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It is possible to trample a swarm?

Proper use of Lob Shot in PFS.

Tremendous strength

101 Ways To Make Your Players Say "Oh F-"

Confirm tiger claws total damage.

DMDM's Guide to Planar Binding

Fun loot / weapon enchantments to give to a party?

Direct contradiction in FAQ on two-handed weapons in one hand

lawful barbarians and non lawful monks

Animal Companion Debuffer

Elven Battle Focus Modifier

Kirthfinder - World of Warriorcraft Houserules

What are currently the powerful / optimized builds?

PFS character idea - only works in PFS...

Scythe build

Need help creating Jack Sparrow's compass for my campaign

Chaotic and Neutral Good Paladins

GMing a two-PC party; please help them not die?

Overwhelming Damage Die - Argument over Weapon Size Increases

Dark Souls Bestiary - the Asylum to Anor Londo

Advice for building a character with a small, rotating party complement

Chill Touch - does it end if you cast another spell?

Mechanical ways to build a character with a hungry monster within? (slight Monstress spoilers)

Human option to gain +1 hp each level instead of +1 skill point?

How big are the Pathfinder kingdoms?

Cutest Monster in Pathfinder

Paladin build question

What does Countersong affect?

Name That Character / Item!

Kineticist Elemental Whispers familar + Improved Familiar?

The Very Last Purple Duck Sale on

Spell Perfection and how it interacts with the chosen spell

Vital Strike & Step Up and Strike

Flying Mount

PFS - Light AirCav build advice

Is climbing distance measured from your feet, or your hands?

First Witch critique my build

Kineticist Mephit

is there anything for counter attacking

Hunter Feats

Smite Evil houserule for No Alignment setting.

Is there a product with pregenerated animal companions?

Owen K.C. Stephens' Blog

Post the worst idea for a fantasy world that you can think of!

[Kickstarter] New Paths Compendium - Revised, Updated, Expanded, Full-Color Hardcover (Kobold Press)

CLERIC rewrite

FAQ / Suggested Errata: Negative Levels and Energy Drain

Oracle or Witch, Or Alcemist as support and healing in a evil party?

Terrible GM house rule

Spirit guide oracle. Of life

How fast does Interposing / Grasping Hand move?

Spell Resistance ruling?

Best weapon material?

Is an Avian Synthesist Summoner Possible?

[Fat Goblin Games] Major discount for Shadows Over Vathak

Any official rule for fumbles?

Deity Stats

Dex to Damage and Two-Handed Fighting

Ideas for a tiny dps?

Point Blank Shot (and other Damage Increases) with Alchemist splash damage.

I made an Alexa skill for Pathfinder, you can ask it for the value of any stat of any spell, item or monster - I need your help to test it!

Gnome sword & board fighter tips

(PF) Critical Hit Question

Head.. meet wall

Spell Binder or Magus? PFS

Animal Ally and spells

Multiclassing and extra attacks

[Possible Kobold Press Book] Does anyone know what book the the Nonicorn monster's from?

Craft your own entourage at level 3

Midnight - Pathfinder Conversion

Does anyone have any idea how much a broken firearm would cost for anyone but a gunslinger?

Rules interpretation advice for DMs

Panoplies and the Haunt Collector and Relic Hunter archetypes

How do you summon a Phantom as a spiritualist?

Goblin Fire Drum and Alchemical Cartridges

Advice on Diviner for RotR

Is there anything stopping a worshiper of calistria from taking DFT(Way of the shooting Star?)

Pharasma Inquisitor - Carrion Crown

Great old ones

Does a Spring-loaded wrist sheath use your wrist slot?

Sage Familiar archetype and skill points

Homebrew Class - Bonedancer (Divine Magus alternate class)

FAQ REQUEST - Bard Masterpieces and Bardic Performance

Daivrat Prestige Class Revision?

Sensei Monk : I would like to love my Insightful Strike.

100 Books Found in the Strange Library

Homebrew Atomic Mutant Druid Archetype

New GM, Hydra Encounter...

Alchemist Grenadier Feats and Discoveries

Easy ways to become immune to fatigue?

Need advice on a lvl 9 Slayer (Full Archery) build?

Caster Inquisitor Build Feedback Please

Is there a list of unlisted Pathfinder books?

How is my Spirit Guide Loracle 1st level build?

Task Force V, World War II Hypercorps 2099 Team

Class recommendation for an "assassinations" campaign.

How to build a pirate PC with a hook hand for their main weapon?

Incorporeality and Ghost Touch

Cavalier's Banner and concealment

[Gencon 2017] Still looking for games?

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