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Note: The Pathfinder RPG Prerelease Discussion forums will be locked on Friday, October 16, 2009. You will not be able to create new posts after this date, but existing discussion will still be available for reading.


Let Your Retail Store Know That You Plan To Buy The Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook From Them!

Official Playtest Schedule

Welcome to the Beta Playtest

What Does Psionics Mean to You?

Let there be Dinosaurs (but... what KIND?)

What Does Epic Mean to You?

Neoncon 2009 - November 5-8 - Las Vegas, NV

GenCon 2010

I have it!

Is the Errata out somewhere?

Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook Sold Out!

Pathfinder-compatible Book of Arcane Magic preview #5 of 5


The first Pathfinder RPG Patronage Project? Clinton Boomer?! What?!

A Campaign Promise Made

Pathfinder Licensee Pre-Order! TOME OF SECRETS

Pathfinder-compatible Book of Arcane Magic available for pre-order!

Kaidan - City Map Commission Contest

Book of Arcane Magic Preview #4

2009 ENnies Voting Closes on Saturday

Grand Theft Exodus Webcomic and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

Promotional items for Pathfinder RPG

PFRPG Subscription?

The Gift, 1st of 3 part mini-campaign for Kaidan a Japanese Ghost Story setting

Announcing the Pathfinder Bestiary!

Pathfinder Database anyone?

Good luck at the ENnies!

Our FLGS is having a midnight release party for Pathfinder!

4 Winds Fantasy Gaming Book Signing Saturday August 22 Great Falls, MT

4 Winds Fantasy Gaming Book of Arcane Magic Preview #3

The Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook PDF will be ... $9.99!?

Free Initiative Cards for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

KromeDragon- Riddles in the Sand

Races of NeoExodus for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

Adventure Planner for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game -- DONE!!!

Pathfinder Core Rulebook preorders #2 on Amazon's RPG bestsellers!


Huge Pathfinder Game at Gen Con!

Milwaukee Summer Revel 13 West Allis WI; June 12th to the 14th

Bestiary and Golarion

4 Winds Fantasy Gaming Book of Arcane Magic Preview #2

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatibility License Released

Psionics: What Does Psionics Mean to You?

Pathfinder preview four: Harsk the Ranger

Community Use thread gone??

Bestiary Sampler at Free RPG Day?

4 Winds Fantasy Gaming to publish PfRPG supps

Pathfinder preview five: Kyra the Cleric

Two New Subscriptions

Will there be a DM Screen with the final release for Pathfinder RPG?

Not a peep! I am OUTRÉ-aged!

Pathfinder in New Zealand

Interview at Kobold Quarterly - Some Information about PFRPG Final Version!

Second Pathfinder Preview

[Humor] Third Pathfinder Pre-Preview Complaints

Third Pathfinder Preview [NON-Humor]

First Pathfinder Preview Is Up!

Gen Con Oz?

Next Pathfinder RPG books

Future PfRPG Supplement: Levels!

Off to the Printer!!!!!!

Announcement: New Feats for Playtesting

Any information on possible Pathfinder Day or release parties?

Iowa Pathfinder Network on MSN Live Groups

Paizo Announces New Game System for Pathfinder RPG!

Interview With Pathfinder Lead Designer Jason Bulmahn

Interview with Pathfinder Publisher Erik Mona

Beta Prestige Classes are now Available!

Interview With Pathfinder Editor-In-Chief James Jacobs

Announcing Paizo's Free RPG Day 2009 Product: Pathfinder RPG Bonus Bestiary

The Beta Playtest is Officially Closed

PFRPG Product Announcements?

It is coming... Spring Offensive, 2009!!!!

T-Minus 2 hours until the End of the Playtest

48 Hours Left

The Beta Playtest is Officially Closed

Petition: Sign Monte Cook

Final Playtest Delay

Necromancer is Going to Support Pathfinder RPG

When can we expect reprint of beta rules

Playtest Delay


Pathfinder Beta Index available

What Does Epic Mean to You?

Magic Item Addendum Is Live

Pathfinder Print Edition

PRPG "White Sample" - Gushing With Quality and Joy

Where is the Errata for the previous play test?

Out of Commission: -2 Wisdom

Announcement: Skills and Feats Playtest Delay

When will the Pathfinder version of the DMG prestige classes be available?

Opportunity to play

Announcement: Bard / Monk / Rogue Playtest Delay

Seattle Playtest Needs Player

Pathfinder RPG Beta Updates or Feedback?

So when will final PDF be available??

Off to the UK

Sold out!!!!!!!

Possible that FLGS will be able to get the Beta?

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