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Non-army mass combat help

Help with a dead Unicorn

Help me equip my Gunquisitor

Spell like abilities in animal form?

How to make Explosive Fireball - House rules are ok

Western homebrew undead question

Can the Unchained Monk have archetypes? What would go good with Hunter?

Looking for ways to get around being blind.

Shield Bash Stacking??

Saving feats?

Help with a player building a magic weapon

[WIP] CHARACTER SELECT: A guide to class selection

Id Rager Level Dip? Dedication Size Increase?

Conflicting Readied Actions & Ready Action Scope.

Double weapons and two handed archetypes?


Stargazer PRC and Extra _____

Combat with an Empiricist Investigator

Time Loop Adventure

Avenger Evangelist.

Chosen One (Paladin), Diplomancer - Build Advice

Oracle of Lore 1 / Bard 7 build

Break DCs for large, huge, gargantuan and colossal objects - Suggestions?

Temporary will save bonuses

Argh! Help!?

I need some Hunter help. I've been away from pathfinder for years.

Paper Kineticict

Goblin Cavalier Charger Build Help

Mythic Versions of Celestials!

Apply the feat "Weapon Finesse" to combat manoeuvre?

Crafting Boots of Speed.

Gray's Homebrew Stat Blocks

Held touch attack charge, followed by a full attack

Point buy and races

So the feat fox shapehas a "special" thing in the feat and I don't understand what it's there for.

Ways to increase my Ectoplasmatist attack bonus.

Can you use Shadow Walk on planes other than the Material Plane?

Advice on mercifull healer feats

“Trait Adopted” could a Racial trait be taken?

*Spoiler-free* Rise of the Runelords character advice

what oracle curse is not really a curse?

Kyton (chain and other questions)

Imbue arrow and riving strike

What do you think of this -dirty- Kitsune martial artist build for PFS?

Another Arcane Trickster Guide

Surprising a Cloaked Wolf

Need help with a caster build for PFS - Most likely an Oracle

Tricking willingness

Lich and using a Divine item as a Phalactory

Bark at the Moon. Build Advice for a not quite werewolf

does a natural druid have to know Druidic?

Oddest race class combos.

Knowledge checks DC 40-50

Hengeyokai RP cost

Mount (Animal Companion) speed increase suggestions?

To VMC Dirge Bard, or not to VMC Dirge Bard

Unsworn Shaman Hex / Spirit Progression and Hex Selection

A character calling themselves a priest

Vital Strike whilst Mounted

The open hand monk in- how not to use a longbow 101.

intelligent items

AMF, True Seeing, Detect (Alignment), and detect magic

Greater Transformative Enchantment and Armor Spikes

Errata Request Giant Tortise Animal Companion (B4)

Ways to heal when dropped below 0 HP, other than Aegis and Shawl.

Possible Bestiary 4 Errata

can i do rain of blows AND inspire courage? (dervish dancer)

Cast vanish spell round 1, sneak attack round 2 possibility???

Thalassic Behemoth: Unstoppable?

Some UMD and Related Rules Questions

Flight Knight

Carrying capacity for party of wimps

Challenge: Playable Aranea Character

Build your best pathfinder wizard Level 1-20

Consolidated "Training" Weapon Special Ability questions thread

Paizo Blog: That Notorious Haunter of the Holidays

Meditation Feats: Body Control reduced sleep & Meditation Master rest requirement.

Stoneskin and Precision Damage

Second post, got an idea for a character but honestly can't decide

Stalwart how useful is it?

Material Component, free hand...FAQ?

More options for firearms?

Need advice on how to make a versatile Slayer

What did plate armor cost back in D&D 1st edition and ad&d?

Spiritual Ally fly checks

Index To Rules Subsystems

Ancient Bard College Dungeon Ideas

Wild Shape + Ride?

Mysteriuos Stranger and Spellscar Drifter

Spellscar Drifter + Mysterious Stranger

Roc Companions larger than Large

Advice on Alchemist magic item

Taiga giant mini

CAMbion or camBION?

Gauntlets with Training Echantment

Using a Rod of Lordly Might's Ladder Function as a Weapon

Training and Double Weapons

New Thassilonian Magic

Learn Ranger Trap: (Su) Traps that last for days?

Barbarian advice for a new player.

901 to 1,000 of 160,501 << first < prev | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | next > last >>
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