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Buying old adventure paths

Elongated Cranium and -based checks.

Class weaknesses?

Is it possible to have 2-handed off-hand attack?

Help Me Build A Vicious Drow Magus

Level 18 Mythic 9, what method of game destruction do I want?

Decomposition Domain (Looking for Feedback)

What's wrong with the fighter

Help with a dead Unicorn

My new character sheets for Pathfinder

Revised Action Economy - review your experiences and what have you changed?

Feat teaching system

1001 adventure ideas

Primitive Materials question

TWF student of war build. Advice needed.

I kinda wanna make Phoenix ...

Non Human Tieflings and Pass for Human and related Tiefling questions

Help a GM with a couple concepts please.

[Kobold Press] Midgard Campaign Setting Kickstarter Is Live !

Need Non-auto Google Doc Character Sheet

Rogue trait: Ledge Walker

Lv10 Interesting builds?

How do I build the Paladin tank / healer my party needs without multi-classing in Pathfinder?

Broken niche situation for Craft skill?

Wizard starting spellbook

[Purple Duck Games] Witches of Porphyra discussion

Enchanter, Sin Mage of Lust

Samsaran wizard mystic past life picks?

Dual Initiative and Time Stop

Kirthfinder - World of Warriorcraft Houserules

Stacking Fear

Alright Everyone, We Have a Giant Problem

DM Nature 20's against skill checks.

Only 20 Classes...which do you choose?

Phantom Limb

Help me create a PC for Mummy's Mask

Next Character Advice

I think I'm a werewolf...

How does the average joe summon a demon / devil?

Homebrew Cleric Domain

Reimagining the knowledge skills

City Sized Construct

Inquisitor's divine focus

How does the Ecclesitheurge secondary domain spells feature interact with an inquisition if you choose one as your second domain?

Alter Self, Doppelgangers and Scent

when is channel energy effect chosen?

do fire spells ignite combustibles?

Alter Summon monster and Mount into wishes

Homebrew Cleric Domain

Can Psychometrist Vigilantes use Panoplies?

Alter self & Armor

Prison Break 1rst level dungeon.

How much should this joke cost?

Horrible evil cursed item

Psychic Anthology: Kinetic Knight concern

To UMD or not to UMD, that is the question

Panoply and the occultist

[Drop Dead Studios] Spheres of Combat Kickstarter

Any PFRPG published adventures reminiscent of Dragon Age?

Achievement based feat acquisition

What is your favorite trap?

My attempt at 'balancing' the Multiarmed race trait...

Are dodge, mobility and armor and shield proficiency feats the only AC raising feats?

Craft magic item with mythic spells.

Antipaladin Fiendish Boon

[Legendary Games] Coming Soon in 2017 Product Preview Thread!

Identifying monsters and amounts of lore per 5 you beat the DC

427 One-Shot Ideas!

[Legendary Games] Legendary Planet AP - Questions

Tiefling Variant Heritages and Fiendish Sorcery

Power from the Pit: Crimson Cadaver’s Guide to Demonic Obedience and the Demoniac

A god to fit my horrible Paladin?

Strangler (Brawler) Sneak Attack, does it stack?

Aether kineticists and kinetic blade

Readying and surprise

Endless Sympathetic Rage - do i read this right?

PFS feat selection question

Any good items for a telekineticist?

Gunslinger Shots Per Round - Is the Math Correct?

Oathbound Paladins and Oath Spells

Sneak attack help?

Accelerated Drinker and Distilled Spells

Wordcasting Blaster sorcerer

1 UnMonk / X Druid (Storm Druid)

Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Ftagn! A Guide To The Elder Mythos Cultist


Keen Lucerne Hammer

scrolls wands and staffs oh my!

do Bracers of Archery work with firearms?

Strong and / or cool ways to use MoMS Monk

Bag of Tricks and the Handle Animal Skill

Any Swamp Modules?!

Which checks are made by the GM in secret?

Liberation Theology

Additional Random treasure

Switch Hitter Pathfinder Advice

Mounted whirlwind charge shennigans

Will Protection vs. Evil counter Haunts?

What other Hybrid classes would you like to see?

Are far strike monks proficient with thrown weapons in melee?

1 to 100 of 160,357 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | next > last >>
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