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An Exercise in Character Creation.

Panache / Grit / Luck clarification

Help me fill my planet with monsters

Hidden Light and Stealth

Define 'Same Attack Action'

Zurr's Guide to the Holy Vindicator

Why would anyone willingly start at level 1?

[Spheres of Power] The Auspician's Handbook: Let Fate be my love henceforth!

Weakest / strongest / favorite Class of each Chassis

Grappling trait for tetori

Fighting all Four Horsemen at Once

Is craft alchemy useful?

Shaman reach build advice

Bloodrager / Bones Oracle VMC - Deathknight

Reigning in Cohorts

Celestial Plate armor: What's the enchantment price?

What should I play?

With Your Powers Combine - Thoughts on Multiclassing

Animate Dead

Plentiful Quiver

A spell on a weapon, vs a SR monster, how does this work?

Store Blog: Going, Going, Gone!

Gray Maiden armor stacking

Oread - Earth Insight - Not real useful?

Are People Just Not Reading the Vigilante?

Bleed questions (Bleed the spell)

When do armor spikes apply their "extra damage"

a man and his dog

Celestial Full Plate

Detecting spells on an object

Summon Giant Ally

Creating some Pantheons for a Campaign

do cyclops helm and true strike making crits ?

Crystal Chakram Viability

Occultist for Strange Aeon's Game

Feedback on this Rogue 17

Warpriest / Fighter multiclass and interaction of "Advanced Armor Training" feat

Kineticist feat: Exhaustive Power

Expanded list of ingredients and power components?

Bringing back a dead character

Your best construct to craft ?

Can I sneak attack with an attack that does no damage?

Looking for safer camping options e.g. mages magnificant mansion.

What god is your favorite?

Characters that wear armor can get armor tricks, what about tricks for no armor

Beguiler conversion for Pathfinder

Wishlist for New Classes

Double Plated Celestial Gray Maiden Plate

Creating a "Dragon" Archetype-Suggestions?

Multiclass Archetypes Announcement - Wiki Reborn

Does the alchemist's wings discovery qualify you to take the monster feat (fly by attack)?

How to play a charisma 7 character?

Building an Adversary from Backstory and Behavior-Advice?

Starting Gold for Games Starting at Higher Levels?

Mauler (familiar) & PC Feats

Paths to Immortality...

Pakalchi Entangling Train and Escape

Planar Adventures coming in 2018!

Akashic Mysteries: What would you like to see next?

Paladin and a slave / convert?!

Jumping to a lower position

Question on Hags / Sea Hags

Organized religion in your games

So. 16 Months Since the Last Errata Document

Path of the Agile Warrior

Emergency Force Sphere Orientation

[Legendary Games] The Alien Bestiary Kickstarter now for Pathfinder!

"Improved" True Name

Designing a Race-Help Needed

Upgrade for Spontaneous Healing / Healing Touch Alchemist Discoveries

The Sicari, a Quill Covered Race From Another World

Number of creatures an aboleth can enslave

Reducing a shield's armor check penalty

Itemization for Bleed Fighter

Trying to figure out Naiad

Melee Vigilante for Hell's Vengeance (Level 10)

New Base Class: Pyromancer

Estoc for an Unchained Rogue?

How common are non-published campaigns?

Cone burst - what counts as a corner?

Blade Adept Black Blade + Occultist Legacy Weapon Question

killing a prisoner considered what aligment ?

Arrow Erruption and Spleen Explotion

Wishlist for Archetypes

Spell Sunder CMD?

Bardess' Pathfinder Place (my blog)

what is you favorite items ?

Dhampir PC vs a Shadow

Two-Weapon Fighting (4 arms, 2 two-handed weapons)

Running an Adventure for 2 Players - Character Generation

Hoofed Humanoids Having Horseshoes?

Questions about Underwater encounters

Help me make a mad bomber?

Fly checks with a Carpet of Flying

Samsaran Evangelist Cleric => Argent Dramaturge [PFS]

Best Balance for Paragon (1 RP) Ability Score Modifier


Fillable PDF Character Sheet with Dynamic Linking for Spells

Harrowing Spell - misaligned crown card

Gen Con 2017 News / Information

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