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Topic Posts Last Post
Grab and Constrict

Craft: Black Powder

Boss Class Ideas

Dragon-blessed Kobolds

Esoteric Magic (Pathfinder Savant) Rules Clarification

Xbloodrager Tiefling Background Advice

Revised Action Economy - review your experiences and what have you changed?

Is Pathfinderwiki down?

Can a Golem see an Invisible creature?

How does a multiclass Eldritch Scoundrel / Vivisectionist's Sneak Attack work?

New SLA rules question

[PFS] Level 6+ Priority on buying Items

Staying motivated

What do I do with 200,000 gp? Im level 3!

Wild shape octopus control build what do you think?

[Straight Path Games] How Do I Fly?

[Straight Path Games] The Stealth Scale

All the Summon Monster / Nature's Ally Tricks

Getting Rid of HP, an alternate Health System

Asymmetrical Bell-curve Rolls and a Different Advantage System.

Fighter "knight" build and dear progression. Assessment wanted and advice wanted.

Beguiler conversion for Pathfinder

Bladed Scarf Dancer Magus NPC Advice

Goblin Graveyard

Dimensional Slide and taking people with you

My new character sheets for Pathfinder

Dual wielding vs double weapon Question

[Unchained Monk Guide] YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD

Daivrat without familiar?

Looking for a group in Memphis, TN

Force Sword vs Instant Weapon (Comparing as Magus)

Retraining Archetype Question

Skill points

Magic item Creation

UnMonk 1 - Spirtualist (Phantom Blade) X - Bad Touch Psychic Magus

Does Improved Critical stack with Targeting: Torso from the gunslinger?

Need a dungeon / maze for level 10 players know a good one?

Silly Character Idea, the Ultimate Improvisor

Immediate Actions as Interrupts

Try Fighting Without Pants! AncientSpark's Guide to Dirty Tricks

How would you suggest a couple of "Skills" for the game?

Some thoughts on grappling with a harpoon

Losing the Phantom Blade

Mythic Trickster as an NPC Antagonist?

Druid arhetype for post-apocaliptic games

[Fedora Ferret Games] - New Publisher, Open Playtest: The Heroic Compendium

Double Weapon Enchantment

Deal of a Lifetime: Almost all Paizo Pathfinder products $300

Animal companion keeps during every session

Ultimate Combat errata

Question about Basic Hydrokinesis

Grab question

Good AP to Start at Chapter 2?

Skald advice

What happened to Encounter Codex?

Jade Regent where to find Caravan Minis

Mithral and the Armor Master's Handbook

Monster Hunter DND 5E to Pathfinder

Crimson Templar PFS

Alchemist Splash Damage

Arcanist gets a Divine Boost

Templates, types and subtypes

Useful Utility Spell for a 1 level dip in Crossblooded Sorcerer

Diverse Obedience Taken after 12th level

Grappling, Flight and Carrying Capacity

Deity picking

Rules qwestion: can a familiar gained througth eagle / monkey / frog domain be replaced with an improved familiar?

Can the Draconic Druid take the Evolved Companion

Should reprinted player options be treated as errata?

Serpent belt, does it boost my poisons?

Free Action Economy Question

How many dips does this fighter have?

Animal companion skill ranks

2015 Dark Sun Conversion for Pathfinder

Sick in bed

Arcane Bond Incremental Upgrade Cost

Help creating 5 flavorful NPC "Summoners"

Tengu+Claws+Brawler's Unarmed Strike

Differentiating Valeros (Fighter) from Amiri (Barbarian) in Beginners Box style games

A Rogue By Any Other Name - Not Your Typical Rogue

Rule question? For the Scrollmaster archetype

can players not tell thier GM thier health?

Paragon Surge & War Blessing

Constant detect

Manyshot on nonarrow weapon

The All New, All Different World!

Keep on the Borderlands, Pathfinder Edition

What to play in a evil party?

Tengu for PFS.

Pathfinder Map Pack: Marsh Trails

attracting rats - animal speaker

Lich Confusion

How do you pronounce "Tiefling?"

When does a miss damage items and armor?

Paladins vs Clerics of an Evil Deity and Eternal Conflict

TWF+Brawler Flurry+Claws??

TWF+Brawler Flurry+Claws??

AoO clearifacation please.

Options for overcoming light sensitivity / blindess

Strictly by the rules which wild shape form is best for grab / constrict damage

601 to 700 of 165,218 << first < prev | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | next > last >>
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