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Pathfinder hates Clerics, part III... The search for the missing capstone

Help a wizard out

Help me to make races VERY different from each other

Clerics spontaneously casting domain spells

Read Magic Availability Question

What is a Barbarian? - Class Archtypes

Sorcerers learning spells from other spell lists

Granting Heighten Spell an additional power.

Animal Companion: Do they have secondary attacks?

Enchanting hand wraps

Pathfinder & Warforged... ?

Half-elves and weapon familiarity

Changes the WotC's Warlock

Pathfinder Geekery (A Math Question)

Grapple Damage

Question about Improved Overrun and choosing not to use abilities


Arcane spellcraft checks to identify divine spells

Weapon Training CMB Bonus and Weapon Focus

Many More Conversions are now up!

The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook Comes to PCGen!

So what happens next after the Core book in say two or three years?

Grapple and Two Hands

Heal Skill + Healer's Kit

Mage's Sword

Resurrection 10 years xlevel?

A Wizard's Item List

Druid - Small bears

Question about mounts

Good Feats for Clerics???

Saves vs. Entangle

Module Conversion

Chosen of Ghlaunder

Concentration gone the way of the dodo?

Bestiary Preview rules question

Stealth-Perception model for MapTool

Couple (well, trio) of quick questions

Question about monk's Flurry of Blows (Att Bonus)

Saves vs. Domain powers

Mage Hand, Misdirection, & reproducible results

Simple Barbarian Fix

Critical effects stacking or replacing their durations?

Got my book today, just a few questions for better understanding

Pathfinder book available at Meriden Connecticut Borders Bookstore

Makeing Character Sheet

[Devil’s Workshop] Undefeatable 4 for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Released

Rune Domain spell -- instant summons

Prestige BAB?

Crafting Feats and Character Creation Discounts

Swashbuckler Cleric... help

How is Monster Caster-Level determined?

Fate Weaver Base Class

More Cantrips, Orisons, and, um, Ditties? Showtunes? Those 0-level Bardic spells

Sorcerer Bloodline - Naga kin (Vudra)

Warlocks and Sorcerers

Firestorm Peak

Temporary Hit Points

Ability Swapping (Unearthed Arcana)

Traits (Again): Adopted and Hedge Magician

Armor Ghost Touch

Some treasure generation tables missing?

New Bard Feat

Some new feats for casters

Improved Critical + Weapon Mastery?

Problem in Amulet of Proof against Detection and Location

Adventures by 3rd Party Publishers for PRPG

Elemental Channel

Greater Shield Focus Prereqs?

Simple question about armor

Are AP's Canon?

Channel Smite feat

Liberation domain

Race & Size

An Arcane Spell Failure Houserule, opinion please?

Calculating DCs of custom magic items...

Converting Crusader, Swordsage, and Warblade...

All tripped up (questions on tripping...)

Players Getting Too Clever with Alchemist's Fire

PrC - Champion of Khurma - Monk Prc (Vudra)

Adventure Planner for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game -- DONE!!!

Does Point Blank Shot apply to Ray Attacks?

Paladin's Horse Question

Bull's Strength

Half-Elves and Favored Classes

Animal companion feats: PDF vs printed copy of core rule book

Appraise suggesstion and help needed

Converting Skill Bonuses

Reincarnated as a bugbear -- what to do about Level Adjustment?

Multiclassing Discussion

Breath of Life and death awareness

Crypt of the Everflame (warning possible spoilers)

Craft and Special Material - A sensible Solution

Weapon Focus Feat Tree

Large Adamantine Weapons.

The Legend of Final Dungeon Warcraft Setting Classes

Readying against a charge and the Hold the line feat

Crafting Magic Items - Changes?

Monk character option- slow and steady?

Full Attack when Prone

Fighter-specific feats?

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