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Wish List for Alternate Racial Traits

Bestiary 7 Wishes List.

What's a creepy kidnapping hag minion?

Clestial Armor: CRB vs UE. Wtf?

Two-Weapon Fighting with one-handed weapons

do true spell (wizard spell) and cyclops helm applied crit ?

Halcyon Druid for intrigue campaign

Asking feedback on my one-off for colleagues

Paladin of Kurgess

Interaction between Heritor Knight and a staggered charge?

[Zombie Sky Press] The Faerie Ring: Along the Twisting Way Campaign Guide

Use Craft Construct to make a flying ship?

Your experience with PFs 'Armor as Damage Reduction' optional rule?

Why would a sacred fist worship anyone but irori?

Non-tetori grappling monk

How to build a zombie / skeleton with pounce?

Detect Evil and Dominate Person

Channel Positive Energy

Polymorph any object on quasit?

Gunslinger targeting

Any experience with not requiring weapons being +1 before adding enchantments?

New GM Advice

Wish List for Spells

Wish List for Magic Items

Dealing with bad Will Saves, without save boosters

Beast Bonded Witch, Twin Soul question

Do you allow different edition of D&D spells?

Flying aerokineticist and bonus to fly skill

Mellee brown fur transmuter Ratfolk (PFS)

Any sense of having DR / evil?

A Man Needs Amontage

Looking for Dungeon Adventure Ideas

Are there feats similar to Demonic Obedience?

Looking for advice on Custom Campaign synopsis

Does this rough Bloodrager build need any tweaking?

Question about indentifying DR

Hybrid archetypes still missing in the ACG (or converted from previous books)

Lyre of Building: How many hours of the day are the 100 humans laboring for?

Natural Attacks and Shields.

Is there a way to make a bard a 9th level caster?

Looking for character advice

Treachery and the Art of Initiative

An Eidolon and Augment Summoning

paladin feats help

Sandpoint Timeline in Rise of the Runelords

How does bleed stacking from the serrated edge mod interact with TWF?

Bugbear PCs

Grappling, armor spikes, and enhancement bonuses

Swallow Whole

[Drop Dead Studios] Spheres of Combat Kickstarter

Invisibility / Perception / Pinpoint Creature

Third-Party Publishers: Freelancer Open Call

Giant Topple Feat, Please Critique

Vanguard Hustle worst feat tax ever

Critique my Warpriest Whip / Controller Build

Might not belong here

What is your "Base line" character class?

Homebrew Naruto Shinobi Class

Paladin / Cleric - start... uhh... still noob questions :)

Implant Urge

(Feat) Hit Points vs Ini / Saves


City of Seven Seraphs

Brawler's Flurry + Greater Trip + Vicious Stomp + Pummeling Charge + Elephant Stomp + Fortuitous + Spiked Destroyer. Help?

Builds for Varisian Dancing Scarves?

Would I be an enjoyable PbP player?

Any ways to go about making a gun bard?

101 Ways To Make Your Players Say "Oh F-"

Max number ot attacks?

Myrrh, Frankincense, and Steel: Kurald Galain's Guide to the Magus

Attacks of opportunity required?

Eclipse Strike rules?

What am I missing: Aldori issues

Can a Brown-Fur Transmuter get Idealize?

Owen K.C. Stephens' Blog

Druid and Huge Creature Wild Shape - physical size

Invisible Rogue Underwater, gets Sneak Attack?

At what point does your hand need to be free?

Rogue Talent: Underhanded + Unarmed Strike + Invisiblity

[Please FAQ] Small PC using Reduce Person and a Reach weapon?

Spell combat

New Mythic Character - Need clarification...

Wild armor with other special abilities

Discoveries and polymorph in alhemists question

Player-build Underground Ecology / Economy

Duplicate familiar effect on objects and active spell effects

Control Weather range and duration questions

Is there a way to combine reposition maneuver with greater cleave?

unchained rogue finesse with Ring of rat fangs, cloak of fangs

Buying a head band of Vast Intelligence

Firebrand (Gunslinger) Optimization - What's the difference?

elemental body and beast shape buff ?

How does arcanist spell prep work?

Is there a pathfinder equivilent to shadow silk?

Fighter Unleashed (YAFT)

Best Spell from Non-Wizard Spell list

Death Slayer PrC and how effective with other channels sources

Gloves of Dueling and Advanced Weapon Training Interaction / Priority?

Ioun Wyrd available at character creation?

Fighter v. Swashbuckler (opinions PLEASE)

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