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Topic Posts Last Post
CG Ranger / Paladin gish PrC with a tweak- Draft (P.E.A.C.H)

Mutageneticist an Alchemist Class Variant, Moar Hyde!!!

[LPJ Design] Quartermaster: Riddle of Steel Cards for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Released

Open Focus Group - Does it Balance?

Some ideas and help needed

DM Advice please. Plot hole swallows one of my PCs

Lulu or Lightning Source - Which POD service do you prefer?

Failed Acrobatics Check

Bringing Back the Archmage via Feats

Craft question

Fun ways to award EXP

[Rite Publishing] Litorians Preview #3 Advanced Earth-Infused Evolved Bulette (Web Article)

Sci Fi Newb?

Aura of courage, covers what?

I wish classes were more dipable

Undermining a player

Force Shield Ring and 2WFing

Publishers for Pathfinder modules?

Prestige Class Progression... always 10 levels?

A simple newb question

Dragon Savant, a Dragon Shamon / Dragonfire Adept Converstion

Cyclops' Flash of Insight ability unbalanced?

Using Traps

Ranged Tripping with Bolas

Bullrush + Cleave

Need Some DM Creativity (Regarding Traps)

Starting Skills

Stylesheet for statistics?

Adventure Path Bestiary

Pathfinder Character Sheet

Northern Crown by Atlas Games

Pathfinderizing Northern Crown

Improving non wonderous magic items


What skill would be used for.....

Some Summoning Questions

So there's this gothic castle...

Placement by a doorway in melee

Realm of the Fellnight questions / advice

Swift Action Spells for Martial Characters

Warforged in Herolab for use with Pathfinder

What's the optimal number for Selective Channelling?

Critical hits and threat

Summoning Error(s)


Cohort for a Bard

Homebrew Homebrew

Tiefling / Aasimar and Disguise Self

Serious discussion on sneak attacks vs constructs.

Loot and a Kleptomaniac PC

I just got the campaign guide and I see firearms!! Is there a class based on it?

Death attacks slay instantly?

Dancing shield -- overpowered?

Spell: Train Animal

Last Gasps and First Breaths. A DM's dream realized.

If you Delay in the first round of combat are you still flat-footed?

Reserve Feats vs Domain / Bloodine / School Abilities

A failed kidnapping attempt (funny)

Dwarf stonecunning - active or passive search

What happens to a summoned creature if the sumoner dies or loses consciousness?

Shaman 3rd party class

Eidolon Armor Division

Monk character-building help

[Gaming Philosophy] What armor is the "best deal" for a 1st Level Fighter?

Ruins & Wastelands: After the Cataclysm P20 RPG

Assassin Devil Conversion (Fiendish Codex II)

Master of Chains Prestige Class

Question about enhancing armor

Shield bash and TWF penalties

The Raven Knights of Andoran

Avalon Games on YouTube

Oracle: my doubts

Alchemical Silver Morningstar

Crafting magic items

Can a 'Ring of X-ray' be shared amongst multiple wearers?

[Devil’s Workshop] Undefeatable 15 for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Released

A few questions about Azata Ghaeles and their ancestors.

Polymorph Effects VS Aging Effects

Rapid Shot + Clr / Wiz abilities

Can you take -4 to do non-lethal damage to someone who is Evil with a Holy weapon?

[4WFG] Cover for Strategists & Tacticians

Some Double Weapon Confusion

More chaotic combat?

How do you play your monsters?

Time travel question.

Rebuilding the Base Classes

Eidolons and pounce ability

Ongoing Spells and Magic Jar

Do you still need to make a 'Stealth' check if Invisible in an area of Silence?

Does the extra damage from a Holy weapon add to Sunder damage when...


Domain Spells and Casting Components

One of these CRs is off...

Spectral Hand and Spell-like abilities

Can an Assassin study their victim while Paralyzed?

Prerquisites and Stereotypes

Mageknight- your (possible) answer to stabbing dudes magically.

Can a Heal check determine how damaged someone is?

Are you grappled when swallowed?

Breath of Life Spell

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