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Mythic Crafter

Eidolon subtypes and base forms

The Umpteenth Dragon Disciple Attempt

Builds for Varisian Dancing Scarves?

How to handle a half orc / half drow in Golarion?

What are the HD of a Shadowdancer's shadow companion?

Empty Quiver Style and Empty Quiver Flexibility

Need help cheesing the Ravager from Rappan Athuk!

provoking attacks of opportunity?

Build Help

Empower spell on strong jaw

Black Blood (Bloodrager Archetype) and Black Blooded Oracle

magus' and "range touch" spells pfs

Does Ill Omen actually do anything?

Warcaster Armour Analogy

Vexing Dodger's Limb Climber + Opponent moving away

Orc Bloodline Arcana / Blood Havoc and 'Damage'

What is in your Top 5 "Things to Change" list for Pathfinder?

Weapon Backstrories

Pricing Mithral Armor for Unusual Creatures

Working Thread, Splitting Tier From Level

Alternate Class Features as a replacement for Bloodline Powers

Melee Feysworn? Feysworn of Ragadahn Build Ideas!

Looking for an Urban adventure to run.

Synthesist summoner questions regarding form and movement


Walk Me Through It: Spheres of Power

Staff-like Wand Magus Arcana?

MAGUS BUILD....First build please help

Building a shield and sword character

GMF and AOMF question

[Zenith Games] Top 12 Tips for Writing Adventures

Lightning Bolt and Water

Feats For LMG

Is their a limit on bonus given by magic items? Specifically skill points?

Come talk about Bestiary 6 with me?

Come talk about Bestiary 6 with me?

Help with an Eldritch Knight build

PoW: Bestiary

Bestiary Pawns - going out of print?

The suffocator

Feeding a Town?

Skald and alternate rage powers

what if they made a pathfinder movie?

Adventurer's Armory 2: Dream come true, or balance nightmare?

PFS - Not Max DC Offensive Caster

Having Some Fun Talking About Sneak Attack (Podcast Included)

Looking for animal training and size-changing armor

Underwater Combat and Kineticists

Does caster level always increase the number of scaling spells' damage dice? (PFS)

Golden Carriage of Gaspar Longfellow

Investigator using a rogue talent

Mivon information

Shaman Spontaneous Casting

Need A Name - Android Warpriest

A "Ravenloft-esque" one-shot?

Can you cast `Surmount Affliction` whlie confused, dazed, or paralyzed?

Time Oracle (and Erase from Time ability)


Magical Security

tattooed mythic legal PFS??

Counterspell Arcanist

Myrrh, Frankincense, and Steel: Kurald Galain's Guide to the Magus

Alluria Publishing - Some information

Does bonus against spells aplly also against spell-like abilities?

Am I missing something with the Skald?

Trying to increase my damage out put

Strength Magus help!

How to fill out an animal companion sheet?

Pack Flanking advice

Input on Troop Stats

Advice for Bone Fist spell on our polearm fighter

Chuthulean oracle or cleric.

Fall time.

Class Defense Bonus House Rules

Homebrewed Overpowered Artifacts

Advice on a Skull & Shackles game with 3 spellcasters in the party. Possible S&S Spoilers


What Cities have Stats?

Is there a feat or ability that lets me use an item more than once?

Weapon Groups

Manyshot and Vital Strike = ouch?

Do I have to keep wearing my CELESTIAL SHIELD?

pathfinder tales novels

Bestiary 5 Errata

Possible Bestiary 3 Errata / Issues

Assassin sight not adding up

Demon summoner

Possible Bestiary 4 Errata

A Player Wants To Buy All The Stone Quarries And I Don't Even Know Where To Start

Intelligent weapon - with soul

Barbarian with rage restrictions

Crossbow Cohort

Doedicurus question.

Who is the King of Unarmed Combat?

Powerful shape for Druid

Barbarian with rage restrictions

Alternate Crafting (Unchained) - "Batch" Rule

Summoning an Akata

So... could this work?

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