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Breath of the Wild: Sheikah Slates and You

What is possible with this build

Advice - Help dealing with very high HP monsters

Easter themed cursed items!

Titan Fighter + double Weapons?

Mauler Archetype Strength Adjustment

Alchemical item help

Captain Yesterday's Big Hole To Put Stuff.

Coup de Grace weapon?

Megafauna previous to bestiary 2?

My new character sheets for Pathfinder

Water Manipulator Wild Talent

Totemic Skald Wild Shape question

Help with a dead Unicorn

[LPJ Design] A New Hybrid classes: Barbarian + Witch = ????

[Storm Bunny Studios] The Bloodlines & Black Magic Kickstarter is here!

Sharding Weapon + Syringe / Injector Spear and / or poison

Ranger Combat Style and Prerequisites

Homebrew Challenge: Pantheon Generator

New Base Class: Exarch (Easier to Read Edition!)

Alignments, alignment subtypes and templates?

Monk / Druid multi class Guide

Bull's Strength Mass math and other examples

Paladin fighter dip

Five most powerful characters?

Rob of Needles - Questions

Best / Strongest Archery Build

Swapping Cavalier mount for Huntmaster's Hunting Pack

Illusions and Darkvision?

New GM w / an Old Quandary: Swarms

You fluff em, we've crunched em

Making a level in the middle of a day.

Living Grimoire

(Frog God Games) Richard Pett's The Blight Kickstarter

Evil Spells But For Good?

Armored Kilt Questions

Code of Paladin of Vildeis

Handle Animal: Does Defend Trick Include Heel?

A perhaps stupid question regarding mythic spells

Claws ( primary / secondary) ?

masterworked tools work on profession?

Death. I didn't think it would be like this.

Mesmerist / Spiritualist?

How do spells "centered on Caster" function?

Help with some custom items for party. Based from Wraith of the Righteous.

Multiattack and animal companions

Books of Razmir???

Monk / Inquisitor idea

Subsystem for stealthily trailing someone?

Bomb discovery fusions

Ring of Kinetic Component Freedom

Hello need help I'm a new player!

Tatterdemalion Witch's Dancing Strings

Why are d6 classes a thing?


Robes of Arcane Heritage

Jade Regent Book 4 Feasts, any rewrite ideas?

[Podcast] Professional Goblins #1: Soup Mountain and Duncan the Polka Paladin

Fast Learner: What exactly are our options?

Multiclass Archetypes Announcement - Wiki Reborn

[LPJ Design] Two New Hybrid classes: Paladin + Summoner and Cavalier + Bard

my player needs help picking a class

Wheel of Time Pathfinder Conversion

Druid + Sylvan Sorcerer. What level is the Animal Companion?

need advice on items to go for for an intimidate build i made


Arcane Trickster or Sandman Bard

Alternate System to Magic Item Creation?

Frontliner for RotRl

Animal Companion toughness question

Throwing flying blade Swashbuckler build advice.

Paladin mount advanced simple template and stats

Assassin Base Class

Swashbuckler finesse and Agile weapon special ability

King of the seven deadly sins

Level one feat for a phantom

Can I get this Custom Class Reviewed?

Best Quickened Spells?

Is Intense Spells bonus damage added on every tick of DoT evocation spells?

Ancient osirion deities location in books

FAQ request: Manifold Stare

Legal Fey Eidolon Evolutions

High damage dealing constriction builds for multi class Druid / Monk

What can phantoms do when not manifested?

5 Tips For Playing Better Clerics

Help coming up with Homebrew Deck of many things affects.

Help / advice with a spiritualist

Increasing System Mastery

Custom Race Help: Mantaur

Neutral Clerics with Negative Channeling, but still capable of casting [Good] spells?

Fluff n Crunch - Erza Scarlet

A little bit of help for necromancer

Spell level divergence across classes

Breaking a hypnotic command

Spheres of Might (previously Spheres of Combat) Kickstarter Live!

Natural weapon fighter with limited resources...

Must have items for an Archer?

Ancient osirion deities location in books

Painful Stare + Psychic Inception: do I still need to roll 50% effectiveness?

Spheres of Power - Divided Creation

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