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Intelligence Increases and Decreases Regarding Skills

Spiked Armor Question


Question about Holy Champion

Question: Mystic Theurge, Wizard Familiar, and Cure spells.

a question of economics, How do adventurers compare to other walks of life?

More TWF Q's!

Proof Jason listened

Pathfinder Core RPG Review from Gnome Stew

Creating Poison (not the craft thing!)

Monk: Wholeness of Body and spending Ki points

Monk: Wholeness of Body and spending extra Ki points.

Movement while prone

New take on Charon

Magic weapons, armor and shields costs

Weapon Training Close and Combat Maneuvers

RDP: Unveiled, a new campaign setting for Pathfinder, coming soon!

The great Pathfinder character build

Coming back from the dead and permanent negative levels


Sorcerer elemental blast

Converted Blast Shadow from Pathfinder #15

@Paizo: Scope of Possible Editing for next printing?

Improved (Saves) Revision

My first DM experiences related to full pathfinder rules

Lethargic Combat Maneuvers

Subscriber Service for PRPG Errata Please

Trait - Personal demons

Thurgon's Cleric

Revised Bard

Paladin Capstone: Is this correct?

[Devil’s Workshop] Undefeatable 2: Clerics (PRPG) Released

Ingram not receiving its order?

Armor Check Penalty and Carrying capacity?

[4 Winds Fantasy Gaming] Coming this month - The Book of Divine Magic

Thank you Paizo for Pathfinder RPG

Special powers as Spell-like abilities

Improved Unarmed attacks and Natural weapons

Who is the better healer - Cleric or Paladin?

More Dark Vistas Previews on Sinister Adventures

My variant Barbarian: Reckless Brute

List of changes from Beta to Final?

Compiled Traits?

Previous 3.x Third Party Publishers: Expand your previous material in Pathfinder

Familiar Ability Descriptions

You still have until September 4th to win a copy of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook signed by the Paizo staff.

Question: Moving while carrying a loaded crossbow.

Sorcerer multiclass

Racial Feats and making races count more.

Comment on new traits?

CMB breakdown table

Bard Mystic Theurge

You know what I love about Pathfinder, the death of subraces

Looking for Advice / Critiques on a Bull Rush spell

New Razor Coast Previews Up on the Sneak Peeks Blog

"Mortal Souls" travel to the Boneyard, but who does that include?

UA Spell Point Systen and Pathfinder Specialist Wizards

Cheliax Companion question: twine double?

Druidic Immortality?

Summoning with a Varisian Idol

Converting Races to pathfinder

One on One Adventures Compendium in PDF

Bestiary Preview Questions


Battle of the Bows

My Warlock fix - I think

Sorcerer's Infernal Corrupting Touch

Converted Cutlass Spider from Pathfinder #15

Aid Another

Mor Aldenn - Free Fiction!

Do Ranged Natural Weapons Provoke Attacks of Opportunity

It's help a developer day! Please?

Clerics: Does anyone really think there will only be 2 types of channel energy?

Where are the gods?

Druid design discussion

Hero Lab Supports Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

Multiclassed Cleric and Domains

Spontaneous Casting

I want to make this right - Fighter / Rogue / Shadowdancer

[Øone Games] Announcing The Great City Player's Guide for both PFRPG and OGL

Dead levels

Trait: Divine Warrior

Item Crafting Rules + Ring of Sustenance=?

Armor Class and Ion stone

Strikeback and Lunge

Pathfinder Clerics

Str or dex fighter?

The Cleric Proof

Sunken Towers of Azlant

Shield Master

Alternate Wizard Specialization Brainstorming

Wizard Abjurer: Protective Ward ability

Cleric domain powers

Item creation: increasing DC by +5 for each prereq. the caster does not meet.

[Tricky Owlbear Publishing] Behind the Spells: Compendium (compatability update)

Using Other Actions to perform Swift Actions?

What do you like about Pathfinder?

Bard: Required ranks in Perform

Statblock guide

Will the second print run of the PFRPG include the errata?

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