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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines


The Broodmaster Challange, Can it work?

What classes work as healers?

Blind Monk Build a.k.a. "The Darkness"

Eldritch Poison Alchemist. Best Poison User???

Magus Build.... First try... help please

Gear, Spells, and Tactics for a new character. Help?

PC Children Ethnicities?

Is there a way to make the Oracle's elemental forms more user friendly?

Running a Darkest Dungeon Campaign (Advice)

Cohort advice

How to threaten adjacent while wielding a reach weapon?

Working around Lawful Good

Assaulting a Kingdom by riding a Colossal Construct.

re: how does an Alchemist gain access to Detect Magic?

Looking for advice on a Grippli cavalry archer build for PFS

List of spells on both Sor / Wiz and Cleric lists?

One level man!

Advice on spell Insect Spies

Mages and Produce Flame

Build Advice - Half-Orc Equipment Trick (Rope)

Oracle Dip for a Shaman?

GM cheating how much is acceptable?

Channeling build opinions and advice needed

Quick stat / skill advice

Recommendations for wands

Rise of the Runelords Scaling

Optimizing a Bard Dragon Disciple

Suggestion Request: Encounters for an Irradiated Swamp

Fun with a graveknight...

Cleric with Improved Familiar?

Damage reduction flavor

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Arshea, Sarenrae, and Milani?

Help with an Eldritch Knight build

Chosen One Pally

Piercing the Heavens: N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Warpriest

Help making a Foehammer? I don't know where to start.

Okay, forget the Foehammer. Dwarven Cleave Fighter

Qualifying as a Spellcaster for Spell Trigger Items?

NPC Entry Template for Posting

1 hit wild shape large form

do my familiar take my turn to play pathfinder

Making the most Un-Core Core character possible...

Homunclulus SLA Suggestions

Wand of Spiritual Weapon + Spiritual Guardian feat

Goliath druid help -

How do I make my campaign more combat-based?

What level should I start my players?

I have a crazy GM who wants to do a 3 class Gestalt game. Advice?

Arcane Hellknight Signifers

Need help with a PFS character

Optimized PCs destroying proper CR fights. GM advice needed

My player wants to play a Paladin! What do I do?

Battle Occultist Build

Need help choosing between Osirian deities

Wildshape without spellcasting or an animal companion

Dragon-type pet without Leadership

How would you build Razmir, the false / living God

Bodhizen's Guide to the Optimal Paladin & Antipaladin

My son has an interesting build request....

Archer (or ranged) druid.

Monk / Brawler Dip For Dragon Disciple Bloodrager?

Suggestions for druid feats

Shadow Spells and Dazing Metamagic

Rare Yet Effective Spells?

Synthesist Summoner - too powerful to play in a party?

Disguise Skill vs Disguise Self

Sorcerer + Alchemy?

MAGUS BUILD....First build please help

Special player powers


Rate my Hunter - Killing machine build

Heroic Array for Everyone

Full BAB Druid

Any creative uses for Lingering Spell metamagic?

The Umpteenth Dragon Disciple Attempt

Builds for Varisian Dancing Scarves?

How to handle a half orc / half drow in Golarion?

Need help cheesing the Ravager from Rappan Athuk!

Build Help

Weapon Backstrories

Melee Feysworn? Feysworn of Ragadahn Build Ideas!

Looking for an Urban adventure to run.

Synthesist summoner questions regarding form and movement


MAGUS BUILD....First build please help

Building a shield and sword character

Feats For LMG

The suffocator

PFS - Not Max DC Offensive Caster

Need A Name - Android Warpriest

A "Ravenloft-esque" one-shot?

Magical Security

Myrrh, Frankincense, and Steel: Kurald Galain's Guide to the Magus

Kasatha? What do we think?

Trying to increase my damage out put

Strength Magus help!

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