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Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

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Best Open Content

FAQ System

I made an Alexa skill for Pathfinder, you can ask it for the value of any stat of any spell, item or monster - I need your help to test it!

Cutest Monster in Pathfinder

Chaotic and Neutral Good Paladins

lawful barbarians and non lawful monks

101 Ways To Make Your Players Say "Oh F-"

How big are the Pathfinder kingdoms?

Name That Character / Item!

Is there a product with pregenerated animal companions?

Deity Stats

Does anyone have any idea how much a broken firearm would cost for anyone but a gunslinger?

Rules interpretation advice for DMs

Is there anything stopping a worshiper of calistria from taking DFT(Way of the shooting Star?)

[Gencon 2017] Still looking for games?

Changeling Witches?

Your Favorite Powerful Monster and Why?

Trying to remember a class / archetype

Getting Ranger Spells as a Druid

How Broken Are Drugs?

Weapon Suggestion help

Why do certain spells still exist?

Is this a thing? Why does no one do this?

Do You GM or Play with Flair?

Downside of being neutral rather than good?

Let's Make Some Real Heroes (Community Challenge)

Walter's Magus help

A NEW Question on IP for Demogorgon, Tiamat, etc.

Times your Characters made you say WTF?

Alternate Class Names

Any tips on making a bladed scarf character?

do secondary throwers need ranged feats?

Assistance with Mounted Leader type (Wrath campaign)

Double strength modifier on a gore

Class vs Character Personality

ways to get proficient with the whip

How do I use Rich Parents to help my group?

is there anything for counter attacking

City Guard based Campaign

Playtest Event?

Your Small Legend: Using PC Reputation To Get The Party Started

The alignment label conundrum

"Caster Level greater than the HD..."

Android and construct?

Can't find this item...

Revisiting the sandman.

What to do when a LG character needs to do an evil act

Your favorite gestalt build

What archetypes do you wish were better?

What is your favorite Eidolon build for a regular summoner?

Can someone clarify the openness of variant multiclassing?

Game world question - Hunter vs Ranger

Game of Thrones D&D or Pathfinder version.

Tiefling (Oni Heritage) : Shapechanger ?

Acid and Earth - should they break up?

Combining Alchemical Weapons into single items: Feasible?

Vanguard Tower Shields (An Adventurer's Infomercial)

Early access with Words of Power: I know I can get Haste as a level 3 wizard, and Create Undead as a level 3 cleric. What other cool stuff can be done?

the third viable crossbow build.

feats you think are seriously underrated

Kingmaker Cover Art

Love the Creature, Hate the Name

Has anyone bothered to make an enchanting courtesan handbook?

Forest Domain

What non adventuring mundane gear do your chars carry?

What deity would such a character worship?

Years, months, weeks, and days in Tian Xia.

Free limited wish

Items that you never leave town without

Project: What would you tell a new player. Topic 2-3: General Strategy and Interparty Conflicts

(Ratkin) Working on new villains for campaign

Revisiting the brute (vigilante archetype)

The Harrowing Module

The Colony of the Immortal Arts

threads un-dotting?

Gargantuan Form of the Dragon

what class would do the best at "hooking and pulling"

Are there naturally occuring anti-undead?

Focused Arcane Schools for the Elemental Arcane Schools of magic

Rule Question : Kineticist Gather power and Infusion specialization

The chakram is the best late game melee weapon because it isn't a melee weapon

Sacrament Alchemist Domains and Discoverys?

Can a cleric use the Psychic Healing feat?

Ok, just hear me out

Making an Argent Prince

Undead Vermin

Any new good Vigilante talents or Social talents?

Nocticula: What are "the glories of midnight"?

1000 Things To Not do in the Pathfinder Universe

Favorite Prestige Class

What's so fun about evil?

What is your favorite Archetype?

Project: What advice would you give a new player? Topic 1: Character Creation

Hunter Archetype that gets the Gunslinger's Grit

Cut / Smash From the Air and Equal Opportunity

The heal skill

Can a Succubus kiss or have passion without using energy drain?

Why is the Aspis Consortium Commander CR13?

Inappropriate Spell Schools?

Value of certainty

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