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Keep on the Borderlands, Pathfinder Edition

What to play in a evil party?

Tengu for PFS.

Pathfinder Map Pack: Marsh Trails

attracting rats - animal speaker

Lich Confusion

How do you pronounce "Tiefling?"

When does a miss damage items and armor?

Paladins vs Clerics of an Evil Deity and Eternal Conflict

TWF+Brawler Flurry+Claws??

TWF+Brawler Flurry+Claws??

AoO clearifacation please.

Options for overcoming light sensitivity / blindess

Strictly by the rules which wild shape form is best for grab / constrict damage

[UM] Qinggong Monk - Slow Fall

How to change stats & cr when npc turns into demon?

Grab ability maintain grapple check

GM gave out too much armor at level one, what should he / we do?

Fly+Grab+Voluntary Fall

Mask of Fear

Investigator using a Mutagen question

New DM, Please help with my campaign.

Cooperative Crafting + Craft Tech...

Going a Viking(or whose defending this berg anyways?)

Weaponless Skum

Unchained Rogue Build

Spiritualist and Phantom Levels

Help building deceptive, manipulative full caster

What would you do with a 98pb?

List of Pathfinder monsters by mythological origin?

Meditation Tea Question...

Rules question: Oracle of Bones

Players in search for a group

One-hit wonder: is 1,000 damage in a single attack possible?

Should my Zen archer / Sacred huntmaster gestalt go Arcane Archer?

Clustered Shots Too Powerful?

Fictional Pathfinder Movie Cast

RP Question: Evil Character / Good God

Absorb Blow Mythic Guardian Call

Loremaster's Lore Class Feature

Advice and thoughts on final build: Slayer.

Patreon about RPG City Maps

Looking for build: Kitsune Trickster / spy using unchained rogue

Necromancer advice

Beastbrewer Alchemist (Archetype)

Cruel, Conductive, Cruelty

Is this within 10ft range?

ABP for NPCs

Defensive Parry (Aldori) discrepancy

Level 20, 3 Mythic Levels, Oracle, Bunch of other stuff.

Harmonic spell feat = Skald ragecycle ??

Red Mantis shenanigans

Do / should Bladed Brush and Slashing Grace work together?

Radiance House - Pact Maker - Generally Useful v Situationally Useful

Improvised Weapons, Masterwork, and Enchanting (FAQ)

Increase Flight Speed

Illusory Maestro (Illusion school familiar) question

Your thoughts on this Animal Companion

Kitsune Promethean Alchemist Advice

Necromancer Power Over Undead / Control Undead - can a Good PC use this?

Breaking the Archetype as a stepping stone to prestige

Are Mediums better Rogues?

Uncommon Energy Types

Animal companion and personal spell

Amulet of Mighty Fists Question

Rage powers (etc) for prestige class requirements

What are Pathfinder's Core Materials

Looking for a homebrew-friendly play group!

Store Blog: Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures!

Ways to enhance my damage on multiple attacks

Steel Hound Investigator for Mummy's Mask: talent choices

AC or extra attack?

Human Fighter Build

Breaking the Archetype as a stepping stone to prestige

My first custom monster

Grappling and offhand natural attacks

Serial Killer Campaign

AOMF question

Sylph Wind Listener and Echoing Spell Feat

Dealing with a backseat DM

First Mother's Fang Mount Tricks

Adding Prestige Class Levels to Monsters. What's the Ratio?

Questions about Battle Song of the People's - Raging Song - Masterpieces

Character Advice: Help on Sword-Wielding Magical Girl Concept

sylph + cloud gazer feat + obscuring mist?

Quarterstaff of Entwined Serpents - who casts the MM?

Improvised Weapons are they Weapons FAQ

Dhampir (and others with negative energy affinity) and Regenerate?

DMing help - Tying missions together into a plot

[Encounter Table Publishing] The Aethera Campaign Setting

[Legendary Games] Legendary Planet AP - Questions

Need help with first Rogue build

Life Oracles and Lich Curses

Craziest Animal Companion you can get?

Fly check in a single round

Knowledge skill to the max

[Dreamscarred Press] EZG reviews April Augmented 2017

Need help with gunslinger build for undead character

Help Building the Ogroid Thaumaturge in Pathfinder

Does the unchained rogue's finesse training work with power attack for bonus damage?

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