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Greater Hat of Disguse

Elocater - Has any one played one?

4 armed unchained monk???????

Need for campaign clarification: Shield Companion vs Shield Companion.

Dinosaur Animal Companion Stats

Sunder Spell

Bloodstone Collar (item only for familiar) - still need extra slot feat?

Bulk - from Starfinder to Pathfinder

Need for campaign clarification: Shield Companion vs Shield Companion.

Gestalt Fighter / Rogue

Need Help with Loot Transport.

Help me chose a Class / Organization

What does this even mean???

Looking For Group

What's the deal with the PRD updates?

Jedi in Starfinder

New Mechanics for Armor as DR

My adventure idea

Does the Medium really use Wisdom for UMD instead of Charisma?

wisdom to hit

does this seem balenced

Jedi in Starfinder

Shifter workshop

A New Class

PC Weapons and Mounts

Warder, Hawkguard and Eternal Hourglass

How does the Spell Savvy from the GM Star Reward Boon Sheet work?

Golarion demography

Living weapon (Android Brawler) understanding

Playing an Oozemorph: The mega(slimy) thread.

Way of the Wicked pact question

The 'Still Mind' Obstacle

Beardless Dwarves?

Material Components With Cost

Rate my feat path please

Could a Tiefling Inquisitor be a Hellknight of the Pyre?

stacking of effective levels

Archetype Combination Helper Sheet

When 5e Goes Stupid

Path of War Prestige Classes - Swap Maneuvers at even levels?

How would you make an Oracle+Sorcerer hybrid class?

Pathfinder Society - Wish

Kingmaker Advice

Oracle Clouded Sight Scenarios

Standing Up w / o Provoking

Discussion: Combat Maneuvers and Attack Alternatives

Do you think that this trait should be against all humanoids or one sub type?

Do you think that this trait should be against all humanoids or one sub type?

Barbarians, Archetype highlights, and Rage Powers

Is counterspelling with Dispel Magic broken?

Is dragonic bloodline rare in Pathfinder?

[Psionics] Emulate melee weapon and Deadly blow blade skills

How often should you bait your players into slaughtering the innocent?

Check on a "new" magic item

Suggestions for the Psychic Class

Flip-mat Repair

Bloodragers - The Missing Link [Class Rework Advice Needed]

How to deal with Paladins

Heroes are Made, Not Born – A pathfinder rules variant

Standardizing Spell Ranges

Why atheist exist in golarion world ?

Making sure I have the brawler bases covered

Buying Treasure in Pathfinder Society

How to handle GM mistake that caused PC deaths?

Can you retrain Rogues finesse?

Whatever happened to PFO?

Any update for the PRD?

spell less ranger' s animal companion

So, My Players Want to Get Into the Shipping Business

Why russia exist ?

Does Golarion have a 'New Orleans'?

Phantoms and Ability Damage

Chronal Quandry

(Final) Boss Help (Spoilers)

Does teamwork really pay off?

do you think razmir is a god ?

Jotungrip + Lighten weapon

In Valdez, AK and looking to see if there are any groups here...

Zoomed out Worldwound Expansion map

Adventure Path: Descent into Midnight - Failure: Impact size?

Doing the Dark Archive on a (Skills) budget ...

Fog cloud and aquatic blindsight.

How to identify Core from Standard

Operative Weapons & Combat Maneuvers

Paizo Stickers

Leaping Dragon Maneuver Question

Sandpoint Timeline in Rise of the Runelords

Might not belong here

Lini & Dayjob?

Solarian mote of fundamental energy

Pathfinder Society play: What can I do with Craft Alchemy?

How common are Wayfinders?

Help! I'm Now Permanently Paralyzed!

Skaven classes

Gallery of Evil encounter conversions

Rule Question - Spring Attack + Greater Trip + Vicious Stomp

Enhancing the Pathfinder Experience on Roll20

Using Two Big-ish Weapons - PFS

[Item Creation] Failing to create a low level item. :(

CR for Caltrops and related equipment

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