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Casting spells while holding a 2-Handed Weapon

Succubus in a grapple.

What is everyone's opinion on the feat Summon Guardian Spirit?

How to get Lore Oracle's Focused Trance ability as a Bard

Simple way to make custom constructs

PFS ruling request, Eidolon Weapons per their Evolution?

Aquatics Sorcerer swim speed bonus?

Creature that pollutes water?

Advice on Wizard Spells

Postcards from the Inner Sea

Animal companion grappling

Non-combat Encounter Heavy Campaign

Anti-Vigilante Warlock idea...

Earliest level you can take Quick Study as an Investigator?

Daggers and Knives

New Player seeking for advice for first character

Advanced Class Guide Classes and Unchained

Thought On Puppetmaster Magus?

Advice: lots of weak enemies and player DR / Energy resistances.

Looking for a water based spider

Bodhizen's Guide to the Optimal Paladin & Antipaladin

a few rules questions

Solo tactics and exceptional aid

Gunslingers in Eberron

Master swordman Style PC Path of war

Some New / Old Bloodlines

need help with permanent detect magic

A guide to playing DBZ in PFS

[Legendary Games] One on One Adventures: Orphans of the Hanged Man

Buckler & Swashbuckler

How does variable bleed damage stack up?

Useful Utility Spell for a 1 level dip in Crossblooded Sorcerer

How should polymorph forms without any precedence be adjudicated?

Evolved companion feat for Trex AC

Cross-Blooded Bloodrager Draconic / Arcane Dragon Disciple

So, About Caster Level

Killing Outsiders

What can you do with a Ascetic mystery Oracle?

Looking for the right monsters

acrobatics to jump ... confusion at my table

modified channeling

Team work Feats Help

Blood Arcanist & Esoteric Dragon Bloodline

Store Blog: This Big Tree Is Also My Friend!

Converting N1 Against the Cult of the Reptile God

Any party manage to send Cthulhu back to R'lyeh?

Continual Flame vs. Darkness

Pathfinder's Statted Deities

Lunge + Readied Action

Necromancer Cleric Domain Advice

Transferring Mediums: Making the Kusagari

Halfling Wolfrider clan

Raise Dead: What does the target know about who is trying to raise him?

Extra dmg( cavalier challenge and paladin smite) and the critical hit?

Metamagic Rods -- Pre or Post Adjustment?

Animal companion stats

Feat advice for a level 7 investigator

Squeezing and Objects

Island Campaign - Ideas needed / wanted! :D

How to remove a Cursed Earth effect

Channel Angelfire

Grapple Question(s)

Do Ioun Stones HAVE to Orbit Their Owners?

Thorns subdomain - Cruel thicket

Vail of efficacious medicine

Traits table?

Mummy's Mask Background Help

free running brawler

Mythic Hunter advice

2017 Hardcovers

The "2 handed, 1 hand" can of worms

A Purposely Pointless Encounter

Vial of Efficacious Medicine + what works?

Why am I doing this to myself? hard mode engaged

Revamped Knowledge system for identifying monsters

Beguiler conversion for Pathfinder

Build your best pathfinder wizard Level 1-20

Hosteling and wildshape

My first time playing, build advice

Most complex class played?

Magic Beans!!

I need help choosing Feats

Leveling towards Rage Prophet, need some advice

What type does a pebble turned human have?

Make the Most of the Drakerider Cavalier

Heirloom Weapon trait and Masterwork Transformation spell

Touch spells vs. Illusions

Challenge: For the Fuzzy Animals!

His Dark Materials-inspired animal companions

Magic item like Hermione's DA coins in Harry Potter?

Do lizardfolk only have one claw?

Combat Maneuver - Steal?

Sorcerer bloodline Fey and Mesmerist class

"I want to do that much damage!"

Defining objects "of great intrinsic value" in Polymorph Any Object

Trying to re-create Dick Grayson

Dire Bat

Just a quick confirmation of what I already suspect

Swarm Monger Questions

Wyvern Fury monk?

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