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Topic Posts Last Post
Using a Lute as a weapon?

Amulet of Spirits: Can an Oracle benifit from it?

Two Weapon Fighting and 'light' off hand

A Guide for Trip Builds in Pathfinder

Upgrading a minor artifact, is it possible?

Can I use a magic item while it is being upgraded?

Which dinosaur animal companion is best at grappling

FAQ REQUEST - Bard Masterpieces and Bardic Performance

Magus Spell Combat + spell strike with held charge

[Legendary Games] Spring Preview #10: Horns of the Hunted

Ideas and Advices for a Harrower Character

Can an Unseen Servant apply potions and oils to you?

Hydro-kineticist's Blast water

What is Good and what is not

New Product Request: Bedtime Stories of Golarion

I'm looking for the best interpretation of a 3rd party feat my DM has allowed

Which PFS classes scale best?

A Tinker (Investigator / Gunslinger Hybrid)

[Kobold Press] Midgard Campaign Setting Kickstarter Is Live !

Dragon Rider Class

Quality of life spells

Stacking monster spell-like ability feats?

ways to get more charisma

New Spell Idea: Fuse Undead

Shinobi Shozoku and Pathfinder Society

Evil familiar and Pathfinder society?

Machine Smith Siege Specialist

Divine Bond

Which class?

sorcerer+reincarnate=what happens?

Dungeon Building Advice

Need Help vs. Demons

Advice on creating a MurderHobo code.

Advice for Dealing with Problem Player

Supernaturally Spooky Animal Companion

General Question about things in the game

Wyverns' Demise

A Guide to Touch Spells, Spellstrike, and Spell Combat [Ver 0.4 Alpha]

Let's talk about Chill Touch and touch spells in general

Homebrew Cleric Domain


need plot hooks for a small port town

Feral Hunter Archetype - Feral Focus

How loud is casting?

How would you play this?

[Little Red] Shapeshifter Base Class Is Now Out!

spell combo

Ronin changing edicts

Drake companion with a familiar?

Artist Drawing Ratfolk

Is Pitfall Weapon Special Ability an Enchantment Bonus to Initiative?


Can there be whimsical or home use magical items?

Most Op build

Stoneskin and Adamantine Armor (and Barbarian Damage Reduction)

Fighter Archer Archetype Feint

Ranged assistant

Improved Familiar Arcane spellcaster Level

How do ranged attacks work while flying in Pathfinder?

Nargrym's Steel Hand

Build Advice: PFS Bardic Archer

Angelblooded Aasimar

Random Village / town / city

Armiger's Panoply question(s)

Tumor Familiar + Swap Places = ?

Druid Monk Multiclass (Way of the angry Bear / Fist of the Forest)

[Barbarian Archetype] Flesheater

Abyssal Urban Bloodrager - Confusion

overrun question

Unity and Determination: Castilonium’s guide to the Path of War Zealot

How to calculate the damage of [Kinetic Fist]?


Deathless Spirit and Death attack Question

Can 'humanoid' target spells, be cast on an Eidolon?

Versatile Performance and Feats

Improving bleed damage

Spell Perfection for a Magus Boss

Metal Clad Creature and Hardness

Does the 'Furious' Weapon Ability effect stack with the 'Bane' Ability effect?

Creating a history with PCs while influenced with enchantments.

Animal companion Trex skills

Wild Shape and the Dire Template

a different yet typical question on multiple natural attacks...

Mindblade + Elven Battle Style

Golden Guardian loot?

Animal companion size increase feat

Interesting Dual Curses

Best Support Characters?

Should I spec into grappling for my Trex animal companion or spec into straight damage dealing?

Making a more efficient trick fighter

Terrain Improvements (Kingdom Building) question

Monster Spell Progression

Utility / Support classes that can do damage?

Hydro-Kineticists: Do the targets of their blast get wet?

how to murder a whale in Pathfinder

Penalty for Disable Device without Thieve's Tools

Guide to Getting a Shield bonus while attacking with a Two Handed Weapon

New player needing build advice for a Conjuration (Teleportation) Wizard

Help me build a great combat rogue.

[Build Help] The Clockwork Engineer

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