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Topic Posts Last Post
Targeting an opponents reach weapon???

How to make and run a Riot?

Harvesting Poison from Defeated Creatures

Spell Combat give AoO?

Hold it in hand vs Carry other items in that hand

An Occult Dragon's Hoard

The Eidolon Xenomorph, for a bloody good time.

Random encounters on well-travelled roads

Replacement feat for Holy Vindicator bonus feat

Store Blog: Just When I Thought I Was out, They Pull Me Back In!

Damage trade for AC

Relative Ages by Race

Reduce Person As An Offensive Spell?

Mana / magic resource pool for all spellcasters

Pregnant in Wild Shape...?

Spell book apearences

Help making a broken character

Unique weapon advice needed

Advice on my Spiritualist Build

Human Trebuchet (improvised weaponry)

Divine Fighting Technique: Way of the Carving Blade with Vital Strike and other feats.

How many undead can we create from a single corpse?

New player - How defensive should I make the party's only melee character? (Mainly CRB only)

Can I shield bash with a Klar?

Diagonal Move Through Open Doorway?

Quick question about Alchemist Infusions

Inquisitive cleric archetype?

Variant Channel + Ki Channel

Ignore this

[JBE] Book of Heroic Races: Occult Intrigue in the Wilderness

Question on a 3.5 PRC

Hunter Quah Bond

What actions can be taken with hand that has a light shield?

A question about Druidic Herbalism

A question about Druidic Herbalism

Errata / FAQ request: Warden (archetype) Master of Terrain (Ex)

Duration of Bloody Vengeance

Spheres of Power FMA build

Is there a spell way to create a vampire

I did expanded summons lists for a few Pathfinder deities

(pirate / aspis town) 'kill the helpless aspis agent or the innocent family dies' what should a paldin do?

Themes to Classes?

Walls / Blade Barrier / Shapeable spells FAQ

[WIP] My brain hurts... good thing I don't need it!!! Marshmallow's guide to the fighter [WIP]

Please help me with my Empiricist Investigator for PFS.

Sanity Threshold calculation

So item creation no long requires exp to craft them?

Build Question for Pathfinder Society (PFS) Monk 1 / Druid 10

Kinetic Blast vs Wind Wall

Available Interactive Maps

AP Treasure and Random Encounters: Pre-calculated or Roll?

Assassin NPC

Building a 'tank' magus

ways to up your game / tips and tricks for players

Arcane Discovery for Counterspell Abjurers

Quick Check on my Kineticist Attacks and defenses

Bestiary 5 Errata

Bestiary 5: Construction cost Lead Golem

Making an assasination mission difficult

Warslinger alternate racial trait: Slings only?

Calling Kineticist experts: Help me choose

Bag of Holding + Darkness

Best Martial Focused Magus

Good "boss" design

Whispering Evil (Daemon subdomain power): how does it work?

Strictly by the rules which wild shape form is best for grab / constrict damage

Make the Most of the Drakerider Cavalier

Mundane Item Generator

I have never seen a Dragon.

I am Carnage: How to make the venom / carnage symbiote in pathfinder

Can a rogue get an Animal Companion

Adherer and grapple

Oracle: Gaze of Flames vs Water Sight "Overlap"

Can the Butterfly Blade (slayer archetype) use two speed weapons?

Halfing Rogue with 24 hp at level 2?

360 no-scope

Shamans and Charisma

Beguiler conversion for Pathfinder

Improved Spell Sharing (Teamwork) and SLAs

Adventure Path NPC attack

Blessed Hammer

(PFS) Anyone know if this has been answered?

Rod of Magical Precision

Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Ftagn! A Guide To The Elder Mythos Cultist

The Trial of the Knight

Telekinesis: What Bonuses does Violent Thrust Allow?

Farmer Bob's Average Joe Income

What area of a fog or mist does Gust of Wind disperse?

Mantaur [Little Red Goblin Games]

Mad Scientist Genius Extract Tables for your Convenience

Force Ward interactions with multiple types of damage

Bladed Brush Combat, Buckler and Slashing Grace?

Point Buy class abilities: M and M love

Hmmm... if weapon damage scales with size, why don't armor and shield bonuses?

Inquisitions for the Other Deities?

Combat Advice Build - What are some feats like Combat Advice?

Got an idea for a Oracle.. But unsure of what Mystery..

Deadly stroke and precision damage

Deadly stroke and precision damage

Removing a key figure in Golarion history, who would you pick, and why?

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