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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Campaign Setting General Discussion

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Poll: What part of Pathfinder do you want to know more about?

Questions about Iconic Character Art?

Favorite gods

We've found Golarion.

1001 explanations for the death of Aroden

Mapping Golarion: Putting what we know to latitude and longitude

Unified Faith - Drawing Power From More Than One Deity

Tiefling Origins

Paizo Blog: Golarion Day: Subdomains for Everyone!

The Deity Shipping Thread

Count Ranalc's nightmares

Shields of Faith - Defenders of Arqueros

Are You Not Entertained - Diversions on Golarion

Erupting to Life - Fervent of Mhar

Home For The Holidays - Revelers of Thisamet

The Shadow Plane: Distance of travel

Size and build (not size category) of characters

Rising From the Fall - Affirmed of Iaozrael

Alchemists and Alkenstar

At what point does Law become Chaos?

Why isn't the setting filled with game breaking PC-styled shenanigans?

What distinguishes gods from demigods?

Where are potato's from?

How would you change the Pathfinder deities?

Devils Revisited

What is general opinion on Aroden mystery?

Deities and Demigods, Death, and the Soul

Absalom Reckoning - Wheel of the Year

Golarion Regional Accents

Christmas-themed deitiy

Terror Between Space and Time - Adherents of Yog-Sothoth

What deity would you worship if you lived in Golarion?

Real world countries Golarion is based on?

Osirion Aliens.... who are they?

Taldor: breaking the stereotype

Dark Tapestry / Dominion of the black campiagn seeds

Urgathoa and Ghlaunder

Size of countries

What do I do when a PC wants to take the Test of the Starstone?

Appropriate names for animal companions in the inner sea region

Least Favorite Gods

Need a conflict... kind of...

Water, Water Everywhere - The Sea Is More Than Just Pirates

Wings of the Ocean - Flocks of Ylimancha

Online map of Varisia

White Mage Arcanist location

How far can clothing customization go?

The Weight of Life - Followers of Damerrich

Dragons' Social behavior

Criminal enterprises across Golarion, and how they interact

Tweaks to Pathfinder Deities

Inquisitors of Golarion's deities... what are their functions / objectives?

Questions concerning Hellknight ranks and character class interactions.

Can you have an accidental lich?

Why does everyone know Taldane?

Harrow readings using Tarot cards

Shaguang / Kaoling border?

Miscellaneous Inner Sea Campaign Setting Discussion (Spoilers)

Does Tenebrous, or anything like him, exist?

Gray Gardeners, Paladins, and Damerrich

what made you join pathfinders campain setting over other rpgs?

The Act of Creation - Twilight Artists of Findeladlara

Pick A Card, Any Card - The Lucky of Irez

Baby It's Cold Outside - Snow Elves of Golarion

Conspiracy Theories of Golarion

Magical Learning Institutions

Acceptability of Asmodeus

Salutations and short sayings for the followers of Golarion's various deities

Is the Afterlife Reliable?

Bleeding the Host - Disciples of Ghlaunder

First World Witchmarket

Syrinxes, Before and Since

Kytons, and what you know about them

Do the players know that the classes exist?

Been away from Golarion for a few years...

What kind of environment is the area around Korvosa?

3.5 Modules: Lore still accurate?

Sing The Goblin Song - A Look At Golarion's Goblins

What Makes Daemons and Demons Different?

Potilitcs in Taldor - Some Ideas

Theories on the Peacock Spirit!

Eldritch Horrors by Plane

Money & Economy on Golarion

Clerics of The Monad in Golarion

Brainstorming: Political Parties in Andoran

Brand new to RPG's and Pathfinder. I am DM RotRL, is that a bad idea?

Lost on the Beach - Faithful of Zogmugot

Killer Clowns in Golarion

Changelings and breeding.

Queen Abrogail II & Tieflings

"When I was young..." from an old elf

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - Adherents of Nergal

War, What Is It Good For - War In Your Games

Brutal Rays Of Light - Dark Disciples of Nurgal

Looking for Lamashtu-themed encounters

Question concerning the inspiration behind a monster


Comfort Food - How Your Palate Affects Your Character

Arcadia: Resources & Brainstorming

Collated Notes on Azlant and the Azlanti [Spoilers]

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