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Mummy's Mask

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Topic Posts Last Post
The Slave Trenches of Hakotep (GM Reference)

Empty Graves (GM Reference)

Shifting Sands (GM Reference)

The Half-Dead City (GM Reference)

Secrets of the Sphinx (GM Reference)

Pyramid of the Sky Pharaoh (GM Reference)

Mummy's Mask Obituaries (Spoilers!)

Crypt thing, oh my

Mummy's Mask Marble table

Adjusting the Library CRs in Shifting Sands for APL

Wati Dead

Adventuring Party Names

Tomb Robbers & Archeologists (Post Your Party Thread)

Question about Viability of Desert Druid archetype in Mummy's Mask

What did you change, and how did it go? GOSH I HOPE THERE ARE SPOILERS

I Miss Web Supplements

Paizo Blog: Heart of Stone

Treasure list for Empty Graves?

Southlands and Mummy's Mask

The Tomb of Akhentepi terrain

Less Episodic City of Half-Dead

Empty Graves: Role of the Government

Base of Operations Viable?

E10 Mummy's Mask - Is it possible?

Chart to Roll Wind Speed in Osirion

Osiriontologist Feat - Is it okay?

Continuing Mummy's Mask to level 17-18

Paizo Blog: Treasures That Lie Behind Closed Doors

Egyptian Spellbook Translated


(Mummy's Mask spoilers) Advice needed: Serious problem!

History of Wati

Battle Maps The Mummy's Mask Shifting Sands

Inserting "Entombed with the Pharoahs" and "Pact Stone Pyramid" into a Mummy's Mask campaign possible?

Printable battlemaps and VT maps for Mummy's Mask - The Half-Dead City (Complete)

Any last good advice.

6-player conversion?

Wati Historical Timeline

Living Monolith requirements

So I accidentally broke a subsystem with a single spell (minor Spoilers Book 3)

Wizard in a Bronze Sentinel -How does it work? (Spoilers)

Mummy's Mask With Only Occultist?

Two gestalt characters?

Things I Should Keep in Mind?

Things I Should Keep in Mind?

Evil PC's and MM...

Only 500 lbs?

Mummy's Mask Advice [spoilers]

Printable Battlemaps and VT Maps for Mummy's Mask - Empty Graves (WIP)

Altering Mummy Mask AP some ideas needed for a GM

I fear my players have missed the Scorched Hand

Worship of the Ancient Gods

Need Some Assistance with Character Goof.

Recommendations and such

Sanctified Rouges & how do they deal with stealing if they need to or should ?

What's the Pharaoh doing? (mild spoilers)

The Price of a Monster (Book 1 spoilers)

Building Occult characters for Mummy's Mask

Chisisek's Tomb map?

What kind of character would you make for Mummy's Mask?

For MM, homebrew fleshout of "old Osirion faith"

Printable Battlemaps and VT Maps for Mummy's Mask - Empty Graves (Complete)

Anyone Else A Little Disappointed in Mummy's Mask So Far?

Mummy's Mask campaign website feedback needed.

Final Thoughts (Light Spoilers?)

Max lvl?

The Right Hand of Death or how a combat scene in Empty Graves became a roleplay hit. (Spoilers)

Critique party make-up for this AP

quick question about desert survival

Streaming my Mummy's Mask sessions.

Starting to DM Mummy's Mask 3 / 31

Help with building a PC for this AP

Empty Graves - Arcane Locked Door....

How would you do "An invocation to the Lady of Graves"?

How Cramped Are Most Encounters?

Panic Level Question: When does it stop rising?

Makeshift Scrapper Rogue In Mummies Mask?

adding flavor?

New GM a bit overwhelmed, mummy's mask

Shifting Sands(errata)

Is fire resistance common?

Esoterics of Knowledge: Religion (spoilers)

Will PCs in this AP have opportunities to craft?

Mummy Mask Sidequests

Shardizad's Revenge

Feedback on divergent storyline - SPOILERS

Opinions on the new fiction format (Possible spoilers)

[spoilers] Seeking tips on a Mummy's Mask mash-up

Post Test characters

Wati ya thinkin'?

The Cult

Opinions sought

Running with Murder Hobo’s (Spoilers inside)

Miniatures for The Mummy's Mask (SPOILERS)

The Nuclear Option (AKA using RAW to destroy the Mask) (Spoilers Obv)

possible 'The Slave Trenches of Hakotep' erratta (*spoilers*)

Condensing Mummy's Mask

Store Blog: But You—I Never Forget a Face...

Pregenerated Characters for ideas or to be used as NPCs

Mummy's Mask so far...

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