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Rules Questions

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Topic Posts Last Post
The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Prehensile Hair - Hex and Ratfolk Favored Class Bonus (Witch)

Weapon Master's Handbook Weapon Design and Two Handed Fighter

Do you know what effects are affecting your characters?

Alchemist tentacle attack bonus (sorry guys)

Linguistics and Headband of Vast Intelligence (Linguistics)

Spellcaster Questions

Bag Capacity

Investigator Cryptid Scholar's Intuitive Monster Lore - When Received?

Rules Question - Dragonborn Feats

Wall of Ectoplasm

Javelin of lightning and multiple attacks

Radiation Rules

Improved Familiar Leveling Up

How to ignore Halting Blow ?

Ranger - Hide In Plain Sight

Stacking DR

Greater Magic Fang and Polymorph spells

Sniping require a movement action to hide again?

Circumventing Shadowbound curse with Lightbringer?

Need rules lawyer - Natural Armor a type of armor?

Elemental Whisphers (Not Greater)

FAQ REQUEST - Bard Masterpieces and Bardic Performance

Moving a grappled target

Mythic empowerment and Mythic maximization combine with their non Mythic counterparts

Improved Familiars and "Arcane Spell Caster Level"

Bull Rush + Step up and Strike

Kraken caller and domains

Undead vs. intelligent weapons

Cube vs Square

Vestigial Arm and Leaping Shot Interaction [PFS]

Multiple Cloud Spells

Can Boneshaker End a Grapple?

Do weapon enhancements with money bonus price modifier count in the maximum bonus?

Familiar and Bonded Item?

The faq on size changes, an animal companion's size increase and animal growth.

Definition of "spellcasting class"

Eidolon Slams

Quick Identify

Can a Tumor Familiar have a Familiar Archetype?

Size Bonus Question

Shaman - Battle Spirit - Enemies' Bane x2?

ARGH Shield questions!

Classic Horrors revisited: animating variant energy skeletons (and stacking tons of variants)

Spell Power Components

Scroll help!

Dispel Magic against multiple targets of the same spell?

DC to Pinpoint Invisible Creature

What is the maximum ability enhancement that you can put on an item?

Dispel Magic vs. Communal / Mass Spells - Allowed?

Hshurha’s Veil and Moonlight Stalker

Crafting a ring of sustenance

Cold Weather VS Natural Fur

Does studded leather count as metal armor, or not?

Summoned Minions and XPs

Trying to better understand the Resilient Illusions feat ...

Skilled racial traits

Paladins with Poison Minion racial trait

Feeblemind and Spells that Grant Permanent Bonuses

Slam Attacks and Bludgeoning Weapons

"Patron" deity?

Regarding saving throws against diseases...


Combat Maneuver Immune Boss?

Up Close and Deadly... range?

Gunslinger Grit Use

Deflect arrows question.

What does a gunslinger need to buy?

Negative levels and spell-like abilities

Does ammunition fired from a magical projectile weapon gain the benefits of the weapons magical enhancement or abilities?

Should Psychics have Magic Circle Against E / G / L / C on their spell list?

Master Sniper + Sneaking Precision


Cayden Cailean's divine fighting technique = spell combat for alchemists?

Advancing Sorcerer after Dragon Disciple

Charging / Bull Rushing While Swimming

Does a Warpriest’s enhancement to Sacred Weapons stack with Fate’s Favored Trait?

Darkvision vs. Penumbral Disguise (and other similar abilities)

Can I use Style Strike with the BAB attack when I use Flurry of Blows?

Skills and multiclassing

Coup De Grace and Stealth

Far Strike Monk Flurry

Trip Evolution

Question about Breath of Life.

Devils, what happens to them when they are slain on the material plane?

Lunar Mystery "Mantle of Moonlight" vs Oracle Lycanthropy Curse

Sleep immunity and voluntary save failure

Agile Lamellar

Coup de Grace and playing possom

Sylvan Hideaway

Attempting something epic

Haunts - PC makes the Perception check to what?

Giant Frog wearing Dire Collar

Enforcer Feat and Skill Unlock for Intimidate

Transplant Visage, Detect Magic, and Permanent Duration Spells

Rostland Bravo - Clarification

Lenses of Darkness: interfere with Darkvision?

Parade Armor And Special Materials (PFS)

Are Monkey Goblins goblin enough to be feral gnashers?

What Happened to the Roper?

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