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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

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Best Open Content

FAQ System

How can I be verbose more efficiently?

Have you ever played a Reptoid?

Looking for an Amphibious Mount

The Worlds Greatest Swordmaster! Well, maybe not but he drives my DM crazy.

Archetypes that do a class better than the class does

What class do you always mean to get around to playing but never do?

Just for fun; Character Music

Fate bender?

What do you expect from Mythic characters?

1000 Things To Not do in the Pathfinder Universe

Smartest character possible?

Killing the Tarrasque by the Books

Crazy Tanky Builds

Whats your favorite class to play as a Halfling?

Unusual Character Concepts

God sucks at his job

Who is your favourite god or goddess and why ?

Class Balance by Level?

Please recommend a video of playing a "battlefield control" wizard

What do we really know about the Adventurer's Guide?

Shape Changing Avians

Is there a "gunsinger" archetype?

Are things and people in Pathfinder made out of real-world atoms?

Help Please - Conditions that modify stealth

AutoPF character sheet - something I have been working on

Extra Information Sources on Kobolds

If you gave a Marilith colossal long swords could she use them without penalty?

Just finished a 5 year long campaign and it ended great!

Is there a combat lorist archetype?

A bit of venting

Gongorinan qlippoth and its spawn

Most frustratingly weak characters you've ever experienced.

Should reprinted player options be treated as errata?

Ships, Pirates, And Underwater Adventures!

Does system mastery really exist?

Fiend Keeper Medium Archetype fluff

Desecrated Lich

Improving my witches hex DC

Do Fighters Finally Not Suck?!

Just for Fun: Overpowered Artifacts

Spare Move Actions

Ignoring and Countering Rule Systems

Alignment conflict: Chaos vs Evil

A Sunless Sea style adventure

Using UMD

Monk-like Paladin? Or Paladin-like Monk?

Greater Trip AoO with Two Weapons, but not TWFing

Read Magic, how many people actually use it?

Class features, Ever get jeallous of the other party members?

Maximum buff spells a character can have running at once?

New Experience as a GM: Does my Paladin Fall?

Of Dark Towers, Gunslingers and Pathfinders.

Why do folks think Antagonize is a broken feat?

Natural Attacks - Options for Adding More!

Creative uses for common objects!

Sacrament Alchemist Domains and Discoverys?

How not to die!?

The Half-Caster Dilemma.

Ideas to continue my Skull and Shackles campaign (Spoilers) (Dalindra stay away!)

Flaming Sphere

What does it take to objectively become Evil?

How do roleplay your character's race?

Is the Oracle OP?

Discussion on Gray Paladins...why do they lose so much?

the town wants to keep it's "Pet" serial killer.

Why do dragons have hoards?

Aquatic and Amphibious Animals

should older material be updated to reflect the games overtime power creep?

Solar Bloodline - Qadira Campaign Setting - What's it good at?

Way to Find Class Exclusive Spells?

Rougarou: Where on Golarion?

so when praying is not enough......

Paizo Blog: Revenge of the FAQ Attack!

Archetypes and the classes that get them....

Strangest ways you've broken a character build or game?

No Element-Based Daemons?

Kingdom building

Questions about the Aboleth and their Goals

"Dragons and Stuff" on Facebook

Price of "goods and services"

Child of Acavna and Amaznen

Frostbite spell

What would a Wizard vs Army conflict look like?

suggest a character from a miniature

Why does Paizo hate Two-Weapon Fighting?

Collection of stories from my first PF campaign

Tome of Dissolution vs. Blessed Book

Most MAD characters you can think of that aren't multiclassed?

Spell Incantations

Polling About Gauntlets

Rolling Twice on Attack rolls?

Something Weird at Gen Con 50

The Charge Rules and Ride-by Attack

Mythic Demon Hunter.

How much of a chance should a hired NPC assassin have of killing a party member?

What Do You Do With Your Mythic Character?

Apocalypse weaponry conundrum ?_?

Getting more standard actions

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