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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Rules Questions and Gameplay Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
Can you play any card during an examination?

Estra's examine power - what if there are 2 undead cards?

Newbie Dry Quicksand Rules Question

Glass Boat (MM 6)

Magha Threefingers (MM)

Wand of Sacred Weapon + Unholy Aspergillum +3

Hand of Glory (MM6)

Skills Traits and Triggers, oh my!

Some additional MM questions

Crypt of Water (Mummy's Mask 6)

Question regarding replaying a scenario with characters that died

Can you discard multiple knives for a combat check?

Mythopoeic Sphinx (MM4)

Replacing / Changing Mental Damage

Canopic Conversion (MM6)

Eternal Arena (MM6) Closing

Thundercloud of Set (MM6)

PSA: Card traits and their card text consequences

Sistrum of Bastet

Torn between two Balazars

Can you recharge a card for a "useless" (or not) effect?

In Search of Chisisek - insufficient cultists?

Grazzle Immunity

Before / after you act damage.

Alahazra's Disappearing Scourges

Winning Muminofrah's Amusement

Best Served Cold

Recharge more than one ally?

[MM] Key of the Second Vault

Executioner Zadim and "result of that check"

The five pointed sun location during the in defense of wati scenario

Rules question regarding "adding skill" to a check

exploration, blessing and Jirelle in The Free Captains’ Regatta

Triggers in player decks

Before you act help

Armor recharging against *all* damage in an encounter?

Do I roll 1 or 2 extra dice?

Unfettered Imp and the Emo Blessing..

Drelm Vaultkeeper and "automatically fulfill the requirements"

Vision and villains with a trigger

Cross-Blooded Bloodrager Draconic / Arcane Dragon Disciple

Quick question about Examine and Encounter


Howling Skull Armor

"Time Stop" and "relevance"

Examined cards face up?

Amiri Bury Ability Use During Battle

Which cards can be traded with Traders?

Playing card on checks of other players

Unusual Location Closings

Crossbow of Retribution

Reed Mocassin exploration power

General store card location

Lose a Scenario - Run Out Blessing Deck

unused loot, where do they go?

Loot and other card types

Invoking and character traits

Damage Stacking (yeah, it never does but I thought that I'd ask)

Silver chain smuggler before after you act powers

How do you win chains of silver with 4 players?

invigorating kukri +1: timing

Meret-hetef failure in final location

Can you discard cards to explore again to close an empty location?

Horsechopper and Goblin trait

Five-Pointed Sun Location Complications

Question on Mavaro's spell summoning power

Cleric of Nethys

Question about using / replaying different locations

New player question about combat check and items

Ausetitha and Yoon == Insanity

Mavaro "Combat" skill

Which Ezren is best?

[WotR] Blackburgh and Villains

Drelm's recharge blessings power

Shadow of the Sphinx "During this scenario"

Jolting Portent and Spite Cloud (MM5)

Safety bubble

Activating the Sekrepheres

Newbie starting Mummy's Mask

Mavaro strategy discussion

Island of Empty Eyes: Home Sweet Home Scenario

Summoning monsters in the wrath of the righteous pathfinder card game...

Sphinxes and Alahazra

Can Mavaro recharge any card at the end of his turn?

Elemental Arachnid

Blackwing Librarian

Simoun's ability to add her Perception skill to checks vs barriers. Is it mandatory?

Adding a skill to defeat something with a different skill (ex. Simon)

Blessing recharges

Thinning Decks in Skull and Shackles

Mummy's Mask: Shiny Bauble

Clinging Venom and blessings

Cycling cards out of the box?

Immortal Dreamstone

Questions about one of Ezren's Evoker Power

What's your party for Mummy's Mask?

Multiple of the same skill?

Invoke and "before the encounter" checks

Chief Sull (Wrath of the Righteous)

Help understanding Ahmotep's Discard Spell Power

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