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A question about my half elf

A Question on Outsiders

Any good solo campaign / one shot adventures out there ?

Armor, weapon and shields for Wizards - how to do it right.

Asking for a bit of build advice

Bard summons

Beginning questions.

Best buffer advice

Build help request - Rope User

Built for speed!

character thought ,,,,need help with it

Cost for non-magic masterwork jewelry (w / gems)

crazy arcanist brown fur transmuter

Critique on my Homebrew Summoner Build


Daemonhost Oracle

Demon inside a Golem question

Dispute between Paladin .Cleric and Witch.

Dual curse Nature mistery (Riding)

Flying Water Monsters?

Gnome Evangelist cleric help

Good Feats for a Dire goat fighter level 1

Gunslinging Orachemist

HELP begginers-Fighter carachter sheet

Help me make a interesting tournament

How would I use the Ruse spell descritor and Stylized spell metamagic feat?

Human rogue looking to benefit from mutiattack?

Incarnation of Evil in Pathfinder

Inquisitor Inquiries and matching the fluff

Is Summoners Relationship with Eidolon Evil or Wrong?

Looking For Some advice on building a character.

making a strong tag-team hunter melee

Min-maxing Channel build thoughts

Mount another´s eidolon

Musket Master ideas ?

my kobold ninja lawyer

Natural Attack

Need some advices about TEISATSU vigilante build.

New with arcane spellcasters (wizard / Sorcerer)

paralysis and channels.

Pathfinder Soulknife (deadly Fist) advice

pimp my pokemon build

Power Attack, Piranha Strike, an Risky Striker

rogue carnivalist / Greensting Magus / Beastblade with a Mauler familiar

skill monkey / disarmer / party face....Archaeologist? build advice

So is the best healer out there now a summoner ?

Some help with my build

The Artisan. In a world where only the mighty can have magic, Need crafting help.

The Magaambyan Initiate arcanist archetype

Tweaking Sorcerer Bloodlines?

Using intimidate skill when you are lawful good

Vampires and disguising their SLA abilities

Vigilante: can it be used to be an "arcane trickster" from 1st level?

want advice on making a campaign

What are your best buffing spells from (almost) all classes

What CR would you consider this Mythic group?

what would be the safest route from The Shackles to Galt for 2 LV. 5 PC's?

[PFS / CRB] Melee Dragon Disciple

"...... Ammo's running low...."

"2 handed" fighter with shield

"A Dirge for Everything" A single player Campaign

"A Wyrmling's Tools" [Dirge for everything PCs don't read]

"Adapting" (stealing) Plots for campaigns

"And I kill everyone in the marketplace..." Stone Call questions.

"And so the Alchemist wished to take a subclass and I said..."

"Anti-Caster" Cleric

"Arcane" Archer - Please Advise

"As a Move Action " or what to do when you use Standard Actions (GUIDE)

"Assassin" Magus

"Bartholomew? Load the blunderbuss. It's time we went out with a bang!" (Guns / Sorc / EK)

"Battle Rager" Build?

"best" spell perfection for my shaman

"Best" 1v1 classes or strategies?

"Best" caster for Kingmaker and why (no spoilers please)

"Best" class or combo for Skulls and Shackles (please avoid spoilers)

"Best" staff to craft

"Big Six" Progression

"Blow them to smithereens!" AKA "There WAS a Boss.": A Guide to the Master Blaster Caster

"But a foolish samurai warrior wielding a magic sword stepped forth to oppose me!"

"But, I was just kidding! Really!" (The meek aggro build)

"Buying" Spell Slots

"Cannonball" Bulette Style Build, lvl 6

"Career" for a Transmuter

"Celtic Druid" questions? Also Pack lord experience?

"Cheap" yet decent items?

"Combat Patrol" Fighter

"Counterspelling" tricks

"CR" of a planned BBEG

"Create Pit" spell is creating problems

"Crowd control" as a barbarian

"Crowd Control" Eidolon

"Curser" Build Suggestion

"Curser" Build Suggestions

"Dance of Kindled Desires"

"Dance, puppet, dance!" Puppetmaster style BBEG

"Day before" spells

"Demiplane of refuge" enabling options for a NG Oracle of Life

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