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Questions about mounted charge and attacks of opportunity

Charisma Based Monk Archetype Idea

Charisma Based Monk Archetype Idea

Arcane Knight Custom Class (Please Help)

Homebrew Races Need PEACHING

Help with Warpriest feats up to level 20!

Removing clerics from a setting?

Unchained: Exotic Spell Components

Arcane Knight Custom Class (Please Help)

Tamarack - The Undead Agricultural Giant

Necromancy - this unknown

Pathfinder Society?

What are "good strategy and tactics?" Kickstarter Live!

Rogue found a bag of gold... Trying to hide from group...


Grappling for animal companion

Corrin Fire Emblem build

Advanced Weapon Training question

AD&D Dwellers of the Forbidden City to PF

Occultist Legacy Weapon + Magus Arcane Pool

Errated Classes ?

"effects that augment an unarmed strike"?

Halfling Cavalier, Order of the Dragon?

Adventurer’s Sash?

Large party help

Cavalier mount charge

[Unchained] Stamina System: What feats are worth it now?


Multiclass Archetypes XI: Resurgence

Time to Disarm a Magical Trap

[Forrestfire Studios] A new company, a unique casting class, and more

Planar Binding and Treasure

Unhindering Shield and THF

Mesmerist Spirit Walker archetype

Samurai Jack

Spiritualist in Carrion Crown

Last minute DMing help - CR and encounters

wands and spell trigger

The Predator hunts the party!

Weapon Summoner class?

Powerful shape for Druid

The Trial of the Knight

Wrath of the Righteous Advice for Unchained Monk / Mythic

Puppetmaster Magus experience?

Paladin of Freedom and Blindness / Deafness

1E Bard

Alerting predators in a swamp

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Race weapons

Channel Energy?

Dog Familiar?

NPC Teams

A Feat (or Possibly Trait) Question

Reach and grab; limbs in the spaces between creatures

Ponyfinder Destiny Feat

Mettalic Dragons and Rust Monsters

Thunderstomp Weapon Bonus


Alter Self -Sewer Troll

Version 13.12 of the Pathfinder files for Hero Lab is now available!

Holy Swashbucklers!!!

Please no Ultimate XX....or YY adventures

Advice and Suggestions for Samurai Warforged

Brainstorming Scaramouche, Samurai Jack S5E1

Cestus, Brass Knuckles, Gauntlets and Unarmed Strike Question

Mind chemists and poison resistance

I will write you an encounter or one-shot adventure. Request Away.

Bola build

Third-Party Publishers: Freelancer Open Call

Unarmed Fighter (Archetype) question

Low Magic Setting - Where do Pseudo-Magic Classes Belong?

New character advice

Differentiate the Bestiaries!

Movement when casting touch spells on multiple targets

Angel, Solar and Angel, Empyrean confusion.

Meeting Channelling Prerequisites & Monk Weapons

So an alchemist walks into a bar...

help me build a great cleric monk

Ratfolk Rogue Build

Trample Questions

Stacking Animal Growth and Totem Beast feat for AC

Need some help with a cleric build

Sorcerer vs Witch?

Sorcerer vs Witch?

Ghoran Sorcerer?

Red Tearstone Ring type of item (low health means more damage)

The Blade Adept Arcanist and the Scizore

Courtier's / Nobles Outfit Jewelry question (magic ring / necklace)

How does a Possessed Shaman cast Spirit Spells

Build Advice: Support Shaman

Fire Breath: Belch as part of casting?

Four Element System vs. Five Element System

Maximizing Strength Bloodrager

Hitting a DMing roadblock...

Enforcing a Cornugon smash, how to resolve multiple free actions triggering on same attack

Can Hide Campsite spell be detected with Detect Magic?

DM vs Alchemist

denying dex denial?

Build for stalling sorcerer?

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