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Welcome to the Dungeon messageboards!

This is the place to discuss current, past, and upcoming issues of Dungeon, share tactics with other DMs using the same adventures, and gab about anything and everything to do with Dungeon! We’ve also got a discussion folder specifically for our 11-installment Shackled City Adventure Path, where fans of the series can discuss tips and tricks with others running the same campaign.

Our editorial staff reads this board frequently, and we’ll do our best to answer questions posted here. We’re always open to suggestions about how to improve the magazine, so take a few minutes to let us know what you think of where the magazine’s been and where it’s going.

We’d like to foster a positive, friendly community here at, so please be polite in your postings. By policing ourselves we can make sure the signal-to-noise ratio stays high, and we can prevent some sort of overly-moderated catastrophe community.

Dungeon Magazine

General Discussion
Savage Tide Adventure Path
Age of Worms Adventure Path
Shackled City Adventure Path
Maure Castle

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Topic Posts Last Post
Looking for complete conversion to PF rules

Using Maure Castle for the Test of the Starstone?

Age of Worms Obituaries

Hero Lab portfolios

3.5 D&D question on enhancing the Olman skinwalkers with Leap Attack

Cathedral of Feathers Flying Book Trap

Your favorite uber-bad guy


Starting Wells of Darkness and The benefit of using Red Shroud

Starting Savage Tide at higher levels

More Maure Mysteries

What happens to the MTA?

Some additions and errata for Lightless Depths

Finally wrapped up our campaign

DM Help: Suggestions on times and costs to import magic items to Cauldron

Gottrod's Revenge

Maure Castle / Ruins of Castle Greyhawk and Age of Worms

Not having a good time

Lands of Mystery / Maps of Mystery- What did you do with that glorious map?

Prisoner of Castle Perilous by Stephen S. Greer....

Any 5th edition conversions for SCAP in the works?

Shackled City HC for sale

Age of Worms: A Night on the Town

You take the Tureen and put it in the Marzipan, add propensity.

Library of Last Resort fifth item needed

The Demonskar Ball

Light on Loot?

Download Request: Savage Tide Encounters PDF

Lost City of Elders: What's Known?

Ulgurstasta stats

Saureya as an Itelligent weapon (Alakast)

High Handcrafter

How wealthy should the PCs be by the end of book one?

Post Siege of Redgorge

Question about the cauldron in Drakthar's Way.

Maure Castle to Golarion

Skipping the Demonskar Ball

Savage Tide Shadow Pearl stats?

Occult and horror adventure recommendations

Lantern puzzle at whispering cairn

After the Shackled City Maps Available?

Kazmojen's Goblins

Entering Hall of Harsh Reflections

How Important is Wormnhunter?

One question about the Lightless Depths

Any Savage Tide storytellers still out there?

Age of Worms need help

Savage Tide Obituaries

Final Session of Shackled City

A DM's tips of the trade

Capture of Shackleborn Character (Foreshadow)

"Pathfinderized" d20 Modern Age of Worms

Thessalar: to foreshadow or not?

where's level 12?

Kazmojen's Feats

The Best of Dungeon Magazine

Running Dawn of a New Age with Dragotha still around

Savage Tide in the Razor Coast: A Campaign Journal

Adimarchus Stats

Yet ANOTHER potential Aushanna TPK

How many character deaths in your Adventure Path?

DM Genie use with Dungeon adventures

Barge End Chase Map - Dungeon 114

Conversion to Pathfinder with Updates

Chapter 2 - Faces of Evil, Progression

Shackled City - Community Player's Guide

How would you end the Adventure Path of Savage Tide Early?

Bluecrater Academy - Rules on Acceptance?

Shadow Spire Inspiring

Lotus Dragon Traitor Map

A Funny Thing Happened in the Kopru Ruins

Blackwall Keep Ground Floor

Ebon Triad in the Free City

Fun with Mindflayer tadpoles

High Res Maps

Cora's Prestige...Necessary with PF swashbuckler class?

Adimarchus Miniature?

No PDFs Available for Savage Tide Parts 2 - 12 (Dungeon 140 - 150)?

Game Play: Wind Warriors

Madteeth the Hungry

Chains of Blackmaw (Uncut?)

N’vesh-n’kar's spell-like abilities

Demogorgon is dead!

I'm looking for the artist who did the Age of Worms magazine art, help.

Wrapping up the Tides of Dread

Adventures taking place in Hell / Baator?

Magic Item Sizing Question

Kyuss Paper Mini

Age of Worms: Advice for running Pathfinder Gestalt

Allustan the Cowardly?

Kyuss as a medium creature

Zosiel's Diadem

Savage Tide for 5E with a huge change.....need advice.

Age of Worms: Pathfinder Gestalt Advice

Never Meet Alister Land

Dyr'ryd Miniature?

Converting Savage Tide to Pathfinder?

Need Hardcopies..

Players too suspicious

Chapter 5---> Chapter 6 Transition

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