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Shattered Star

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Into the Nightmare Rift (GM Reference)

Shards of Sin (GM Reference)

Beyond the Doomsday Door (GM Reference)

The Dead Heart of Xin (GM Reference)

The Asylum Stone (GM Reference)

Curse of the Lady's Light (GM Reference)

Shattered Star Maps for Roll20 Play

Life in a crystal palace

Shattered Star Obituary Thread (Spoilers)

Maps for Into the Nightmare Rift.

I am DMing with a diviner (spoilers!)

Question about the last dungeon [Spoilers]


Cadrilkasta Tactics [Spoilers]

Asking for Advice with Possible Side Track Encounter

Pyrohydra (Spoilers!)

Heidmarch Manor map key

Paizo Blog: So You've Survived the End of the World

Shattered Star Maps for PbP (DMs only)

Intelligent Item Help

Best Party Combination

Snake Mosaics (Curse of the Lady's Light)

The Black Keep C4 encounter

Shattered Star Beginner

Chanukrah's spells

Curse of the Lady's Light Boggards (spoilers!)

Should I do it?

CofLL Map Scale

Kurshu the Undying (Spoilers)

Clockwork Dragon (Spoilers)

Are the PC's allowed to keep the shards?

Andel Gesseran

Shards of Sin maps for PbP use (DMs only)

How to deal with apparent plot hole in Shards of Sin

Concerning the prequels...

Pathfinder Factions in play?

Staunton Vhane (Forever Man)

Quick question about Shard of Sin "Mysteries of the Crow" sidequest

The Asylum Stone *possible spoilers*

What if a familiar triggers THE TRAP...(Spoilers)

In Game Date **Spoiler Free**

Doomsday Locks in Beyond the Doomsday Door

Who is proprietor of the Rusty Dragon in this timeline?

Luonim from Asylum Stone--dumbest combat ever?

Looking for a nice little side quest between Magnimar and Korvosa...

Bringing back an "old friend" in Shattered Star

Into the nightmare Rift / Guiltspur Advice needed

Heidmarch Manor's defenses?

The Forever Man

Arcane Trickster or Dragon Disciple

Want to spice up your Shards?

How do you *get* the *** up into the top of Lady's Light? (spoilers)

Author's Cut: The Ghost of Xin Statblock

Shattered star and Rise of the Runelords ran at the same time

Your Opinion About Something in Book One

Where is Guiltspur

The Magister Escaped

Enchantment advice

MapTools Maps? Anyone have them?

Sheila Heidmarch faction?

Shard of Envy and it's ioun stone

Ashamintallu as Sorshen problems

The clockwork reliquary question

Help with The Black Keep, partial TPK

Is there enough evil in Shattered Star to keep a Paladin happy?

PC's are playing too smart... (spoiler for Shards of Sin only)

Shattered Star Loot & Exp Excel Sheet

Increasing the PFS angle instead of replacing it?

Need help to adapt Shattered Star with old AP

Using Magnimar's settlement statistics during the adventure

Changing paths.

Adding to the BBEG in each book.


Wasn't sure where to post this.....BUT.....I'll try here...

Requesting help: PC Character Change lvl 5 fighter to ??

Is it just me...

Continuing the adventure?

Cult of Lissala?

One of my PC's wants to buy "The Crow"

Ogunthunn question

Starting soon, looking for community stuff

Adding a scribe to the party

Beyond the doomsday door optional encounters.

Adventures in Kaer Maga

Combating dungeon fatigue.

Sihedron question (spoiler)

The Next Generation - Shattered Star Play Journal (Spoilers!)

Speech mannerisms were CUT? oh no!!

The Shards and the Characters

Adventure Paths - Purchasing Magic Items

What to do with Natayla Vancaskerkin?

Shattered Star languages

Crypt Breaker Alchemist?

Is crafting feasible / worthwhile in Shattered Star AP (non-Society)?

Shattered Star Module question

WE FINISHED IT!!!! my thoughts and changes to shattered star *SPOILERS*

Those doors in the Crow (you know the ones) *Spoilers*

Has anyone had to deal with negativity spillover from PFS?

Finished It! (Spoilers)

Incorporating 4th season PFS scenarios into the AP.

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