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critique my unarmed aasimar pali build idea

Zelda: BoTW Champions in Pathfinder?

[Dreamscarred Press] Announcing: Airships

Greater Alchemical Simulacrum Casting Time

Questions about the new Book of the Damned.

Chronal Quandry

Question on Cost of Adding Additional Ability to Existing Magic Item

The Harrow Character Generation: Attribute Generation Through Fortune-Telling

Archiving sites other than Nethys and d20pfsrd?

Grippli reproduction

Help with kingdom building.

Princes of the Apocalypse - Pathfinder Conversion

Does teamwork really pay off?

Class Combat Maneuvers

Barbarian Samsaran - and yes, I know it's weird

Creating a Class / Archetype Thing- Help Wanted

Robert Jordan Wheel of time pathfinder Conversion for Ironfang Invasion

Quadrupeds Standing On Hind Legs

So Intense

Half-Elf Alternate Racial Trait: Inspire Inspiration... Replaces Skilled?

Making the best archaeologist bard for PFS

Ultimate Subtle Enchanter with Minions

Advice on a PFS Natural-attacking Bloodrager?

Item description interpretation: Wary Ring

Alternate Paths: Ascetic Characters

Atonement Cost

Paladin Falling in another direction

Elemental Body and Armour

Do Paladin Immunities Still Work Against Mythic Creatures

Teach me, How to Bard?

Dawnflower Anchorite, and frustrations therein

[Custom Class] New Base Class: The Seer

Brawler, Shield Champion

How do you prevent PCs from assuming EVIL = ANTAGONIST?

Dex Damage Two-Handed Fighter

Your experience: monster of the week games

Which bomb to choose for level 6 alchemist

(Final) Boss Help (Spoilers)

Alchemists Void Bomb Help

Is there a spell

What other Paizo NPCs have the Divine Source Mythic Ability?

Best class in Pathfinder today?

Languages of intelligent undead

Endlessly LFG

Ascetic Style & Weapon Focus

Build for illusionist

Why no love for animal familiars?

Succor Oracle - What Teamwork feat?

Leadership: What to do with followers?

Weapon-wielding drider marilith eidolon

Flesheater ideas, Improvised vs DR ideas, and cook ideas in general?

[LPJ Design] EZG reviews Infinite Dungeon: The Halls of the Eternal Moment Level 4 - The Clockwork Catastrophe

Wizard specialized as conjuration

Help me build this guy

Multiclass Archetypes XI: Resurgence

Vigilante: Cunning Feint and Concealed Strike Interaction

Magocracy and government documents

Spell(Scroll) for Ring of Spellknowledge (1+2)

Familiar Problems?

Looking to stat out the most powerful vampire in the world. Any tips?

why permanency are exclusive to wizard / socerrer ?

Thrown weapon user question

Can you delay taking an archetype?

I'd like some dragon names, please!

Advice sought for character build: accessing a teamwork feat skipping prerequisites, or Adopted feat for non-humans?

Power from the Pit: Crimson Cadaver’s Guide to Demonic Obedience and the Demoniac

Reduce Activation Cost of Magic Items

New Character Creation

Action to Activate Kineticist's Air's Leap

Johnathan Aldori---Swashbuckler for review

What class for this party

When is it worth it to multiclass?

Penetrating DR with Druidzilla

What are some reasons people might start at level 1?

Boosting LoH (Lay on Hands)

Lawbringer type of character.

Faceless Enforcer with glamered armor?

Religious Ceremonies help.

need some help with a Grenadier Alchemist

What to do if players fail checks?

Do Gloves of Improvised Might overcome DR?

What happens to a mage's mansions food?

Combat Expertise and Fighting Defensively - Do They Stack?

What to play in this party?

Can mindless creatures cast spells and spell-like abilities?

Monster Discussion: Wraith


Does teamwork really pay off?

Exotic Weapon Proficiency problem

Reducing huge eidolon to medium size. How ?

(New Base Class) Here comes a new CHALLENGER!

Ilsurian Archer and potentially detrimental favored enemy?

Buffer / Debuffer tactical and battlefield controller build

GM to GM Advice

Store Blog: I'll Use My Trusty Frying Pan as a Drying Pan!

Quick question about BAB penalty

The Bloodborne Hunter - Pathfinder Material

More Talismanic Components!

Mercies and Other Classes

Telekinetic Blast + Wall Infusion

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