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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

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Best Open Content

FAQ System

Wisdom needed: Converting Greyhawk hero-dieties to Pathfinder??

Bloodrager - RP background

Why are pellet grenades half the price?

Looking for opinions - Wall of Text

What's wrong with the fighter

Shield Slam is a not as good as many may think

Shocking Grasp Magus ideas (improvements)

The Concordance of Rivals

So there are tons of deities focusing on all manor of very specific things but not cooking?

summoner's eidolon hidden in plain sight

Alchemist - correct me if I'm wrong, but...

What other Hybrid classes would you like to see?

Distinctions of Metagaming

Looking for the right monsters

Alignment conflict: Chaos vs Evil

Summon monster cheat sheet?

i would like to know more about the planes

How does the average joe summon a demon / devil?

Pathfinder Boards and Godwin's Law

Improvisation Optimization

Red Raven

Buying old adventure paths

Red Raven

427 One-Shot Ideas!

Can a player worship / gain favor from multiple deities?

Is there a "vorpal bunny" in PF?

We've found Golarion.

Looking for a party inventory management tool

1001 explanations for the death of Aroden

Strong and / or cool ways to use MoMS Monk

Family Killer?

The Troll Poll

What is your favorite trap?

is there printable spell cards?

Revised Action Economy - review your experiences and what have you changed?

Summoners without eidolons

Solar Bloodline - Qadira Campaign Setting - What's it good at?

looking for players in Hillsborough,NC,USA

Falcon Punch!

Drugs: How can we fix them?

Alright Everyone, We Have a Giant Problem

Need Non-auto Google Doc Character Sheet

Sneak attack help?

Psychic Anthology: Kinetic Knight concern

Any PFRPG published adventures reminiscent of Dragon Age?

do Bracers of Archery work with firearms?

Any Swamp Modules?!

Animal companion available choice

So what's the big deal about tattoo chamber?

Minor Good Outsiders on Material Plane

Thoughts and advice on a vishkanya black blooded bloodrager?

Why does a gorilla only have a 15 strength?

Erastil and emergency cannibalism

1000 Things To Not do in the Pathfinder Universe

Drawing Characters

Mystic Theurge Combined Spells

New to GMing

Warlock Playtest better than Final / Current

So a Friend asked me some time ago...

Dwarf Druid Mount Build

Is D20PFSRD going to be fully functional any time soon?

most damage from a bashing shield?

Mesopotamian Adventures!

Planning to DM a skyrim campaign. Need advice.

Is the Oracle OP?

Dick move by the DM

Biggest Perhaps not scariest

Arcanist Vs wizard

A Hard Choice

Pattern-Illusionist in Undead Campaign?

Time Loop Adventure

333 Non-Deadly Encounters

My campaign sputtered out of control (or how an orc, a slyph, and a princess are ruining my life)

Blooded arcane strike

Why are elves immune to the sleep spell?

Classes for Nobility / Upper Class Adventurers

Using a Rod of Lordly Might's Ladder Function as a Weapon

What is your character doing while waiting in a city?

Weapon Versatility Feat (List of applicable weapons?)

The the God challenge, the God-let a potentially impossible challenge for min-maxers

Why Paizo Should Unchain: The Brawler (Ep. I)

20 Point Buy - 18 / 18 / 8 / 7 / 7 / 7

Too Many Ideas

Evangelist of Abadar

D&D, Pathfinder, and campaigns

Who's a good fainter?

Next Paizocon book reveal hopes

Roleplay Question: Did I do a BAD Thing?

Why is there no Good succubus equivalent?

A Fillable Eidolon Sheet?

Does anyone play Gnomes?

what if they made a pathfinder movie?

What are some cool / interesting / genuis / etc tactics you've pulled off?

Perception DC to See the Sun

Tell me your goblin character stories

can a druid do spell research?

Is it possible to stop using full spellcasters?

Simple Monster Creation & Mythic

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