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Carrion Crown

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Topic Posts Last Post
Shadows of Gallowspire (GM Reference)

Haunting of HarrowStone (GM Reference)

Trial of the Beast (GM Reference)

Broken Moon (GM Reference)

Ashes at Dawn (GM Reference)

Wake of the Watcher (GM Reference)

Advice for 3-D Underwater Boss Fight (Spoilers for Book 4)

GM seeking advice

Carrion Crown: Music

Carrion Hill Updated for CC and SPOILED

Broken Moon - Missing Feldgrau maps

Broken Moon Review: What we thought of this module (Spoilers)

Expanding Herstag (TotB, 5 players, Spoilers)

Haunting of Harrowstone Help Request!

Role of the Palatine Eye? (spoilers)

HoH final thoughts, and improvements. *SPOILERS*

Who create the flesh golem hound of Vorkstag & Grine

Expulsionist Inquisitor

Seeking Input for an Intro-Session to Pathfinder that Leads into the Second Book of AP

Carrion Crown homebrew.

Return of Father Charlatan [SPOILERS]

Ashes at Dawn: Module Review (Spoilers, Encounters, and adding Mythic)

Expanding Adorak: The Tyrant's Whispers as a Mindscape

Advice needed, possible cheating player (spoilers for Trials of the Beast)

A Galadriel-esque Exposition: Caromarc gives the History of Ustalav

Running Carion Crown soon Advice please

goofy short stories

Letters from the main villain

My Unique Experiences in Carrion Crown

All-Occult Carrion Crown?

An NPC I wanted to try out.

Problems with listed prepared spells (spoilers)

Evil PC's in Carrion Crown

Fan-made horror Map of Ustalav

The Carrion Crown of Icy

Carrion Crown Soundtrack

Broken Moon.

Book 5 Ashes at Dawn 1"=5' Battles Maps

Shadows of Gallowspire Review- Campaign Completed!

Lopper's Decapitation (Su), when?

The Fate of Illmarsh

Carrion Crown in Eberron, looking for help with Wake of the Watcher

Is Professor Petros Lorrimor...

Rakshaka's Campaign material (Expanded material, Reviews, Tips for 5 players)

Ashes at Dawn Homebrew Encounter Advice (Spoilers)

Dhamphir Heritage?

Missing Trust Points?

GM seeking advice- siege battle by the whispering way.

PC becoming a Vampire, skipping the trip through Virlych, and other module 6 worries...

Carrion Crown availability

Running an 8-10 player game HoH

Advice on a npc and the 5th module (spoilers)

Silly Haunts (Haunting of Harrowstone-Potential Spoilers)

The Splatter Man Hardcore -GM helping

Transplanting to Innistrad and 5e

Starting Campaign - List of resources required

Carrion crown in Eberron

Carrion Crown in Eberron

New GM Looking For Help !!!

What else to buy and get?

Looking for a proper identity for a player's Witch Patron of Mind

Voice acted intro for Carrion Crown campaign.

Ultimate Intrigue Research and Haunting of Harrowstone question

Advice needed on getting a samurai more involved.

Question about Harrowstone *spoilers*

TotB GM Advice: Hundreds of NPCs are dead

Post your Carrion Crown Party Here

Harrowstone NPC personalities / motives

Carrion Crown set in 1920's Europe ... Thoughts (Spoilers)

Spheres of Powers in Carrion Crown

Carrion Crown Obituaries

GMs ONLY: Another way to gain trust in Ravengrow

Tiefling invisible from intelligent undead.

Powers of the Packlord's Heart, Wolfsongs, and The Devil in Grey

Wake the Watcher - Where are the stats for Slug Spawn?

Updating Carrion crown for Bestiary 5 and other stuff (Spoliers / GM Only)

[Spoilers] Foreshadowing the Big Bad

Spoilers: Trial of the Beast - Problems at the End

Tyrant's Whispers and morbid curiosity about Renchurch

Broken Moon: PCs blatantly tell Estovion that they are looking for the whispering way

Carrion Crown Visions ***Major Spoilers***

Skeleton Troop Stats (minor spoilers)

WxCougar's Carrion Crown Campaign Journal *Spoilers!*

Broken Moon - Feldru changes - Is it doable?

What can you do with a problem like Kendra Lorrimor? [possible spoilers]

To tell or not to tell... (HoH)

Side Quest Idea

Carrion Crown: Broken Moon alternative werewolf tribes

Looking to add Extra Haunts - Haunting of Harrowstone

Rebuilding Adivion Adrissant

Party Records and Keeping the Attention High (Players Thread)

Adding Seven Days to the Grave

Character Build Rules

What is the name of the spell which... ?

Horrific fears

The True Terror of Renchurch (GM Thread)

Alternates to Wake of the Watcher?

Carrion Crown as a PFS campaign

Commoner 1's challenge adjustments for Carrion Crown (SPOILERS AHEAD!!!)

Occult Adventures

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