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Topic Posts Last Post
Pathfinder Dragon Shaman

Sniping and Hide in Plain Sight

Shield bashes and proficiency

I miss skill synergies

Do wizards have to allocate a spell slot for Read Magic?

Intimidate (Demoralize) Question

Need help chosing a class

Listen based perception checks.

How to train your Pathfinder dragon - by levels

Firearms Combat Style for rangers?

Improved Arcane Strike (Feat)

[Rite Publishing] New Monster: Asanbosam (Web Article)

Sustainable Epic Play Now

Can you fly with 0 Strength?

Clark from Necromancer goes Pathfinder

Best way for 5th lvl party to "look" like Gnolls

Seperating BAB from Class a Little

APG final playtest PDF - miscelaneous question

Nik's Newbie Questions

Aid Another, how do YOU use it?

Gaming Kinks - Gishes / Magic-Users Crossed With Warriors are Awesome or Untenable. Discuss

Homebrew Samurai Conversion

Evoker Mage's Sword

How can a Wizard become a Choker in Pathfinder?

BattleWitch, class mash

[JBE] New (Bunny) Deities on My Blog.

PFRPG Version of Campaign Setting Class Features

Bloodline....Lycanthrope any chance or interests.

Stupid Question: Permanent Int Ability Boost=Skill Points?

ReWrite on Bear Warrior Prestige Class

Price Check: New Specific Weapon

Chain _Shield Other_ spell exploitation issue

New Class: the Karma Dealer

Feign Death

A player obsessed with Wolvie

Forgoing Treasure

Pizaro Wizard

Half-celestial LA in a very particular case

My first adventures as a DM

[Raging Swan] Retribution Nemsis

Formula for pricing the metamagic rods

Snake oil

Are Strength Penalties a Problem for PF Druids?

Help with a Bard Cohort

Question about splash damage

Magical and non-magical items okay in the same slot?

Duelist Weapons

Streaming Live At

Limits of the Tree Shape spell

Poison stacking with itself question

Pathfinder Chronicler Tale Errata

The Haruhken, a new race

Advice on Cleric / Inquisitor build

Fame Points

Need help calculating XP points for our first game

Evil Campaign

I'm Blind

Feat list

Minis, tokens, paper minis, flats or what

What is the penalty using a Bastard Sword in 1-hand with out Exotic Weapon Profiency?

How do you handle falling into an enemy square?

Question about Metamagic magic items

Spells from Complete Divine, good or not good?

[Rite Publishing] City of Spells: Alter Self (Web Article)

Mounted Spellcasting for Dummies

[Tabletop Armory] Figure Flats Update and Pics

Rapid reload and Rapid shot

Pathfinder for mobile device (e.g. Iphone / Ipod)

ATTN: Pathfinder Supporting Companies

No snake animal companion?

No flat HD limit on animate dead?

PRPG Campaign Guide - Cost For Gunpowder?

Conversion and Bo9S

How are the Monsters as PCs rules possibly balanced?

Action Points

Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde conversion

Warblade in Pathfinder

any chance of official spellsheets for character sheets?

Bloody Skeleton Hit Dice

Black tentacles and precise shot

Acrobatics to avoid AoO


Need a puzzle

Young PC's and players too

Three-way combat

Bestiary - Generating ability scores for monster PCs?

Greater Command

A Product Suggestion That I Would Buy - Adventures for 12 and under

Assumed level of English language proficiency

A level 1 Wizard just made a ... flashlight?

Meteor Hammer and Armor Bonus?

Magic Item Creation DC?

Glyph of Warding - Up to 5 sq. ft. / level?

Magic weapons & armor. Is it my imagination?

Question about the Staggered Condition

Tips for GM's NOT using miniatures, map layouts, whiteboards, etc...

Budget Backpack. Input needed.


Who was your all time favorite character?

Advanced Bestiary

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