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Hell's Rebels

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Topic Posts Last Post
Breaking the Bones of Hell (GM Reference)

In Hell's Bright Shadow (GM Reference)

Dance of the Damned (GM Reference)

Turn of the Torrent (GM Reference)

A Song of Silver (GM Reference)

The Kintargo Contract (GM Reference)

The Anti-Sedition Force

Inquisition result

Advice for starting a new game of Hell's rebels (spoilers possible)

Lady Docur School for Girls

Modifying the rebellion mechanic

Recruiter for the Silver Ravens

Help Me Kill This PC (or at least give him a challenge).

The Gardener

Hell's Rebels Obituary Thread *SPOILERS INBOUND*

New day new AP new character. HELP(choice anxiety)

Who are your rebels?

Thoughts on a Courtly Hunter?


Dance of the Damned experiences? (Spoilers)

Occult Adventures rebuilds for Hell's Rebels

Automated Rebellion Sheet (Excel)

Rituals that weren't meant to be disclosed [GMs and Paizo occultists only]

Mythic Rebels?

Activate Safe House Question

Hellknight PC - Order of the Torrent

Hell's Rebels splash logo

Rebellion Rules: When do New Supporters get Added?

Hell's Rebels moved to Westcrown

The are not the heroes the city deserves, they are the heroes the city needs

Help preparing for a Gestalt Game.

Secretive Ravens (spoilers)

So... Nox.

101 role-playing ideas for Rebellion advancement

Adding modules and scenarios to the AP [Spoiler alert!]

What do revolutionaries do?

Warpriest of Milani, what archetype?

Problems with challenging the PCs (possible Spoilers for GMs only)

(Spoilers Hell's Bright Shadow) Events and Missions in the Rebellion system?

Glorious Reclamation in Hell's Rebels.

Additional content for Kintargo and Hell's Rebels

Downtime Subsystem - Worth it?

Flavor Revisions

High level add-ons for Hell's Rebels

Hells Rebels vs Hells Vengeance

Rebellion Tracking Spreadsheet

Adding the Cult of Hastur (Spoilers for multiple chapters)

Chaotic Good Paladins.

Would using the Unchained Automatic Bonus Progression rule work with No issues in this AP?

Usefulness of seething hatred?

Pre-Protest Exposition

3rd Party Products to fill out Kintargo

Digital Download of "Night of Ashes" is funded

Odexidie's Current Project Speculation

Elven PC Knowledge

Hell's Rebels as Spelljammer?

Hell's Rebels - Thunderbolts Style

Hell's Rebels Sanctioning??

[[Spoilers]][[Dance of the Damned]] -- Acisazi Replacement

Huntress of Heroes

Questions about Kintargo to help character gen.

How could I handle playing a paladin in this campaign?

New Adversaries- Thrune's Claw: Spoilers

Managing magical items for sale in Kintargo

(Curiosity) Why are there Proteans?

Why's everyone a Rogue? Let's share rebuilt HR NPC stats

Interesting Downtime Options

Some clarification please :)

Ruby Masquerade - Heist

What to replace Blosodriette with?

Who let the dogs out?

Varl Vex as...

Loyalty Day

Chuko a.k.a. Chuko Sharpbeaks and Hooks

An Interesting Turn for Rexus

Who will you worship in Hell's Rebels?

Hell's Rebels: The miniseries / movie casting.

The Gardener

Tyrant Antipaladins in Hell's Rebels.

Entire Campaign Ruined (minor spoiler)

Jailbreak! (Raiding Kintargo's guard towers)

What's a Devil to do?

Making the rebellion more expensive

Nuts and Bolts: how does the rebellian stuff work?

Runeslave Cauldron in Hell's Rebels.(Gm's only minor spoilers for Rise of the Runelords Ch. 4.

Advice for running with two PCs

Ultimate Intrigue and Hell's Rebels

Lictor Octavio Sabinus is dead...

Using the Evil Iconics in Hell's Rebels

Introductory Scenario

Cimri Staelish in Kintargo.

The Story of Recke... Or... Never Piss Off An Enlarged Dwarf

Changing names in AP's

Hell's Rebels Noble Families

Blosodriette questions (spoilers- watch out!)

Lyrics for the Song of Silver?

Degausser's Hell's Rebel's Log

spoilers thread inteligent dagger?

Hell's Rebels: Weekend Warriors

Printing the map of Kintargo

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