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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

pounce + flash forward + quicken spell = full attack as swift action?

Bull Rushing a wall

Akashic Form exploit

Creatures with Multiple Attacks

Page of Spell Knowledge Crafting

Looking for a way to reduce the time to treat deadly wounds

Can Shamans take the Split Hex feat?

Magus VMC + Spell Blending on a spontaneous caster

Eldritch Scion Spell Combat + Claw, Claw, Bite, Unarmed Attack

Sneak attacks

Summoned monster casting long duration spell.

Full-Round Attack aborted into Single Attack + Move Action

Does the Courtly Hunter archetype leave animal companions stuck at tiny size?

With a mutagen duration over an hour, can an alchemist create a mutagen while under the effects of their mutagen?

Spell explication.

Advancing a Homunculus (and other constructs)

Cruelty and Mercy

How does perception work when looking for traps?

Steelbound Sword + Dimension Door = TelePounce?

Alien Presence - from Outer Dragons

Create pit to get through doors?

Negative Levels And Hit Points Clarification

Planar Binding and Treasure

Paizo! Monster Lore NEEDS clarification!

Bonded Holy Symbol and familiar?

Bloodline development questions

Weapon Trick Crush Armor

Kinetic Blast VRS Spell Immunity

Parasitic Soul

Vampiric Weapon question

Does Scathing Tirade have a saving throw?

Spellcraft vs. Invisible caster

Weapon Trick Crush Armor

What happens if I already have a familiar and then take the Elemental Whispers Wild Talent?

Someone explain how Monster Lore works?

Greater Sunder + Sundering Strike = Extra Damage?

Spirit Talker + Arcane Enlightenment = doesn't work?

Magic damage feat?

Oracle Cuse question

Throwing Shield is Broken and needs a Rewrite!

Can Life Link be used to have multiple bonds active on one creature?

Hexes and Bloodline?

Does Luring Cavalier's Far Challenge benefit from Order bonus to challenge?

Tiger attack numbers

Wild shape natural attacks by size question

Fast Learner

Distracting Cloak + Artistic Flourish?

Feats / Traits to prevent Non Lethal KO

Noticing Traps

The exploiter wizard and consume spells

Does invisibility break before or after you cast a spell

Rapid grappling rules while being wildshaped with the grab feature and constrict

Blind Fight

Bebilith rot

How does Ghoul Touch work?

Extra Evolution

Elemental Affinity Correction?

True Seeing and Spell Resistance

Bull Rush, Bull Rush Strike and Shield Slam Clarifications needed

Air elemental on fire

Clarification on rapid grappling

Create Pit clarifications needed regarding line of sight / effect

Monster caster level question

How does Blood Reservoir of Physical Prowess work?

Keen Appraiser

Does an alchemical silver or cold iron weapon have to be masterwork?

Shaman spell list oversights

Can an Erastil worshipper have a Brownie Improved Familiar?

Monsters with Class levels and adding iterative attacks

Advanced Weapon Training Question

Vigilante Identities and Talents

Arcane Annihilator Kineticist Clarification

Casting without a Divine Focus

Orc Bloodline Arcana and Spells That Grant Weapons

When multiclassing into vigilante, can you choose what identity your current identity becomes?

Staff of the Master metamagic

Yes, Another Inquistor Solo Tactics Rules Question

Crafter's Fortune on Day Job , PFS

Unique item value challenge...

Minimum Damage Questions

Is Advanced Weapon Training feats considered seperate feats?

Blood Arcanist + Psychic Bloodline's Undercasting Prodigy

What does Harrying partners do?

Titan Fighter + double Weapons?

Totemic Skald Wild Shape question

Sharding Weapon + Syringe / Injector Spear and / or poison

Ranger Combat Style and Prerequisites

Rob of Needles - Questions

Illusions and Darkvision?

New GM w / an Old Quandary: Swarms

Making a level in the middle of a day.

Evil Spells But For Good?

Armored Kilt Questions

A perhaps stupid question regarding mythic spells

Claws ( primary / secondary) ?

masterworked tools work on profession?

How do spells "centered on Caster" function?

Multiattack and animal companions

Subsystem for stealthily trailing someone?

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