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Need translation

Crane Style question.

DUNGEON AND DRAVENS - Homebrew Class-Creating: Looking for Advice (3.5)

El Mariachi (Manito)

Ring of spell storing: Save DCs?

[Samurai Sheepdog - Kickstarter] Fall of Man Team adds Jim Butler


Damage Reduction and Increased Damage Reduction

Demolition Charge, Alchemist Discovery strange questions.

Rod of Eldritch Power (but for kineticists)


"Scry & Fry."

"Summon" universal monster rule – how long will they stay

(Sp) touch attack at reach / range... how?

40% Off All Raging Swan Press PDFs, 21-30 November

a pathfinder...3-ring binder?

A question about my half elf

A Question on Outsiders

A Question on Outsiders

Additional Attacks of Opportunity

An alternative to the full attack

An alternative to the full attack

an Undead slaying sniper (Guns / Archers / crossbowmen / Thrower / Hurler / Arcane) Prestige class

Animal Companion Reach. Diplodocus & Elasmosaurus

Any good solo campaign / one shot adventures out there ?

anyone see links to Advanced Class Guide Playtest PDF yet?

Arcanist and Magical Knack

Are there feats similar to Demonic Obedience?

Armor gives Damage Reduction + Regular Armor Class

Armor, weapon and shields for Wizards - how to do it right.

Asking for a bit of build advice

Bard summons

Beginning questions.

Best buffer advice

Bifurcated Magic and Prestige Classes

Bomb based Alchemist help

Build A Class Book

Build help request - Rope User

Building a shield and sword character

Built for speed!

Burning infusion?????

Bushwackers and Regaining Grit

calcific touch and Spell strike

can someone explain one of the eldrich archers abilities?

Celestial Bloodrager question.

character thought ,,,,need help with it

Class idea concerning Wards

class / race advice for Skulls and Shackles *spoilers allowed*

Classes Favored

Clay golem Cursed wound question

Cleric using both Destructive Smite and Ferocious Strike on 1 attack?

Collar of the True Companion (UE)?

concentration check lost?

Converting PF To Older Material?

Corrosive and corrosive burst ?

Cost for non-magic masterwork jewelry (w / gems)

could a fighter with the mutation warrior template and a Vestigial arm wield a great sword use a shield?

crazy arcanist brown fur transmuter

Critique on my Homebrew Summoner Build

Custom Hybrid Class, Paladin + Ranger, looking for critique


Daemonhost Oracle

Daemonhost Oracle

Dark City = low magic campaign ( free)

Dark Tapestry Oracle's Many Forms revelation questions

Dazed Time Thief

Dear Paizo (Art)

Dear Paizo (Art)

Demon inside a Golem question

Disjunction, and ending it

Dispute between Paladin .Cleric and Witch.

do items and potions stat enhancement bonus stack?

Do Synthesist summoners get their eidolon's ability increases?

does anyone know what the changed in the ultimate combat update on 8 / 20 / 15 ?

Does Rogue talent Major magic allow you to qualify for Dragon disciple?

does the new pummeling charge work with multiple sneak attacks now?

Dual curse Nature mistery (Riding)

Dungeon Rumors. (Help me brainstorm)

Dusty Rose Prism and touch ac

Eldritch Scrapper and the Blood of Dragons

extra arcana rules question

FAQ Question - Invisibility spell, attack and spell attack.

Flying Water Monsters?

Four-mirror armor underpriced?

Gentle Repose and zombies

Getting Material Published

Gloves of Shaping questions

GM Advice: Need help placing loot in campaign against animals

Gnome Evangelist cleric help

Good Feats for a Dire goat fighter level 1

Gunslinger Gun Training question

Gunslinging Orachemist

Hand of the Apprentice vs. Snatch Arrows

HELP begginers-Fighter carachter sheet

Help Equiping Adventure Goat

Help me make a Deific Obedience for Aroden, Dead God of man

Help me make a interesting tournament

how much non lethal damage does the exhausted condition deal?

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