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Paladin Mount - Cohort

Pathfinder traps

Realms of Twilight campaign Setting

Are you struggling as a dm need help?

[Purple Duck Creations] The DM Sketchpad

Sneak attacks, Undead Elementals and constructs

Who writes the songs?

Lunge + Standstill = No go?

Pathfinder RPG in practice, not Theory

Prestige Classes... meh?

Can he banish himself?

Bard: Perform Puppets / Perform Marionette

Psionics and what they mean to you

[Devil’s Workshop] Undefeated 1 for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Released

What can you stick into a bag of holding? a portable hole?

Tiny Hut problem

Parthfinder Chronicles questions

Slight Sleep Spell Change

A dispel for (almost) every level

Elemental Clerics

Wind Stance problem ?

Disguise skill

Intimidating Glare, Shatter Defenses and Deadly Stroke combo

Druid Animal Companion -- Disappointment


Awaken spell

Feint explanation

Floating around a new rule for Wild Shape

Pathfinder RPG—GM Screen: What's on your homebrew screen?

Will Pathfinder have a type of Savage Species?

Oh gods there is a tiger in the city!!!

Ranger Homebrew upgrade

Ranger favored enemy - own species

A more cinematic skill list – with all the crunch accounted for

Bestiary and DM Screen release date


CRAFT SKILL - craftsman sells at full price or 50%?

Shield Bashing in Primary hand

What would you post about?

Has anyone tried out the new rules? How did it go?

PRCs and Spells (Design Goals)

Only one viable fighter build?

What do your players think?

Life Over Head, Life Off Ground, Drag or Push

The Channeler [PrC]

Taking skills at character creation

Critical Focus Effects

Electrical Effects and Underwater Combat?

My first Pathfinder build

Druid animal companion feat list

Sinister Adventures' Pathfinder Compatible Adventures and Supplements

Fey touched

Monk weapon feats --Please critique

Module or Self-made Realm?

Faerun Sorcerer Bloodlines

Alchemist - Cavalier - Oracle - Summoner - and two unnamed classes

Shield Slam and Improved Bull Rush

Meeting the Iconic Prestige Classes

Prestige Class Iconics backgrounds??

The Book of Arcane Magic PDF now available in the Paizo store!

Summon nature ally and summon monster

Having trouble converting Shifter prestige class

Curse song (bards)

Skill Points and Intelligence Drain

Corruption points

Duelist build- Pimp my ride!

Unapproved Official RAZZ Paizo Thread

Medusa's Wrath

Converting Disciple of the Sun (Feat - Complete Divine) to PFRPG

Wall of Force and ignore hardness effects

Arcane Bond masterwork item

Arcane Spells-Domain Spells

Arcane Bonded Object Question

Gaze Attack?

Final Fantasy XI races

Stupid question?

Erik Mona Interview: Pathfinder, Customer Service, and Old School

Inquisitor Class concept- Feedback wanted

Mor Aldenn is Officially Pathfinder

Dispelling Attack

Extra Starting Languages

+2 ability points

Multi-classing and XP penalties

Activating other creature's magic items


Monk attacks

Ten Thousand Isles [Our Homebrew Setting]

New racial trait for Half-Orc (yes, another thread)

Death Ward versus Harm

My monk wants a pet tiger.

Grapple / Pinned - something doesn't seem right.

Crafting Magic Items: What is the DC?

Tumble virtually eliminated

Sorcerer: Naga Kin of Vudra

Spiked Chain Nerfed?

Making Monster PCs

Quick metamagic question

Change to Abundant Step

Best uses for Arcane Bond

Channel (Negative) Energy while Grappled

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