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Adrenaline Rush + Rage

Antipaladin Fiendish Boon

Updated Prostitute Chart

Anyone ever play a diviner wizard?

Seeking assistance in checking a demonic contract for loopholes

scrolls wands and staffs oh my!

Question about basic pyrokinesis

Limits on Evolved Companion

Eldritch Scoundrel - How do their spells work?

Daring General and Leadership

Carrion Crown: Investigator a good idea?

Party too overpowered

Aether kineticists and kinetic blade

Help me Build a Religious Assassin

Only 20 Classes...which do you choose?

Help me balance a setting where the PCs have little / no magic vs. enemies who have 9th level spells

GM's Guide to Creating Challenging Encounters

Any good items for a telekineticist?

Breaking Bard

Dexterity to damage - Familiar

427 One-Shot Ideas!

Galt - Grey Gardener Stats

Mystic Theurge Combined Spells

How do you build an investigator?

New to GMing

Mana Wastes Druid

Strangler (Brawler) Sneak Attack, does it stack?

Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Ftagn! A Guide To The Elder Mythos Cultist

The deathless paladin.

Fast healing vs. Drowning

Sneak attack help?

Oracles as support, And battle?

Advice for a Catfolk Skald

Vital Strike feat

Making a creepy psychic interrogator / spy

Spell Shadow Body - What do I get / How does it work.

BBEG Construction help

Useful effects triggered by denied dexterity?

Giant slayer AP Dwarf monk advice

Adventure (not AP) for levels 1-4 / 5

Additional Random treasure

Miniture Transfer

Warlock Playtest better than Final / Current

So a Friend asked me some time ago...

Drawing Characters

Dwarf Druid Mount Build

Shaman Erosion Curse Hex on Unorthodox Targets

Switch Hitter Pathfinder Advice

[Reign of Winter] The shackled Hut : the Dawn pipers

What's wrong with the fighter

Solar Bloodline - Qadira Campaign Setting - What's it good at?

Are Reach Weapons Completely Useless?

Rope Dart Killer

Is D20PFSRD going to be fully functional any time soon?

most damage from a bashing shield?

most damage from a bashing shield?

[PFS] Any way to reload a halfling sling staff as a free action?

[Wayward Rogues Publishing] EZG reviews Cults of Celmae: The Ashen King

Mesopotamian Adventures!

Power from the Pit: Crimson Cadaver’s Guide to Demonic Obedience and the Demoniac

stink bomb splash damage

Any way to speed up / mass "treat deadly wounds"?

13 Strength Fighter HELP

Brawler's martial versatility uses

[Drop Dead Studios] Spheres of Combat Kickstarter

If only one of my vigilante identities is lawful can I take monk levels?

Cruoromancer + Desecrate+ Animate Dead

Animate Dead from multiple classes

Non Human Tieflings and Pass for Human and related Tiefling questions

Protection From Good / Evil / Law / Chaos -- Clarification

Haunted Curse vs Possessed Hand

Special Alchemist rules in game?

Building Shieldy McShieldface

Spirit Whisperer Arcane School?

Planning to DM a skyrim campaign. Need advice.

Adding Class Spell caster levels?

Mounted Combat Questions

Prostitute / Courtesan rates?

The Creeping Queen's Strangler, or how do I use Vermin Shape in an efficiently asphyxiating manner?

The Troll Poll

Minor Good Outsiders on Material Plane

What other Hybrid classes would you like to see?

multiclassing a cleric

Why am I doing this to myself? hard mode engaged

It's Another New Fighter Thread!

The Mighty Pink Dragon

The Thunder Tyrant.

New Class: The Shaper, a full BAB Martial Shapeshifter

New Base Class: Exarch (Easier to Read Edition!)

Does weapon Finesse work with a kineticist's kinetic blade wild talent?

Erastil and emergency cannibalism

Is the Oracle OP?

[Purple Duck Games] Kineticist of Porphyra (and guide) discussion

Minor Magic items

1000 Things To Not do in the Pathfinder Universe

Alchemist Build advice

unchained Monk Bonus feats

Alright Everyone, We Have a GIANT Problem

Adventure lead in to the Red Hand of Doom (need low level up to 5th or so)

Multiclass Archetypes XI: Resurgence

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