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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

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Best Open Content

FAQ System

Best Ragathiel theme builds?


Least complex class played?

Fillable PDF Character Sheet with Dynamic Linking for Spells

Tired builds

at what level should a PC start getting magic items?

a couple questions about spontaneous casting

Trusty Patches

Juju zombies: Why are they immune to magic missiles?

[Unchained] Summoner Guide

Some artwork based on Pathfinder Core Rulebook

New PF Unleashed Poisons

So what's the big deal about tattoo chamber?

is there a place in the patyhfinder books where i can find....

Elf Gate Magic or Portal Magic ... Help?

Advice on GMing for an old grumpy GM.....

Enlarge person sized miniatures

Would a fey form Spell be broken?

Creating a custom Prestige for a Campaign Setting

Why do Skalds have Scribe Scroll as a bonus feat? (and other odd class features).

God sucks at his job

Ultimate Healer (Joke Build)

Sneak Attack and Hexes?

I am looking for figurine / minature.....

why are the cleave feats a trap?

Best conquering race / creature?

finding the right subject title is hard but here it goes. feats for martial PC's...

Hobgoblins - the fluff doesn't match the crunch

What are cool builds and why?

Asking for GM tips

Pathfinder E6

Is there a "See in Darkness" spell?

is there a spontaneous casting druid archetype?

Magical item sizing

Handle Animal: Does Defend Trick Include Heel?

Death. I didn't think it would be like this.

Books of Razmir???

Why are d6 classes a thing?

Alternate System to Magic Item Creation?

5 Tips For Playing Better Clerics

Custom Race Help: Mantaur

Ancient osirion deities location in books

"Never laugh at an old man in a dangerous career..."

Remember, The Party is Under No Obligation to Adventure With You

is there a site online where you can create PC?

Has Anyone Used A Wizard’s Shackle?

What happened to magic items? Are they useless?

Mad Scientist Genius Extract Tables for your Convenience

i am thinking about making a sorcerer / druid....

Paizo Blog: Combat Maneuvers and Weapon Special Features

Charisma Based Monk Archetype Idea

Removing clerics from a setting?

Unchained: Exotic Spell Components

What are "good strategy and tactics?"

Rogue found a bag of gold... Trying to hide from group...

[Unchained] Stamina System: What feats are worth it now?

Weapon Summoner class?

The Trial of the Knight

Holy Swashbucklers!!!

Mind chemists and poison resistance

DM vs Alchemist

Throwing weapon question

What other Hybrid classes would you like to see?

Arcanist Exploit: Fiendish Proboscis

Reworking guns for my home game

Toying with an idea

Vital strike is good!

Why don't spears get any love?

Anyone made a Lashunta?

No magic, no problem

What date is today on Golarion?

New Swashbuckler Archtypes

Necromancy and legality

Aroden and Asmodeus

Occult Adventure Paths

Suggestions for Qadria campaign

New Players, Complex Plot, Loving it!

Favorite Material for weapons and armor.

Your Gnome and The Bleaching

Favorite Class / Build / Characters!?

Those crazy characters.

First Time GM, setting up for running "The Dragon's Demand" Game Module

What is Good and what is not

sorcerer+reincarnate=what happens?

Most Op build

Can 'humanoid' target spells, be cast on an Eidolon?

Postcards from the Inner Sea

Non-combat Encounter Heavy Campaign

Thought On Puppetmaster Magus?

Some New / Old Bloodlines

Killing Outsiders

Looking for the right monsters

Any party manage to send Cthulhu back to R'lyeh?

Pathfinder's Statted Deities

Island Campaign - Ideas needed / wanted! :D

Traits table?

2017 Hardcovers

Most complex class played?

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