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Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

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FAQ System

Best Open Content

Life in a magic rich world.

Casting scrolls

Sacred fist:Why is it worse then an unarmed warpriest?

Stronger Each Round

GM's how much do you trust them ?

Spire of Nex / Geb & Nex

101 Ways To Make Your Players Say "Oh F-"

Paladins and Chastity

A question about challenge ratings

For the Party That Has Everything?

List of Languages in Pathfinder

Is there any deity that has a camel as their sacred animal?

Commonplace guns - increased viability?

1000 Things To Not do in the Pathfinder Universe

Railroads aren't always bad, are they?

Rename / Refluff my Swashigator!! :)

What do you think about Faction feats?

Combat rounds !

New Spell : Shadow Redirection

Is pummeling charge worth it?

Flying scrolls

Do you allow different edition of D&D spells?

What is optimizing?

Suggestions for the Psychic Class

Domains of the Dead Gods (and Deity Variants)

Archetypes for Unchained Barbarian and Unchained Monk

Who is your favorite combat capable caster?

Rules Bloat Theory -- New(?) Solution

Building a Better Monster - Thoughts on Flesh Golems

Ice are not energy type. But fire does.

In Stethelos, I am waiting.

Magic Items only allow one Shield slot...Okay, why?

Monsters in the Party

do you find tavern everytime you go to adventure ?

Which god would be better for someone who wants to reinvent themselves?

Material Spell Components: Mechanics vs. Flavor

Wayward Quest: Pathfinder Gameplay Podcast

Mongrel Mage a Sorc Fix?

Why do people hate / dislike Occult adventure?

How to deal with Paladins

Heroes are Made, Not Born – A pathfinder rules variant

FAQ System Question

Story about tricking

What is your favorite Alchemist archetype and why?

Character theme for a blade bound magus

Inconsistent Weekly FAQ Fridays

Standardizing Spell Ranges

A Night to Howl - Lycanthropes and You

Why atheist exist in golarion world ?

Spontaneous and Prepared casting new spells on the same level good or bad?

Making sure I have the brawler bases covered

Would statting the deities be "a major offense" in Pathfinder?

Diplomacy; Flex It or Leave It?

BaB and wizard.

The Cloak of Woodland Creatures..... What?

How things have changed

Magic items or Feats that increase Craft Skills for my Golem Builder character.

What are you running for Halloween?

Combat Maneuvers, Hero Points, Traits - Are they used ?

Cleric of Minor Healing & No Buffing -- Playable?

If Good People go to Good Afterlives, Why is Killing a Good Person an Evil Act?

Brolarion; or, How Do I Know When A Pun Goes Too Far?

Pathfinder Collector's Checklist (Updated October 2017)

D20pro Official content release

How strong of magic should a character have

Ruins Of Azlant Thoughts?

Intelligence for AC

Fun Wizard Hack

Good and evil characters

Trying to find a musical theme for my paladin!

Monster dinner or slayer?

Why do people hate Swashbucklers

Summoner Evolutions By Level Requirement [Table]

Weakest / strongest / favorite Class of each Chassis

Cross-platform app, legal stuff and suggestions please

do you get money if you make homebrew ?

Cheap, pointless, magical items for carnival prizes

What is everyones favorite Caster class?

An Exercise in Character Creation.

Whatever happened to PFO?

spell less ranger' s animal companion

Kingmaker: Kingdom Building, Size?

What classes have you played, And what one is your favorite?

What is your favorite frontliner, That can take and deal damage?

Improved Dirty Trick not good enough as a Feat?

Not Another Zombie Apocalypse - Spicing Up Your Undead Choices

boss CR data.

What kind of archery is in pathfinder?

Pathfinder Rules Index

Who wants a Lawful neutral or Chaotic neutral demigod book?

Why do people hate / dislike Occult adventure?

Probably end up destroying my campaign, but...

New to Pathfinder

How common are non-published campaigns?

Non Evil Beast Bonded Witch backstory sugestions please?

How often do cursed items show up in your game?

City of Strangers, The Child Goddess

collosal eidolon madness

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