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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


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Rules Questions

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Pathfinder FAQ Updates

Pathfinder Rules Questions Guidelines

Nocticula Obedience

Scribe scroll

Succubus in a grapple.

Shocking Grasp

Pauldrons of the Bull and Hydraulic Push

Wayang Spellhunter and Magical Lineage

Build Clarification Help (Paragon Surge)

Drow Trained Razor - Half Elf

Help me assign CR to these powerful dragons

Can Magus Spellstrike stacks with Chill touch? How about with multiple attacks?

Use Craft Construct to make a flying ship?

Spectral hand size modifier to hit?


Polar Midnight + metamagic rod, rime

If wearing multiple necklaces, which one is on?

Jungle armor from ISC and entangle.

Enchantments and attacks

Rule Question: Tumor Familiar Fast Healing 5

Inquisitor, Infiltrator and Heresy Inquisition Bluff bonus

Synthesist Question

compel alacrity and swimming

Avoiding demoralize by averting gaze?

Prestige Class

How long does Tetori Grab last?

Crusader's Flurry / Kata Master monk interactions

Natural weapons vs. Manufactured weapons

Do Kineticists Calculate Burn BEFORE or AFTER Attacking?

Can I touch the same target multiple times with a spell?

Buying Treasure in Pathfinder Society

Scrolls with You target

Cooperative Crafting feat and multiple helpers

AOMF question

Cooperative Crafting and Solo Tactics

Powerless prophecy: What to do when the enemy gets the drop on you

Cost of custom magic items with specific feats

Necromantic Focus for occultists

Scribe scroll with my Faerie Dragon familiar

Bodyguard question...

Wisdom based Arcane caster

Areshkagal worshipper + Oitos Kyton run-in + Intelligent Skeleton = ???

Need Some Advice on Custom Building a Dragon

Ancestor Eidolon Spells

Will Dexy McGlaive Work?

raging song, bardic performance and rage

When do armor spikes apply their "extra damage"

Touch attacks and wrecker curse

Exploitive Maneuver make an opponent an ally for Aid Another purposes?

FAQ REQUEST - Bard Masterpieces and Bardic Performance

Metamagic Spells and Class / Domain Slots

Ninja / magus archetype?

AoMF and Gauntlet Question

Spell Dismissal in the Dreamlands

Dismissing Spells

Arcanist Blood development & Bloodline powers replaced via AT

Order of priority when multiple immediate actions are set to automatically trigger

Switching styles

Multiclassing after 20

Magic Item Verification

Wild Shadow

Use magic device - charges are lost on a failure?

Please explain to me how CR magic works.

Belt of Teeth, wraar, chomp, lash! But seriously, what's the use?

Molds and their burst effects. Running across many squares of mold = many saves?

Attack of Opportunity + 5-foot step

Spiritualist's Phantom

Shrinking Weapon and Weapon Training

Edge case: moving only 5 feet, but it takes x4 movement to do so (20 feet). Can I draw a weapon for free?

Weapon Versatility + Natural weapons ?

DC for Tracking flying creatures using unchained skill unlocks Survival

Ray Spells and Attacks of Opportunity question

Question about Sorcerer Bloodlines (cross blooded / wildblood related bloodlines)

What makes one a combatant?

Medium Rider, Large Mount, Lance, Charge - Official Ruling?

Large size and acrobatics

Free Hands and Grappling

Activating Broken Wing Gambit

It is possible to trample a swarm?

Druid Animal Companion and Improved Spell Sharing

Collar of the True Companion (UE)?

Invisibility and turn sequence

Brawler’s Flurry and Power Attack

Magic items and different slots

Spectral Hand's Visibility While Invisible

Help adding the vampire template?

Spell Scars (Ex) provoke AoO?

Arcane eye spell

Simple grappling questions

Hunter Class bonus for Half-elf

Are spells not published in a rewrite still usable?

Abendego Diver / Aquatic Terrain

Crafting a Ring of Ki Mastery

Is initiative an ability check?

Trample Questions

Official Shield Master Rulings

Grapple question (again)

Intensified disintegrate question

Using Feint maneuver during melee

Disguise Hex

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