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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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Welcome to the Dungeon messageboards!

This is the place to discuss current, past, and upcoming issues of Dungeon, share tactics with other DMs using the same adventures, and gab about anything and everything to do with Dungeon! We’ve also got a discussion folder specifically for our 11-installment Shackled City Adventure Path, where fans of the series can discuss tips and tricks with others running the same campaign.

Our editorial staff reads this board frequently, and we’ll do our best to answer questions posted here. We’re always open to suggestions about how to improve the magazine, so take a few minutes to let us know what you think of where the magazine’s been and where it’s going.

We’d like to foster a positive, friendly community here at, so please be polite in your postings. By policing ourselves we can make sure the signal-to-noise ratio stays high, and we can prevent some sort of overly-moderated catastrophe community.

Dungeon Magazine

General Discussion
Savage Tide Adventure Path
Age of Worms Adventure Path
Shackled City Adventure Path
Maure Castle

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Topic Posts Last Post
The Haunted Village - Help delvesdeep!

How much of the Adventure Path was changed for the Hardcover?

...About That Baby Owlbear

Starting ST with a later adventure (Spoilers)

Cauldron's town crest? (Spoilers, I guess)

Eric L. Boyd sent these guys after Shami-Amourae?

Adding more fun to the stiltwalkers based on the art

3FoE and Filge

Has anyone done a conversion of Kaurophon?

Trying to Find an Adventure in Dungeon

STAP Campaign Tracking Spreadsheet

Ilthane in the Prince of Redhand

Pathfinderizing: Campaign Traits?

Converting to Pathfinder and planning on running AoW questions

Mage disjuncture / Disintigrate

Ranger animal companions

Base of operation = Jazaruine?

Dragotha down! [Spoilers abound]

Can someone sum up Maure Castle in a nutshell?

Lurking Strangler Question

Skies Treasury - Chapter by chapter

Savage Tides in Golarion

How much downtime is there?

Chase through Sasserine

New Khala brainstorm - calling all GMS and artists

Smaller dungeons?

Too many skill points?

Political Economy and Society of the Cauldron region

Cauldron's Coins

Demogorgon as a Vestige

Crescentia recovery?

TPK at the Observatory

The Striders of Fharlanghn

Finished Shackled City

Heavy armor or Not Heavy Armor.

Specific questions on Affiliations

Question about Notlus Innersol *CoBI Spoilers*

Prince of Redhand - Spoilers inside

Savage Tide Reincarnation

Enough Ziggurat for you? (spoilers of course)

Balabar's insurance policy

Avner and Sea Serpents

What's your party pedigree?

SCAP into Pathfinder RPFG

What happened to the kidnap victims in Life's Bazaar? (spoilers)

Streamlined Age of Worms

A Witch in Age of Worms

Creative use of Grell Blood

Help with tactics in TSoLS

Resting in the Kopru Ruins

Rob Kuntz Interview @ HillCantons

Unofficial material for Maure

Shackled City Pathfinder conversion?

RJK back...

How much destruction in your start to SCAP Ch. 4? (spoiler alert!!!)

Shackled City or Age of Worms?

Should Dragotha monologue? (spoilers)

Starting SCAP

Shackled City or Age of Worms: Advice and dilemma for a new Dungeon Master

Has anyone used The Styes as a side trek?

How to Introduce Auric and Company

rules for movement underwater

My players are anxious

Alurad Sorizan's Heart Fetish

Creating a new finale... *spoilers inside*

HoHR - The mirror maze - spoilers

Would you prohibit any advanced classes from Age of Worms path?

Succubus on the loose on sea wyvern wake

How much help should I give?

Shackled City in 3D (spoiler alert!)

Unexpected party action at the end of chapter 10 (spoilers)

Cauldron Tax Riot

supply stores in Diamond Lake


Whispering Cairn question (Spoiler)

Size Modifiers

Age of Worms Minis suggestions?

Savage Tide AP without main healer?

Help me run a memorable "Serpents of Scuttlecove" (Spoilers for Savage Tide AND Council of Thieves)

The Why of Sasserine

PDF Dungeon issues - scans or proper?

Ideas wanted for extra sea encounters

Aztec Mythos

Problems in Redhand (Spoilers)

Has anyone created this?

Dungeon Magazine: Shackled City Adventure Path

4e Conversion

Age of Worms in Ptolus

Starting the AoW Adventure Path!

Trial on Keygan Ghelve

Savage Tide Hardcover

HoHR - Body Thief Plot Question - Spoilers!!!!

Monkey business (spoilers for Lightless Depths)

Prince of the Redhand - Players going to kill the prince (spoilers)

Age of Worms - Prior Event References?

Spire of Long Shadows - Sleeping

Almost as good as the Shackled City?

ToD Victory Points question

Seeking a list of appearing Hags

Maure Castle PF Conversion [Please Help!]

601 to 700 of 9,146 << first < prev | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | next > last >>
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