mount into wishes

Characters Jumping / Landing On Enemies To Deal Damage

Help me understand Polymorph attribute changes

Celestial Obedience - Familiar / Animal Companion

Environmental Hazards exp?

chakram finesseable?

Pummeling Charge and Pounce, a conceptual comparison

Summon Good Monster

Horse Animal Companion with Combat Trained

What is the CMB and attack bonus of a ring of telekinesis?

Pricing Mithral Armor for Unusual Creatures

Does Water Manipulator combo with Kinetic Cover?

Snipng and extra move actions

Intelligent weapon question

use Heal skill to improve chances in a fortitude save against zombie rot

Wizards And Crossbows

Ogre Feat Questions

Pre-loaded slings?

Monk of the Sacred Mountain's vow of silence and telepathy

Technical questions involving a illusions and negative energy to hide undead

Cleric spells

Sneak attack, multiple damage types, and DR

Horse animal companion

greatclub + shillelagh + enlarge person = how many dice?

Planar Binding: How does the caller compel and what is necessary?

Need help understanding the Rat King stat block!

Can shadows turn off their strength damage?

Does Ranged Feint alter basic Feint mechanics?

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