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My ode to the Half-Orc

Iron Heroes Classes and Pathfinder

Channelling Energy Clarification

Dorak's New Warlock for Peer Review

Crocodile Animal Companion - Death Roll ability

Where's the half-dwarf?

Core Book Index Lookup Function Added!

The 6 (well 4) new classes announced on the blog!!!!

New Pathfinder Prestige Classes

[Øone Games] Announcing The Great City Player's Guide for both PFRPG and OGL

Modern Role Playing for the Pathfinder RPG

Product Request: Heroes of Humor

Help: A Druid who can't Spell


Substitute Class Features

Psionics and what they mean to YOU!

AE Class Conversions?

Ultimate Magus

Finding Traps

Obscuring Mist vs. Shriekers

New Fighter Help

New Feature for!

Bucklers and Archery

Homebrew Race: Goblings

Help me build a rule: Dweomer Transfer

A question about river travel

Harvest Moon Campaign World

Inserting spoilers.

bleed spell and (un)consciousness

Summoning Templates

Natural weapon feats, + Ptolus races (centaur, lizardfolk, litorians) without ELs

Sorcerer Cantrips

Consecrate vs desecrate

Quick Draw Feat - Wands

Extra Spell / Slot

Magical Armor Spikes

[4 Winds Fantasy Gaming] Book of Arcane Magic web enhancement FREE!

Dice vs. point system for character creation

Channel energy question

New Regeneration rules

How many tricks can a paldin's mount learn?

A Disadvantage to go with your advantage?

Does Protection from Good, Evil etc

Detect Magic and Invisibility

Monk Build (15 point buy)

Quick Questions Please! Shield Master-Working and Mithral

Doom Spell

IT'S OFFICIAL! Next Open Design Set in Golarion!

Why is a scarb of protection so cheap?

Better Firearm Rules

Shatter Defenses

OK Rogue / Sorcerer rebuild!!!

Running Pathfinder as a Cinematic / Low Lethality game?

Nice move, but can you...?

Mr. Louis J. Porter I have a proposal.

[LPJDesign] Lost Classes of Fantasy: Blooded Noble (PRPG) released

Why a special skill for flying?

Critical hit with a grapple?

Request: Wild Mage remake!

The Cost of Metamagic Feats


Traits and starting hit points under the new Pathfinder rules

Grappling Mount

Ranger variant

Question about Monk's Perfect Self

9th+ level Monks and Standard Action Attack

Rage question

When do Animal Companions get more than 1 skill point.

[Devil’s Workshop] Undefeated 3 for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Released

Defensive combat training

Let's talk about Animal Companions ...

Ability Damage

Question about feats like Alertness

Conversion: Exalted Turning (BoED)

Monk Unarmed Attack and Weapon Finesse

Minimum casting time is one round

TURBO-PRD Now Available!

Seriously Impressed

Calculating Treasure

Has Grappling become simpler, or just different?

Bard - Versatile Performance

Animal Companion Skills: Survival not a Class Skill?

Pathfinder Video

Pathfinder ruleset grinder

Houserule list (feats)

Grapple and Gorgon Fist

Advice needed on Play by Posts

Channel Smite and Touch Spells

Spending Ki Pool points to increase speed

Polymorph question

Equipment: How much weight can it support?

Homebrew Spell Point System - Comments / suggestions

Die Hard Feat clarification


Bring back nuking spells

SSSSSShhhh my DM might be reading this! Rogue / Fighter help?

Convince me that Save DCs by Spell Level make sense.

How Many Sneak Attacks in a Full-Attack Action?

Intersection or Player space the center of a channel?

Question to Paizo (or anyone who really knows OGL well)

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