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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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Suggestions/House Rules/Homebrew

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Topic Posts Last Post
DUNGEON AND DRAVENS - Homebrew Class-Creating: Looking for Advice (3.5)

An alternative to the full attack

Armor gives Damage Reduction + Regular Armor Class

Build A Class Book

Class idea concerning Wards

Dark City = low magic campaign ( free)

Getting Material Published

Help me make a Deific Obedience for Aroden, Dead God of man

I Nerfed The Spellcasters

Leveling by Tier

Modified grappling rules

My point spend method.

New class: The Veil dancer.

Pathfinder / Forgotten realms 3.X -House rule BLOG

Poll: What are the changes the Rogue class needs?

Red mantis assasin initiation

So Anyone Else Rewriting Stuff?

Stealth rewrite

to deflect / destroy enemy arrow with my own (continuation from rule forum)

Tweaking Sorcerer Bloodlines?

Umbravex, the Black Hearted Wyrm

"+1 ECL" races as 1 level multi-class options

"Action cards" redux!!!!

"Adventure Time" Game - have you run one?

"Aid Another" to remove a suggestion?

"Alignment" - Homebrew

"Ancient Lands": Basics for a "tribal / prehistoric" campaign setting; opinions wanted

"Background" or "Profession" tweaks - more powerful traits

"Balancing" PrCs and ways to make them more fun

"Balancing" the Races

"Beastspeak" spell

"Blooded" Weapon

"Bow-thief" Class (rogue variant).

"Bracers of Extra Combat Maneuvers"

"Character Creation" for Rise of Runelords (James Island RPG group)

"Character Secret"

"Chess Master" Summoner

"Classless" d20 - toying with the idea

"Conduit of Wrath" Oracle Archetype: An Oracle with Kineticist Features (Heavy WIP)

"Converted" Magic Item(s): Armbands of Might

"Cool it with a baboon's blood, then the charm is firm and good"...WHAT?!

"Crystalline Warlock" Homebrew Alternate to Pathfinder Warlock

"Cure" spell minimum amounts?

"Dirty Tricks" Combat Manuever Weapons (and Stuff)

"Dreamwalker" Prestige Class Request

"Dungeon" that's not actually a dungeon

"Fixing" the lack of mobility of martials

"Fixing" the Wizard

"Free" prestige classes based on prototype Mythic rules

"Freedom Fighters" Campaign

"Freeform Class Selection", or "A random idea I had a little while ago"

"Full caster" alchemist

"Gather Information" rumors

"Grabbed" > Grappled > Pinned

"Grittier" Pathfinder

"Gunslinger" as "crossbowmen"

"Handy" Item rules

"homebrew" ninja archetype

"I pray for an hour," but what are you really doing?

"I want to use the execution combat maneuver!"

"Immortal" unchained monk archtype balance judgement

"Improved" Brawler (Fighter Archetype)

"Introducing Urth" (pg.3) of my free book "The Pathfinder Urth"

"Inventory Slot" system in a "Survival Mode" game?

"Machine" Monk Archetype Suggestion

"Mage Guild" Setting (everyone uses magic) PEACH

"Magenta" alignments: suggestions needed

"Magic Items" not actually tied to items?

"Mark Rule"

"Martial Artist" Fighter Variant

"martial quasi-spell" mechanic and example rogue analog.

"Masterwork" Pets, Familiars, and Mounts

"Medium Fantasy" Homebrew- help me tweak this

"Meisterslinger" - homebrew class

"Minor" rules changes

"Mounted combat" with animated armor

"Northern Holds" Kingdom Building Campaign

"Of course I love my children. This is why I oppose them" (Homebrew God)

"Oi, Stab 'im in the Kidneys!" or What about these flanking changes?

"Old School" Monster Format and House Rules

"Old School" Rules for Pathfinder

"Only bad guys have magic" (Iron-Finder)

"Page 42" For Pathfinder

"Percy Jackson" -esque motif

"Planar Magic" type of PrC?

"Planar" sorcerer bloodline

"Professor" Vining's Mythic Age

"Prowess" Fighter Rewrite

"Quick" Reference for Prepared Casters

"Real" Religions, not just a pantheon

"Realistic" gunpower weapons for a swashbucking campaign.

"Realistic" House Rules

"Reduced" Creature Simple Template

"Reverse Hero Points" for horror-based adventure.

"Royalty" ideas.

"Shield Comapnion" spell

"Shields Will Be Splintered"

"Short Rest" 4E-Style Resting Rules for Pathfinder

"Sightless Focus": A Feat Chain for Blind Characters

"Specials" for Arcane Bonded Items

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