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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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Beginner Box

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Topic Posts Last Post
Like / Dislike pawns in Starter box

"Korkas of Orcshire"

"Slowed" and 5' step free action

"We be goblins " my groups experience *possible spoilers*

(Beginner) Pregenerated Valeros Will save question

-DRUID- Determine what Creatures I can Wild shape into.

1 - 3 level adventures / modulars for extending the Beginners Box

1st level Wizard

1st level wizard spell slots

80 Figures, 20 Bases? Why!?

About that Dragonbane Sword

About Wild Empathy and Handle Animal

Absolute beginners - how many players?

Accidentally using too many Core Rules in a Beginner Box Run


Additional PCs

Adjusting for 6 players

Advanced rule book bloodline with feats

Adventures in the Beginners Box (Contains Spoilers)

adventures like the bb?

Advertising PBP Arena Games

Advice on English

After Beginner Box

After black fangs lair, GM's what have you done?

After the Beginners Box?

Again: can i get a list of feats / traits that will save your life,please?

Alchemists and Improved Unarmed Strike

Alchemy. How does it work?

All hail the Dragon Slayers! Recap / Spoilers for Black Fang's Dungeon

Alternate beginner adventure?

Alternative adventure using the same dungeon

Am I doing it right? PCs seem (as sons would say) OP.

Amiri and Seelah Pregens

Another Beginner Box Testimonial

Another new GM looking for tips!

another noob question

Another Take on a BBOX Summoner

Any good dungeon crawlers besides Godsmouth Heresy?

Any other good one-hour adventures?

Any tips for running a PFBB Falcon's Hollow / Age of Worms combo campaign?

Any way to purchase just a replacement set of BB tokens?

Anyone Have Promotional Material?

Anyone interested in creating characters for us?

Anyone made any Beginner Box Adventure Map Tiles?

Arcane bond

Are we still allowed to give out BBB Boon Sheets?

Armor / Weapon Enhancement Question

Arrival / review

asking for help with a build (first time playing)

Attack bonus

Attack Instead of Move Action?

Balancing encounters for multiple character levels

Barbarian - Melee Attack Calculation?

Barbarian Feats

Barbarian- Animal Fury

BB - Beyond Level 5

BB Bloggers

BB character HP

BB Disease more debilitating?

BB GMs: What surprises have new players thrown your way? How did you handle them?

BB grapple

BB Pre-Gen Character Sheet Template?

BB sheet + Core Rulebook - possible?

BB, A Small Group and RotRL Update

BBB PFS Chronicle sheets?

Beginner Box

Beginner Box & the Old School Campaign; just one house rule.

Beginner box + Core treasure

Beginner Box - Brought us back to RPG's

Beginner box - Hero's handbook page 62

Beginner Box - Hero's Handbook Should be a free download

Beginner Box - Includes, or where is current errata?

Beginner Box / Student RPG Club Possible Tie-In

Beginner Box Adventure vs Modules?

Beginner Box Adventures

Beginner box adventures?

Beginner Box and General Pathfinder Questions

Beginner Box and Hero Lab

Beginner Box and Kids - questions about product

Beginner Box and Society

Beginner Box as Core PF Experience?

Beginner Box backorder

Beginner Box Barbarian Character

Beginner Box Bash Adventures Experience

Beginner Box Bash Feedback?

Beginner box bash: Terrors The Company of The Black Fang

Beginner Box Birthday Bash

Beginner Box brings a family together

Beginner box campaign path

Beginner box character help.

Beginner Box Character Sheet

Beginner Box Class Conversions Complete

Beginner Box contents pic

Beginner Box Continuation

A few questions from a new guy.

A locksmith build

A Newbie GM Question about Presentation, Artwork and Immersion.

Paizo Blog: Beginner Box Add-On Content is Live!

Store Blog: A New Beginning!

A very specific question about Beginner's Box first dungeon.

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