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Safeguarding alignment and evil descriptor

Rogue with bad will saves

What is the fairest way to distribute party loot?

How does perception work when looking for traps?

Paizo Blog: Demigods of Bestiary 6

Godles Healing for Animal Companion

Bestiary 7 Wishes List.

Best teamwork feats for a Holy Tactician Paladin?

Least complex class played?

Mauler Archetype Strength Adjustment

Undead Lord: Help my daughter survive!

Fantasy Build, How would one make Vega from Street Fighter?

Wielding a Person as a Weapon

White-Haired Witch grappler

Magus VMC + Spell Blending on a spontaneous caster

Wizard Multiclass

Alternate racial traits for homebrew

Myrrh, Frankincense, and Steel: Kurald Galain's Guide to the Magus

Can an alchemist be under the effects of more than one of their own mutagen at once?

Knife Master vs Swashbuckler - Which?

Fluff n' Crunch - Greston

at what level should a PC start getting magic items?

Hobgoblins - the fluff doesn't match the crunch

Do you have Suggestions about magical items for a group Spy PC

(Pathfinder society)Medicine subdomain

Bodyguard Building Help

familiar guide (a work in progress)

Guide to the Class Guides

Tired builds

Why are Combat Maneuvers so frowned upon?

Awaken Construct CR Adjustment

The Klar and Special Materials

Is There Any Legal Way To Wield A 2-Handed Weapon As A 1-Handed Weapon?

Does Polymorph Familiar spell stack with the Mauler Archetype?

PonyFinder - Mounted Combat and charging with weapon rack

[Frog God Games] Perilous Vistas Kickstarter Now Live

Full-Round Attack aborted into Single Attack + Move Action

At what point are you not considered "you?"

What Levels Need More Adventures?

Akashic Form exploit

Does Improved Channel add to "opposed charisma checks" in the Command Undead feat?

improve ac for a druid in wild shape

Syringe Stirge + Divination?

[Legendary Games] Legendary Planet AP - Questions

APL and Player WBL

Full caster reach(?) build

a couple questions about spontaneous casting

God for a Gunslinger

pounce + flash forward + quicken spell = full attack as swift action?

Help Build an Overpowered Swashbuckler

[Encounter Table Publishing] The Aethera Campaign Setting

Amulet of Mighty Fists and natural weapons

Modifiying Animal Attacks

Negative Levels And Hit Points Clarification

Healing the Unwilling

Best Ragathiel theme builds?

Spellcasting generally not available above 3000gp cost

Calling Kineticist experts: Help me choose

Guilds Oracle Sorcerer Multiclass Spells Known

Startling appearance and hide in plain sight

intelligent items

Reluctant to use Hangman Tree's 'Hallucinatory Spores'

To allow or not to allow (and what caveats?)

Broken combo or bad reading? (suffocation)

Can Shamans take the Split Hex feat?

is there a place in the patyhfinder books where i can find....

Can a Wizard prepare a spell from a scroll?

JBE's Big Book of Everything Sale

(Frog God Games) Richard Pett's The Blight Kickstarter

The Predator hunts the party!

Does the Courtly Hunter archetype leave animal companions stuck at tiny size?


Create pit to get through doors?

Two-Weapon Fighting, Rapid Shot, Thrown Weapons

How do you stop an enchantment spell once in effect?

Sneak Attack and Hexes?

Kinetic Knight 1st level infusion

Trusty Patches

Creating a custom Prestige for a Campaign Setting

Eldritch Scion Spell Combat + Claw, Claw, Bite, Unarmed Attack

Can you use wands while in the Pinned Condition?

Most complex class played?


Planar Binding and Treasure

Gestalt gunslinger / two handed fighter dex and X2 str to damage??

Looking for a way to reduce the time to treat deadly wounds

Some artwork based on Pathfinder Core Rulebook

Prestige That Adds Spellcasting to Non-Spellcaster

Giving a little nudge to a Red Dragon Wyrmling?

Swashbuckler / Investigator build advice


Channeling the Cosmos: A guide to the Oracle

Page of Spell Knowledge

Bolas+Brutal Bolas: How do they work?

Sneak attacks

Spiritualist question re phantom blade and black blades

Making a Homebrew Campaign Based on The Last Unicorn?

Calculating CR for Magic Trap

Magic Flash Tables

Bull Rushing a wall

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