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Could I buy masterwork weapon / amor in any village / town?

Slashing Grace / Swordmaster's Flair

What's so fun about evil?

Rules for "Stealthy" Attacks

Small character, Medium Weapon

Spell-Like Abilities from Traits, Arcane or Divine? (PFS)

why should i play a bard?

Free touches with a touch spell

LG Stigma

Differentiating Valeros (Fighter) from Amiri (Barbarian) in Beginners Box style games

Gear, Spells, and Tactics for a new character. Help?

Doctor Who as Pathfinder god.

Most Bonuses to alchemy you can think of for a level 12 character

Homebrew Class - Setting-Specific Alchemist

Multiple Attacks for Round and AoO

Animal Companion Mount Build

Is a Dire bat a rodent?

An idea.. An silly idea.. Would it be worth it? Cavalier with Cleric dip

Of druid and ranger spells.....

4 questions about Limb-Climber

Jump spell thoughts

Druid wearing boots of the cat

The Most Effective Ways to Make Money During Downtime

Spiral Rapier Proficiency Question

What is the variant multiclass for vigilante?

What archetypes do you wish were better?

Running a Darkest Dungeon Campaign (Advice)

Chaotic Neutral: Roleplaying Intelligently?

Rivaling Adventuring Parties: Help Needed

[WIP] My brain hurts... good thing I don't need it!!! Marshmallow's guide to the fighter [WIP]

Kinetic Knight Advice

Monk damage

"Don't tas me, Bro!" Perspectives on SHOCKING GRASP

Ranger / Fighter Hybrid Class: Suggestions Needed

Safely Extending Fight Time

Druids and Wildshape

Lazy Healer (oracle) - please review

SoP Divine Heretic Warpriest archetype

Dark Souls Bestiary - the Asylum to Anor Londo

Sacred Fist or Regular Warpriest for Storm Kindler + General Build Questions

What to do when a LG character needs to do an evil act

Partial Soft Cover, would like consensus or developer ruling if possible?

Wave shield spell

Gentlemen of Fortune

Rivaling Adventuring Parties: Help Needed

[Time of the Tarrasque] My homebrewed Pathfinder setting

Perfect Style Explanation

Can the Swashbuckler's Opportune Parry and Riposte be used against enemy AOOs? (And how this works when casting a spell in a threatened square as a Swashbuckler / Caster Class).

[Kickstarter] New Paths Compendium - Revised, Updated, Expanded, Full-Color Hardcover (Kobold Press)

Warlock- A Witch / Kineticist Hybrid (Homebrew Class)

Dice Bag Composition

How can I get women to join my campaign?

Ok, just hear me out

Offensive Oiling of Others

War Flying Skiff +bag of holding in portable hole

Is this impossible?

How does jump speeds work?

Memorizing lower level spells.

Two Synthesists Summoner Questions

Knowing is Half the Battle - Learning About Your Enemy

Tenebrous Spell and Umbral Bloodline

Looking for idea for a kind of "Forest Mage / Scout"

spell sage spell study

Monk Archetype Sword Saint Style!!

Looking for ruling on the Ring of Force Shield

Hey, Homebrewers! Whatcha Working On?

Stranger with the Burning Eyes: 3.5 to Pathfinder Conversion

Being a Good Paladin


Grippli Cavalier for PFS

Some Assorted Rules Question

Dual Special Materials in a Weapon

Cavalier Charge Multiplier?

Character might be in a mythic campaign need some advice.

What is a Ranger's subjective experience of Favored Enemies?

Fancy Furniture Pricing

Monster Hunter Campaign: Mounting

Combining natural attacks with unarmed strikes

One level man!

Some Advice for Inquisitor Feats (Interesting Build)

modifying named magic items?

Human Tank Paladin

Spell-Like Ability Caster Level

[Zenith Games] We Be Leshys!

Produce Flame level 1 spell

A couple of Warlock Vigilante questions

question regarding mystic theurge and improved familiar.

Vehicular Overrun / Bullrush

Rule on HP affect to combat attacks

Mythic oradin

Naga Aspirant + Druidic Herbalism = Potions of Divine Favor?

Managing Alignments: Hardest to Easiest - Rank 'Em!

Surface of water provides total cover from land, anybody know why?

Earth Kineticist, VMC Inquisitor, and alignment DR.

Making a new character

Do amphibious creatures with the Aquatic subtype take underwater combat penalties?

Multiclass Paladin / Summoner, 2 companions?

Wildshape most natural attack form

Brawler for RotRL: FCB to take?

Ascetic style chain questions

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