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Shackled City Adventure Path

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How many character deaths in your Adventure Path?

What's Your Party's Details for SC? (e.g. how many and what are they playing as?)

The Demonskar Ball

Shackled City Hardcover

Adventure Path 2 coming soon...

Names for adventuring parties

Alternative Adimarchus & The Cagewrights

Shackled City Adventure Path Hardcover Announced!

Does your group have a name? (Skie's)

Linking Adimarchus directly to Dry'yrd and the Cagewrights....?!

What's your party pedigree?

Skie's Treasury - Item Descriptions & Stories

The Redgorge Seige

The New Cagewrights


The Cryohydra a TPK?

Toughest Encounter in the SCAP?

Occipitus - arrival to Cathedral of Feathers mini-adventure

User Created Adventure Path?

The Shackled City Hardcover Errors


Shackled City Glories!

Yay, the campaign has begun!

Anyone still running SCAP?

Running the invasion of Redgorge


problems with adventures - SPOILERS

Foreshadowing Articles

My group gives up!

Tongue-Eater: jacked-up, feralized, and 3.5 revised!!

The Adventure Path All-in-1 Mega Issue - When?

RPGenius sleeping?

Is 4e prompting you to shelve your Shackled City game?

Pathfinder creature conversions

Trial on Keygan Ghelve

Cauldron NPCs - DM stories and advice

This AP is SO much fun!

Dealing with Aushunna - Help my PC's avoid a possible TPK

Best Class Combination

James Jacobs, a question...

Cauldron's Founders. Who were they?

Flood Festival Ideas

Lord Orbius Vhalantru -- -- -- Spoiler!

Shackled City Loose Ends

SCHC Appendix IV or Stat Blocks

Modifications to Drathkar's Way

Considering to run Shackled City (with own modifications)

With my wizard and my goblin crew (Stephen Lynch anyone?)

Adimarchus and the Cagewrights

Is it just me? Cagewrights and Adimarchus

Triel... Lathenmire? ... and the priestess's madness.

how do they get back??

Jzadirune Blues

Problems with stat blocks in the back of the book-help and experiences needed!

When will we receive the Shackled City hardcover?

Minitures for the Shackled City Adventure Path

New DM to SCAP - Character Creation

Hookface battle

Side trek adventures idea-sharing

How much of the Adventure Path was changed for the Hardcover?

Zenith Trajectory / Celeste

The Shackled City Preparation

Possible Side Treks!?

My 8th level party was almost killed by a 5th level expert

Problem with Silence spell

Zenith Trajectory: experience with central shrine (Aushanna, Mangh, etc)

Residing in Jzadirune or the Malachite fortress.

Rank this Adventure Path!

How many points for Point Buy?

SC HC PDF Player Maps?


What is SCAP

Running Jzaridune this weekend...any advice?

Questions about leveling during adventures

Shackled City Overload

Flood Season Word Problem

Drathkar Anti-Climax...

Chapter 1 level advancement && npc's

SCAPresources is off and running!

Hard Cover & Magazine Adventure Differences!

confrontation with Zenith - not as I expected

Adventure Path: Please no more!

Skipping Drathkar's Way

Bhal Hamatugn shrine model

Shacked City at Amazon?

SCAP in Dark Sun!?! Help!

Anyone but Me Find Lords of Oblivion Challenging?

Neverwinter Nights2

A little advice for DMs about to run Flood Season

Bhal-Hamatugn TPK?

A few thoughts on dragons

Where should i place Cauldron in the Forgotten Realms?

Shackled City Shipping Apology

A few thoughts and adjustments to Shackled City (SPOILERS!!!)

Resting in the Kopru Ruins

Oblivion Doors

The Starry Mirror

Delvesdeep - any more on the dreams?

Magma Force v The Cagewrights

Handling Character Death and Level Loss

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