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The Varnhold Vanishing (GM Reference)

War of the River Kings (GM Reference)

Kingdom Building

Stolen Land (GM Reference)

Rivers Run Red (GM Reference)

Mass Combat

Sound of a Thousand Screams (GM Reference)

Blood for Blood (GM Reference)

Community Created 6 Player Kingmaker Conversion Chapters

Nyrissa the Muse?

Vordekai Who?

Another Candlemere Thread!

Playing Kingmaker with my kids

Will the Kingmaker CRPG potentially affect the possibility of a reprint or updated version?

Kingmaker kingdom tracking tools

Character Imagery [spoiler]

Rushlight Events: The Caster's Ball and the Boulder Challenge [Spoilers]

PCs took Stag Lord fort while he was away with little effort. What happens next?

New Campaign... With a LE Ruler???

Kingmaker Obituaries

Streamlining the back half of Kingmaker

NPC Nobles?

Devacorian's Kingmaker Changes and Campaign Journal (In Progress)

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Bandit Camp

My Changes to RRR - Hargulka's Monster Kingdom

Store Blog: One Day a King Will Come and the Sword Will Rise Again!

Dudemeister's KM3 VV - Additions and Changes

Presenting - a New Puzzle Mini-Dungeon

Miniatures and Terrain in Kingmaker

You're Invited to the Spring Feast!!

Dragonscale Loyalist

I just gotta share this

Noble houses of Brevoy / Mivon

What we know about Mivon and Mivon City

Has anyone, anywhere, ever added Corax the lumberjack to their ruling council? (Minor Book 2 Spoilers)

Plot idea: The Siege at Oleg's

Evil Kingmaker Campaign. Advice please

Mapping Stagfell: A Journey with Campaign Cartographer

Noble House Statistics

Kingmaker and Downtime

Mix between low-magic / weird fantasy Kingmaker. Possible with Pathfinder or is it better to use Iron Heroes?

Venture Capital - aka A Deal with the Devil

Unique Armies for the Great Houses

The Prophecy of Armag the Twice-Born

GM Help - Stolen Land (Spoilers!)

Legacy of the First World viable to with Kingmaker?

Pathfinder: Kingmaker as a video game?!!

Finished Kingmaker - A Review and commentary - SPOILER ALERT

What was your kingdom named?

Wild Hunt in Bestiary 6

Leveling up NPC's

[Kingmaker] Monastery of... Gyronna? Huh? [spoilers]

Redcelt's Game of Thrones in Brevoy

Kingmaker Showdown, Paladin and Briar (Spoilers)

A good old-fashioned dungeon crawl

Who are your Kingmakers?

Spicing Up the Rushlight Tournament


Remaking Vordakai [Spoilers]

Converting Kingmaker: Rivers Run Red (Chapter 2) for 6 PC's.

Help me spice up my upcoming KM campaign [GMs only]

What 3rd party materials you used for your Kingmaker?

Solspiral's Compiled Houserules...

Kingmaker Hex Description for Exploration

Foreshadowing Davik Nettles

Kingmaker wrapup (long and wordy)

What comes after Book 6?

Shambling Mound with +512 Fortitude modifier!?

Adding Useful NPCs

Quick tip for Rushlight tournament

National Anthem

House Write ups

In Da Bestiary 5

Running from Roll20 - Here are my custom maps

Want to integrate another AP with Kingmaker to run for my group

Second time around

physical copies of the AP

Falgrim Sneeg

How did your group defeat Nyrissa?

Tartuk the Summoner

Kingmaker's new clothes

Kingmaker: Hard Mode. My modifications (balanced for 6 players who want an harder challenge)

Nettle's Crossing

How Can I Make Vordakai’s Tomb Harder?

Need suggestions for replacement of Tiger Lord barbarians' specie in Blood For Blood

Where are the encounter maps?

Fate-based realm building rules

Spoilers Modifications or possible redesign for the Queen of thousand breaths Spoilers

Player Secrets

Kingmaker In Space

URGENT: Ovinrbaane questions [spoilers]

Falcon's Hollow in Kingmaker

(Mostly) Automated Kingdom Management Spreadsheet


Kingmaker maps

Kingmaker Clue

Map of Restov

Changes to Varnhold Vanishing's Location Encounters

Post your Obsidian Portal (or other online resource) Campaign link here...

Understanding Blooms

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