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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

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Best Open Content

FAQ System

Paladins and Torture

Creating a "Test of Faith" set of encounters

is the Magical Child archetype the worst archetype for Vigilantes?

Many people dead undead list

1000 Things To Not do in the Pathfinder Universe

The most evil LG Paladins

LG Lawmakers

Is there a visual guide to pathfinder classes?

Most frustratingly weak characters you've ever experienced.

Strangest ways you've broken a character build or game?

Favorite Spell Combos

Have you ever lost that 'spark' for creating characters?

What is your favorite class and why?

Golarion Populations by Race and Settlement Size

Having a player that refuses to put effort into making characters?

Pin = Win?

Using Pathfinder (Kingmaker) to Train Leaders in Uganda

Kineticist Powers I Would Like To See

What other Hybrid classes would you like to see?

My Thoughts on Emerald Spires

1001 ways to die in pathfinder

Wild shape - best way to get it early and most options?

Relative Ages by Race

Pregnant in Wild Shape...?

Spell book apearences

Can I shield bash with a Klar?

A question about Druidic Herbalism

ways to up your game / tips and tricks for players

I have never seen a Dragon.

360 no-scope

The Trial of the Knight

Farmer Bob's Average Joe Income

Mad Scientist Genius Extract Tables for your Convenience

Hmmm... if weapon damage scales with size, why don't armor and shield bonuses?

Inquisitions for the Other Deities?

Removing a key figure in Golarion history, who would you pick, and why?

Evil Alignment not needed Assassin PrC for PFS

Price of a feat that's generally considered bad? Arcane Blast

Recruiting for Pathfinder in Idaho Falls, ID

Weapon quality: Awesome Blow

Where can I find information on the Starstone?

Does choosing Blood Rager Archetype "Untouchable Rager "negate your bloondline pick?

Playing a Paladin? Think Steve rodgers, not Superman.

Outsider naming convention?

using the environment to your advantage. Any examples?

Situational bonus to CMB / malus CMD?

Unusual Deity Choice

Forgemaster Cleric & Stonelord Paladin

Required: Detailed information on the trox

fun with training weapon enhancement.

Combat Maneuvers, why the AOO?

Full Caster Power Rankings

Weighted Spear

Where is the "Extra Smite Evil' feat?

Survey: Would DM tracking player HP (instead of players) increase immersion?

Should immunity give save bonus against spells with elemental descriptors

Alright Everyone, We Have a Giant Problem

Racial Army Classes

Psychic Anthology: Kinetic Knight concern about Elemental Blade

Lamentations of the Faithless: A Headcanon About the REAL Horsewoman of War

¿Clases de Pathfinder en español?

Possessed options

Unforgettable Encounter

Channel Smite. Is this the most worthless feat ever?

Wound levels cheat sheet

A class that create's it own unique legendary weapon

Inspiration needed: learning how to wild shape

List of Paizo Blog rules

(Setting Question) The Little Kobold that Lived

Returning Player: Skill Unlock question

Giants Touch AC?

Well, that escalated quickly

Returning Player: Skill Unlock question

What about an aberration as a familiar?

Most complex class played?

Can a Succubus-Spawn Tiefling be a male?

Paizo Blog: Blights of Bestiary 6

Why not add dexterity modifier to damage?

Returning player question: Occult Adventures the novel?

Keep on the Borderlands for Pathfinder?

Tired builds

Ok, seriously, who ARE those sages / scholars who are documenting stuff?

Oddly bad monster design with regard to Imperial Dragons.

Sources for new Skill Options

How would you reorganize magic if you could?

Is conscription evil?

Pathfinder game in Fort Worth

Best of: Pathfinder Tales! Go!

Behind the Curtain - My Process for Random Roll Background

A Murderer Moonlighting as a Saint; Fooling the Paladins With Their Own Spells

a question about archetypes and how they stack.

What class(es) do you play when you're getting tired of PF?

Crazy Monster Abilities

Cost of crumbling diamonds?

Deity Favoured Weapons

"Never laugh at an old man in a dangerous career..."

Wyvern Animal Companion

Occult Classes without Fear or Insanity Rules

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