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Topic Posts Last Post
High level Lich - spell selection help

Can a featherfalling character cast fly.

Spell list chaining

Sleep immunity and voluntary save failure

Scent & Magic

[WIP] CHARACTER SELECT: A guide to class selection

Three characters get stuck in quicksand - does this method of rescue work?

Fluff n Crunch - Erza Scarlet

"Never laugh at an old man in a dangerous career..."

New questions about immediate actions

Spell that allows you to travel through jungle?

Fighter weapon training and Swashbuckler weapon training.

Piercing the Heavens: N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Warpriest

Spell recovery for Hunters, sorcerers, and Bards

Point Buy class abilities: M and M love

Prehensile Hair Hex

Attacks of Opportunity and Combat Maneuver Attacks

The Drinking Party

Is there a way to get bard spells on a none bard none skald?

Alignments, alignment subtypes and templates?

[Civil Discussion Thread] Feat Effects and Spell-Like Abilities


Remember, The Party is Under No Obligation to Adventure With You

Can you touch multiple allies with a touch spell in 1 round?

Good recipes for home-made GUMBO

Samurai Jack Build

Exploiter Wizard Q

Build advice for Legion

Race Building: The Majestic Mantaur

Concealing Spellcasting

Arcanist or Wizard

Advice on starting a higher level campaign with an undersized party

3rd party Classes and Races

Pain Psychic + VMC Paladin question

Finding a person's true name

Psyloke / Lady Mandarin

The Very Helpful Halfling - build suggestion

empyreal sorcerer and class skills

Does the kata master monk archetype provide extra benefits when multiclassing as a swashbuckler

Clarification on feat prereqs for my sanity

Way of the Angry Bear 3: The Guide to Bear Fisted Fighting!

Shield Slam + Imp. Bull Rush

Cute Little Girl


What's the most annoying character ever?

[APG] Zen Archer and Trick Shot: How much do they need to know?

Selling Bestiaries

Animate Object Question

Half-day use custom magic item.

Polymorph Any Object and Type / Subtype

Samurai Critical and Enlarge Person on Animal Companion

is there a site online where you can create PC?

Intimidating Tyrant Antipaladin for Hell's Vengeance

Story Hook: The partyfulfilled an ancient prophecy, fortelling the messiah. But depending on interpretation, any of them could be the messiah.

Has Anyone Used A Wizard’s Shackle?

Lernaean Studio

Does Weapon Focus Unarmed help with Grapple attempts?

Prestige class & spell casting progression

Unchained Monk, Flurry, TwF, and Double Weapons.

Wildshape Loss question

Variant Monsters & Knowledge Checks

Penguin race and other penguin-y ideas

Instant Enemy ranger spell clarification needed

What happened to magic items? Are they useless?

Darkness Wapriests Enshrouding Darkness - Concealmemt and Stealth

Highest Diplomacy! Can You Get Your Bonus Over 100 by lvl 20?

Suli Scaled Fist

Staff Channel + Quicken Spell? Or maybe rather, rules interaction process?

Build Advice: Flowing Monk / Monk of the Sacred Mountain vs. Unchained Monk

Veiled Illusionist

Mad Scientist Genius Extract Tables for your Convenience

Wizard(Conjuration): School Familiar + Specialty Stowaway + Dimensional Steps

Wyvaran Age Category

Shatter spell

Building a 'tank' magus

increasing cmd?

WarPriest Archetype (Cleric / Barbarian rebalance) - Need suggestions

Dizzying defence - how is it meant to work?

i am thinking about making a sorcerer / druid....

Keep on the Borderlands, Pathfinder Edition

The One-Armed Monk

Ralph L'Mao's Unerring Missile

Paizo Blog: Combat Maneuvers and Weapon Special Features

Can shadows turn off their strength damage?

Cast a lower version spell

Covering Fire and Cooperative Combatant

Who you gonna call? (Ghost helpers)

Political Intrigue Add ons

Throwing Shield and Shield Master Feat Interaction

NPC Full plate Wizard

Magic item slots and Inscribe Magical Tattoo

Would true seeing reveal possession?

Advice on handling Intimidate

War Saddle on Summoned Creature

How much damage does a vampire do in grapple?

Creating Pouches of Filth?

2h weapon + hand of the acolyte?

Possible Bestiary 3 Errata / Issues

Variant Multi-classing with your own class

'Distracting Charge' feat plus stacking

301 to 400 of 161,601 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | next > last >>
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