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How to increase animal companion size from Large to Huge permenantly

Guide to Temporary Enhancements to Manufactured Weapons

Alchemist plans RAW before consulting DM

Munavri LA +1?

Changeling Visionary Sorceress - Need Advice

What ways are there to give a weapon temporary enchantments?

Human Fighter Build

Sap Master / Scout Rogue

Bladed brush really need an errata or a FAQ

Goblin Brawler (no, not THAT kind of Brawler)...

Creating something with highest possible damage output

Paladins and Torture

Need some advice on (possibly) toning down a potential character arc

TWF halfling ranger+barbarian in CORE (PFS)

Zabuza themed assassin advise & help

Warlock Mystic Bolts - Holding a charge

Alarm spell and detect magic

On spells: Detect Thoughts, Marionette Possession, and Spellcraft checks

Paizo Blog: Literary Monsters of Bestiary 6

VMC Oracle clarification

Plant wild shape longest reach

Is the Undead Master archetype for the wizard worth the trade offs with a normal Necromancer Wizard?

Most frustratingly weak characters you've ever experienced.

Three Path of War questions

Revised Action Economy - review your experiences and what have you changed?

How would you go about making a none magic character?

DMs: Would you allow a player to become a Graveknight?

Guide to the Class Guides

Mindless undead can make intelligence checks?

How to qualify as Azlanti?

[Drop Dead Studios] Spheres of Might Open Playtest

PVP Session, Arcanist Advice Needed!

Planescape Campaign Idea

Spirit Guide Oracle + Hex

Does gaining access to a bonded object at later levels mean paying replacement cost?

Carrion Crown Druid!

Class opinion

Shenanigans, the movie, the game, but actually a thread.

Bestiary 7 Wishes List.

Attacking a Rust Monster with a sword

Potions and AoOs

Gestalt Wizard AC

Spell for 6th Level Sorcerer (Undead Expected)

Is Natural Armor an Ability?

Just "Roll with It"

Can Monk(Master of Many Styles) and Monk(Sohei) coexist?

The GM's Guide to the Kineticist

Thought exercise - turning an oracle into a vault breaker

Armor enchantments

"Your memory palace is building". Brainstorming the concept of a Mind Palace

Improvised Weapons are they Weapons FAQ

Vanilla Monk or Tetori Monk

I made a Dragonslayer Prestige Class

Half Dragon Template question

Making gold with Mythic Scribe Scroll

Constrictor Snake full Atk

The Slumbering Tsar - Starting, DM Set up, Questions, and Advice

is the Magical Child archetype the worst archetype for Vigilantes?

Pierce the Heavens! A Pathfinder's Guide to being a Mech Pilot!

Stealth question

Combining AAW's Stoneholme / Rise of the Drow and Fire Mountain's Throne of Night

Calling all wordsmiths

Sneak Attack Options (PFS Help Needed)

Getting Merciless Butchery up and Running?

Prepared Psychic-casting Classes

dragon has me grappled do i still count as flanking?

Can anyone help me with my backstory?

Dancing vs. Darkness

Discipline Blade Shapes ~ War Soul

A word of advice to all adventuring parties out there.

Magic Items and Light Spell Levels

Templates, how do DMs feel about them?

Smite Evil Bypassing DR

Advice for a first time full spell caster

Possible Bestiary 6 Errata

Is There A List of "Cold" Spells?

Does empathic link allow a witch to locate their lost familiar?

Net focused build?

How to game master players who mix in-game and out-game skills

Feats for my Griffon Animal Companion?

About a Condition on a Vanity

What Bestiaries to buy?

Do I Still Need Serpent Lash To Reposition?

PFS Suggestions for a Nagaji Character

Scurrying Swarmer question

Two-Handed Weapon and Two Bucklers?

Can a synthetist's eidolon suffer the effects of area spells?

Is non-lethal damage HP damage?

Hide magic items in your character body

[Time of the Tarrasque] My homebrewed Pathfinder setting

Skill Mastery (Rogue Talent) + Snake Style = Touch AC always 26?

Wild shape - best way to get it early and most options?

Homebrew Campaign Vampires

PFS Alignment, Ethics Question

Phantoms need an FAQ, especially if used in PFS

Swarm Monger Hunter Archetype?

Teisatsu Advice

Unchained Rogue - Shadow Strike

Vlad the Impaler Build Advice

Grapping with feats for grabs

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