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Topic Posts Last Post
Let's Make Some Real Heroes (Community Challenge)

Walter's Magus help

A NEW Question on IP for Demogorgon, Tiamat, etc.

Champion of Melekatha REDUX!

Aegis astral suit questions

Green Ronin - Dread Lich question

Adding the giant template to the lantern archon or the lightning elemental

Hunter riding companion.

Hinterlander Prestige Class question: Here (supposed to) be dragons?

Is there a product with pregenerated animal companions?

Times your Characters made you say WTF?

Can a blind attacker destroy mirror images?

The Firbholg, soft-spoken giants with a gift for making constructs

Methods of reducing ranged penalties / increasing to-hit?

Madness Bomb Clarification

Homebrew spell

Double checking how Might of the Godclaw revelation works

Most powerful Witch patron

Alternate Class Names

Monster Hunter Campaign: Mounting

does immunity overrule vulnerability, or the other way around?

Medium Cohort or my current familiar?

Any tips on making a bladed scarf character?

Calling all spider riders!

do secondary throwers need ranged feats?

Starjammer Space Marine question

Assistance with Mounted Leader type (Wrath campaign)

Kinetic Blast + Kinetic Fist + Elemental Ascetic + Monk VMC vs. Kinetic Blade

The Dread Pirate Roberts

Ehn's Gaming Foundry blog

Spell slinger Arcanist or Sorcerer Help

Alchemist in COTCT

[] Starjammer: Pathfinder in Space!

Double strength modifier on a gore

Combat Manager application

Enhancement Bonus to Shield Bash attacks

Problem with Corruption / Affliction / mutation system

Is Pathfinderwiki down?

What classes get a "Luck Pool?"

Razor Coast

Detecting Undead Among Corpses

Teleport: rules question about Obscuring / blocking a designated destination

Enchanting Item Prices

How do I hit things as a magus?

Reach Slayer Build

Chromatic Dragons

Revenant Armor and Possession

The infamous six-natural-attack build - progression options?

Pricing a magic item.

I made an Alexa skill for Pathfinder, you can ask it for the value of any stat of any spell, item or monster - I need your help to test it!

Bug recommendations for a Fey themed Entotethrope

Problem with Corruption / Affliction / mutation system

Unchained Bard (Homebrew Class)


DMDM's Guide to the Diabolist -- Autumn 2015 edition

Magus Spellstrike + Ring of Far Strike

Playtest Event?

Bard Masterpiece: The Lullaby of Ember the Ancient - clarifications needed

Class vs Character Personality

Catfolk Inquisitor natural attack / animal companion build help.

Requesting advice: trading B.A.B for other more useful features

CLERIC rewrite

Comprehensive Education Racial Trait

General Citizens

Opportune Parry and Critical Confirmation

Time Units Initiative

Startoss Shower - WHOA

ways to get proficient with the whip

How do I use Rich Parents to help my group?

Character Creation Advice - Stories and Roleplay

Martials with eidolons or phantoms?

[Forrestfire Studios] A new company, a unique casting class, and more

Death and Damage.

Why is the Assassin Prestige Class so terrible? Better options?

1st gunslinger

Melee vs Magic Challenge

The possibilities

is there anything for counter attacking

Are you Flat footed if you provoque an AOO on the first round

Mammoth Rider Mount Options

Sorc / Paladin gestalt build

How do you price weapons of abnormal size?

Pathfinder Savant esoteric magic, please flag for faq

Mike Mearls' initiative system in pathfinder

Which trait for an alchemist

Sap Master Rogue 13th Level: Am I adding this correctly?

City Guard based Campaign

dropping the groups from weapon training

Ghost Mask clarification

Playtest Event?

Slayer Talents and Ninja Tricks

Your Small Legend: Using PC Reputation To Get The Party Started

Bulette armor?

[Legendary Games] Legendary Kineticists (and guide) discussion

Building a Level 11 Paladin for Single Event

Help me build the ultimate Dagger Pouncer! [PFS]

Petition: Suspend recent FAQ on Cost Multipliers for Items

[Feedback]Lore Oracle

Subjective reality, faq if you care

Vermin Companion vs Animal Companion

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