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Requesting advice: trading B.A.B for other more useful features

Comprehensive Education Racial Trait

General Citizens

Opportune Parry and Critical Confirmation

Time Units Initiative

Startoss Shower - WHOA

ways to get proficient with the whip

How do I use Rich Parents to help my group?

Character Creation Advice - Stories and Roleplay

Martials with eidolons or phantoms?

[Forrestfire Studios] A new company, a unique casting class, and more

Death and Damage.

Why is the Assassin Prestige Class so terrible? Better options?

1st gunslinger

Melee vs Magic Challenge

The possibilities

is there anything for counter attacking

Are you Flat footed if you provoque an AOO on the first round

Mammoth Rider Mount Options

Sorc / Paladin gestalt build

How do you price weapons of abnormal size?

Pathfinder Savant esoteric magic, please flag for faq

Mike Mearls' initiative system in pathfinder

Which trait for an alchemist

Sap Master Rogue 13th Level: Am I adding this correctly?

City Guard based Campaign

dropping the groups from weapon training

Ghost Mask clarification

Playtest Event?

Slayer Talents and Ninja Tricks

Your Small Legend: Using PC Reputation To Get The Party Started

Bulette armor?

[Legendary Games] Legendary Kineticists (and guide) discussion

Building a Level 11 Paladin for Single Event

Help me build the ultimate Dagger Pouncer! [PFS]

Petition: Suspend recent FAQ on Cost Multipliers for Items

[Feedback]Lore Oracle

Subjective reality, faq if you care

Vermin Companion vs Animal Companion

Aegis astral suit questions

Aegis astral suit questions

The alignment label conundrum

Does the Racial Heritage feat, combined with a feat that improves an inherent feature (claws, poison, etc) grant you that feature?

[WIP] CHARACTER SELECT: A guide to class selection

Hungry ghost / Master of Many styles monk

Help Me Kill My Party!!

Normal to Adamantite?

Dumb Question: How many attacks do monsters get really?

What is the name of your favorite bar / tavern / inn in the game?

Lion-tamer circus bard: How to get an animal companion?

Point Buy Method Critique and Evaluation

Tinkerer Familiar Body shape (PFS)

Promethean Disciple question (Yes I know this is a can of worms but just read it)

Need deity for druid

Best class for a magic jar or possession focused build.

Does "Shield" spell protect against a surprise sneak attack or when flanked?

"Caster Level greater than the HD..."

Kasatha 4-weapon fighting build

Arcanist 'Bloodline Development' and Wildblooded Sorcerer bloodlines

How to calculate the statistics of your animal companion?

Adding a new type of damage - balance qwestions

Pathfinder 3pp Subreddit

[Build] Mamma Said Knock You Out – a weird-ass Butterfly Sting build for Cavaliers

Elemental Spells

Urban Skald vs Regular Skald

Elephantine Disruption

Android and construct?

Human, Tiefling or Ratfolk Witch

Ranger Combat Style and TWF

Sacred Hunstmaster / Animal Companion / Skirmisher Tricks

Spectral Hand question

Hiring Mercenaries, how would you go about it in Caliphas?

Can't find this item...

Card Caster Magus and Shadowcraft Harrow Deck

Lunar Mystery Oracle clarification

Building a Nightcrawler type character

Revisiting the sandman.

paladin : archetype:

What to do when a LG character needs to do an evil act

I Am Vengeance, I am the Night: FedoraFerret's Guide to the Vigilante

Suggestions for Cha based / support paladin

(Terran Empire Publishing) Manastorm: World of Shin'ar is Live on Kickstarter!

Noble Scion and Noble Stipend

Feat Tax and Building on Bonus Feats

Your favorite gestalt build

Two weapons (guns) and iterative attacks

What archetypes do you wish were better?

Biped Eidolon gaining Mount?

Magic Missile vs Mirror Image

Need help to make an adventure for a Druid

Spiritualist and Armor? Can it cast spells in any armor?

Legendary Items: Foe Biter and Legendary Fortification

What is your favorite Eidolon build for a regular summoner?

Can the Petrifern familiar use weapons?

How does Sense Vitals work?

Reduce person and putting on armor

Monks, Temp HP, Lifesteal and Vicious

101 interesting items

How does a Horse provide cover for my character while riding

Ranged weapons and increments

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