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Ironfang Invasion

Topic Posts Last Post
Trail of the Hunted (GM Reference)

Fangs of War (GM Reference)

Vault of the Onyx Citadel (GM Reference)

Prisoners of the Blight (GM Reference)

Siege of Stone (GM Reference)

Assault on Longshadow (GM Reference)

Post Your Ironfang Invasion Characters Here

Spreadsheets! Get your Spreadsheets Here!

Trail of the Hunted really pours on the treasure

Aubrin The Green *SPOILERS*

Won't someone think of the children?

Qa'al the gunslinging hobgoblin

Where do hobgoblins spend their money?

Compatible Support for Ironfang Invasion, What Do You Want to See?

Should I tell the players this? (MAYBE SPOILERY?)

Questiosn about the militia system

Paizo Blog: On Hobgoblins and Hairpieces

Having difficulty imagining this as a PbP..

Stat' block error in Fangs of War (spoilers)

Militia Rules?

HELP.......Our GM went MIA, anyone out here who GM's in Roll20?

Alchemist build advice for this adventure

Paizo Blog: Come to the Phaendar Market Festival!

Gestalt advice for this AP

Paizo Blog: Into the Wild!

players guide?

DM_aka_Dudemeister's Ironfang Invasion Notepad *SPOILERS*

So, what if I decide to play as a Hobgoblin?

Store Blog: War Comes Unbidden!

Quessing which Iconics are going to be the artwork

How relevant is the Molthune-Nirmathas war to this AP? (AP description spoilers)

Any GMs already running Nirmathi / Molthuni based campaigns?

What might be the "best" ranged and melee class for this do you think?

More McGuffin finding than fighting the horde?

Tacticle 1"=5' Scaled Digital Maps

The Squad based tactical aspect of the AP

Compatible Support for Ironfang Invasion

Intriguing Tidbit from Scourge of the Godclaw (spoilers)

Molthune and the PC's

How much settlement building?

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