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[DragonWing Games] Lore of the Gods: PFRPG Edition live on Kickstarter

Wild shape form armor

Advanced and Giant simple templates

Question regarding a cleric aura size (from glory domain)

Hand of the apprentice optimization

Playing an intelligent weapon / body jumper

How does Stone Shield work?

Have you ever lost that 'spark' for creating characters?

So I want to build MacGuyver

Bestiary 7 Wishes List.

Best Third-Party Adventures

Dumb question regarding multiclassing and spell levels

[PFS] Wayang Controller Druid Help, Please

Kinetic Knight with Shroud of Water, is it worth it?

How do multiple attacks work while grappling

Ignore this

Organized Play / Living Campaign other than Pathfinder Society: Would you be interested in playing

What Spirit Animal Should I Choose?

Which class would work best for this?

Summon Guardian Spirit HD advancement


Help with a MoMS build...

Setting suggestions and build-a-setting questions

Headband Question

What's a reasonable crafting DC and time / value for this?

A look at small bonus snowballing

Dwarven paladins of Ragathiel are in trouble

Assisting another character in creating an item (craft wondrous item)

Temporary Hex problems

Double checking on domain options

Caster level prerequisites - what if I take CL-boosting feats?

Dual Psyche Character

Giant Chameleon Divine Bond

[Legendary Games] Coming Soon in 2017 Product Preview Thread!

[AAW Games] Underworld Races and Classes kickstarter is live!!!

Perception on an Animal Companion

Running combat in magical darkness? Also Light vision questions.

The Slumbering Tsar - Starting, DM Set up, Questions, and Advice

Intra-party Conflict

Building a lightsaber

Best spells for surprisingly useful potions, oils or scrolls?

oracle clouded vision question

New Alchemist formulae from Pathfinder Player Companion: Arcane Anthology

Undead and (Un)Holy Vindicator?

How to build a Scythe wielding melee character?

[Wayward Rogues Publishing] EZG reviews the Skyrider Hybrid Class

Piercing the Heavens: N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Warpriest

Dimensional Steps Conjurer Question.

Tweaking healing skill?

[Fat Goblin Games] Sidebar: Clinging is available!

Cutting down on feat bloat.

Unchained Rogue: Am I crippling myself by NOT going TWF?

Retraining at higher level

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Separatist Archetype and Apocryphal Subdomains (PFS)

New day new AP new character. HELP(choice anxiety)(Hell's Rebels)

Scrying clerification - Scrying an item inside a bag of holding inside a bag of holding?

Empowered spell against vulnerability

Ninja trick: Advanced Talent. More than one?

Ranged Flanking

Helping a new player out with a low Str character

A word of advice to all adventuring parties out there.

Eidolon Subtype Questions

Would Totem Spiritualist's Phantom Animal stack with Animal Companion?

Best Non-Wizard Necromancy Spells

(advice) Build / concept for a Katana-wielder that's NOT a samurai

Rime Spell and Admixture

(Advice) How's this for a Kitsune Swashbuckler build?

Warmage re-tool for Pathfinder

A guide to playing DBZ in PFS

Almanach of Golarion? (Know Direction podcast...)

Herb Witch + Thuvian Alchemist

Devoted Muse build

The ultimate thief! An attempt at a Filcher Rogue for Hell's Rebels!

Imbue Arrow and Fire Breath

SoP Occultist

Building New Inevitables

Golarion Populations by Race and Settlement Size

Suggestions for Sound Striker

Hexing Doll Limits

Homebrew Spell: Spawning Fireball -Inside- Enemies

Recommendations for a sixth character

Having a player that refuses to put effort into making characters?

Army Challenge Rating for diminuitive army

Oracle / Paladin / Ninja Multiclass

[Rusted Iron Games] New Deadly Gardens Releases

Odd question - 'pratice' sword stats?

allowing nested extradimensional spaces

Items for a Witch

Race Points vs ECL

Jabbing Style clarifications

Advice on Building Gulch Gunner

Mooncursed Barbarian Shifing rage Question

Harmless and Non-Harmless

Rogue Archetype: The Demolitionist

Sacred Huntsmaster Inquisitor questions on Animal Focus ability

Path of War - Fiendbound Marauder archetype question - Dark Mark

Legendary Item Undetectable Ability

Tome Seeker

Rules Clarification and Advice for a Thrower Build

201 to 300 of 162,860 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | next > last >>
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