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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

if the Enhance Weapons(Spell Warrior) can be use for natural weapon?

Brawler / Fighter bonus feats?

Generation Arcane School: Alchemical Blast of Death?

Planar Binding: How does the caller compel and what is necessary?

Mask of Virtue vs Aura of Evil

Swift action and readied action

Shifting Rage, stat questions

Throwing Shield action economy

Can a spellcaster let a target automatically succeed at its save to a harmful spell?

Explain Polymorph Any Object's Limitations

Gate spell and creature type

Blade Adept Black Blade

Can a vigilante select Rogue Talent multiple times?

Scout Archetype + Bull Rush + Spiked Destroyer

Emissary Familiar and Domain Power

What exactly does the Inevitable's "Constructed" defensive ability do?

Dysfunctional rules

Throwing Shield is Broken and needs a Rewrite!

Energy Drain...which one?

Rules Question: Eliminating AoO with Alchemist Bombs

4 Quick Questions: Wizard + Spirit Binder

arcane trickster & spells per day ?

Cavaliers should take -2 because of their mount?

Grenades from Rasputin must die! why do they have a crit multiple?

Sunlight Powerlessness vs. Deeper Darkness

Jabbing style + Boar Style, possible?

Trappings of the Warrior panoply and feat prerequisites

Simulacrum a Nymph's Inspiration Ability

Where are we at with familiars and wands?

Occultist Panoplies & Holding

Feeblemind and further ability bonuses / penalties

Use Magic Devide

Stacking Fear

Dirge Bard + Cacophonous Call = Nauseated Undead?

Mythic Paragon

Rend body saving throw does what exactly?

dr x / - vrs B and P weapons

Divine Bond

Magus Enhanced Weapon Question

Bashing Shield question

DM Nature 20's against skill checks.

what AC stops brilliant engery

Is Sunblade's ease of use ability magical?

what AC stops brilliant engery

Does Armor Expert (Trait) work with Tower Shield Specialist (Feat)?

Fast healing vs. Drowning

Skald Fated Champion and "Shield of Foresight"

Horse Animal Companion with Combat Trained

Unchained classes favored class bonus?

Identifying monsters and amounts of lore per 5 you beat the DC

Horse animal companion

Grit Goggles Trait Vs Magical Environment

Question about Witch Hexes

Alter Summon monster and Mount into wishes

Cold weather outfit vs. foritude saves vs cold spells?

Can a Psychic bloodline sorcerer benefit from the Versatile Spontaneity feat?

Weapon focus: Gauntlet - should it exist?

Is it possible to have 2-handed off-hand attack?

Do turned undead get their save at the start or end of the round?

FAQ REQUEST - Bard Masterpieces and Bardic Performance

Possession and saves.

Gather Crowd - what is the point?

If you succeed, does your target know you cast charm person?

Occultist Panoplies and Battle Host Panoply Bond

Wild Shape into a common lizard

Clarification on Metamagic Rods

Cross Crafting

Verminous hunter, vermin companion intelligence boost

Accelerated Drinker and Distilled Spells

Rogues hide in plain sight

War Gecko mount vs rage powers Question

Slam attacks and other primary natural attacks; Claw-Claw-Slam?

trying to identify the "detect evil" while not commiting evil right now thing

Double Barreled firearm and misfire

do fire spells ignite combustibles?

Spell damage per round with new save every round

Telekinetic storm effects?

Expanded Summon Monster Feat and Summoners

"Fallen" Witch?

Soul Warden's Channel Casting and Extra Channel feat

Elongated Cranium and -based checks.


DC's to identify a creature's template.

Favored Class Benefit (FCB) and Ifrit with Mostly Human alt trait

Alter self & Armor


when is channel energy effect chosen?

Dual Initiative and Time Stop

Aether kineticists and kinetic blade


Non Human Tieflings and Pass for Human and related Tiefling questions

Tiefling Variant Heritages and Fiendish Sorcery

Strangler (Brawler) Sneak Attack, does it stack?

Readied Action

Suffocation (spell) clarification

Keen Lucerne Hammer

Primitive Materials question

Spirit Guide Oracle questions

Spirit Guide Oracle and Arcane Enlightenment

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