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Some questions (witch related)

Fencing Grace and Spiral Rapier

How do you tell if a race is a player race? (Duegar Tyrant?)

How would you handle these Goblins?

Sneaky caster

Make this character in Pathfinder

[Drop Dead Studios] Spheres of Combat Kickstarter

Flame Jet / Gravity Control Underwater Question

[PFS] Can a mooncursed barbarian or a shifter take Aspect of the Beast?

Would plane shift get you to a different reality?

Searching for a feat: Wizard 'signature spell'?

Critique My Bard variants....

"Assassin of Mages" build

Help me choose my feats for my Brawler / Master of styles build

Stealth - "Hide" immobile is a move action?

Ways to benefit from taking non-lethal damage

Combat Stamina optional rule

Magic item must haves

Devolutionist Druid, subhuman companion and restrictions.

Advice on Halcyon Druid mask.

Do Magic Traits apply to PCs with spell-like abilities?

Doppelganger Simulacrum And how does it work exactly?

Ways to apply templates to summoned monsters

What Lies Beneath - Five Creatures (other than rats) You'll Find in the Sewers

Dismissing Eidolons

Shifter workshop

Nokojin (homebrew race)

Clockmen (homebrew race)

Solo Cleric vs Solo Inquisitor

DMDM's Guide to the Spell Sage DRAFT Part 1

Store Blog: Look at You. Aren't You a Little Bundle of Joy?

Wish List for Spells

Augment your non existent gore?

Botches & Fumbles: Do you use them?

Gestalt Combinations that I thought of during class.

Comprehensive List for Alchemical Affinity and Yuelral's Blessing Arcane Discoveries

alchemical attributes

Swallow Whole damage in new book

Accomplished Sneak Attacker question

Spellstrike clarification

Druid Martial Weapon Proficiency

Masquer (Shifter Archetype)

Reach cleric advice

Envoy of Balance Twin Channeling

Sundering and half damaging objects.

What stops an aura?

Muscle Wizard - yay or nay

Which Wizard Discoveries Are Worth It?

What type of weapon for a ranged cleric

party build--fantasy dark ages warband

Trying to gain AC

Best spell for a word bottle?

Greatsword Fighter

Arcane Trickster - because Rogue is dead [*]

How to use the Harrow deck

Best spell for a word bottle?

Help Increasing HP (PFS)

Psychic casters vs Calm Emotions spell

How to Remove a Botted PC

Cast multiple Spells per round

Vital Strike Builds, when can it be better

Life Link without Oracle or Shaman levels?

"Get over here!" - the Wolf Trip magus

I need help building this (THIS IS A CHALLENGE)

Catch 22 - Magic Items, Settlements, and Kingdom Building.

Maximized weapon damage feet

Advanced simple and ability (or other non-hp) damage rolls?

Targeting spells with alchemist extracts

Spring Attack, Hide in Plain Sight & Stealth: Any official clarification?

Blistering Invective Questions

You only allow 100 feats

Trying to recall the name of a Third-Party Mechanical Race like Warforged

Kineticist assistance

Druidic Expansion

Medieval / Fantasy / Pathfinder Marvel Hero Character Builds.

subsonic hum forever if failed?

Solo Tactics and counting yourself as own ally

Wild Shapes, Archetypes, and Capstones

Evil mysterious stranger needs good bullets

Alchemist - Vest of Stable Mutation

Banishment on outsiders with Plane Shift?

Mass Combat Alternatives

Vital strike with charging mount.

Deals with devils

Guide to Familiars in Pathfinder by SunderedShadow

(Frog God Games) Richard Pett's The Blight Kickstarter

Archetype Tier List: A Guide to Picking Archetypes

The Hostage Situation

Strength based Falcata wielder daring champion?

Quarterstaff and Scorching Weapons / Inner Flame?

Preferred Spell and Spell Perfection and Metamagic Rods

Oracle curse on a non Oracle

Level Up!

Transmutation in a limited-use item

Ill Oman

Unchained Barbarian: rage and temporary hp.

Kensai Magus trying to get Fighter's Finesse

How does Excommunication work on Golarion?

A New Class

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