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Welcome to Dragon's messageboards!

These boards are your place to talk about the magazines and to talk with other readers. Ask questions, state opinions, and offer your ideas about what's in the magazine. Please use these boards to create and communicate, and have fun.

One simple request: Be excellent to each other!

Dragon Magazine

General Discussion
Dragon Compendium
Dragon and Dungeon Transition Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
Updating DC to PF

Tibbit Questions


Old Alternity Articles

Epic Levels

Meat Cleaver as a weapon?

Old school monster search


Dragon PDFs

More planar cities

Ravenloft Souragne Gazetteer is out!

New weapons please

I Miss Zogonia

RPG magazines?

Dragon 319, Animal Fist Shen Prestige Class

Town of Oakhurst in GreyhawK?

Who remembers Bubba the Barbarian?

Internet Archive scanning and posting Dragon Magazine?

Issue #274 Powerplay- Touch attack spells+Improved unarmed strike?

Where's Wormy

forgotten realms map


Maztica articles?

Schools of Magic

Selling old issues of Dragon

Greyhawk Question:

Dragon Magazine # 39

Article on feats for characters raised from the dead - which issue?

1e Variant Alignment Paladins Issue?

Aztec Mythos Redux

Dragon Magazine Magical Interferance article

Dragon magazine article on "talking like a fighter" - what issue?

Dragon Magazine 348 Alchemical Silence

Concering Material Published in Dungeon and Dragon

Diopsid Question

High level black dragon rider

First to post?

Just got married - need to sell Dragon Mag collection!

Looking for specific Magazine #

Quest for Races of the Wild / Arcane Hierophant Errata

To Paizo and all my Paizo 3.5 players

Need to find a dragon mag. #

Searching for a specific Dragon Magazine

Looking for the older (3.X era) Dragon Magazine with four races in it...

I miss Dragon & Dungeon magazine

Orb spells

Bring Back Wil Wheaton!

For Sale - Vintage Dragon Magazines (from issue #7 on ...)

Two handed weapon feats; greatsword

Official ruling on Dispel Magic vs. Etherealness?


Dragon #310 - Errata?

3.5's Paladins for the other alignments

Older Issue Content: Primus??

AD&D Dragon or Dungeon magazine article

Does anyone know what Dragon / Dungeon issue had this image?

Aztec Mythos

Scroll that stores books

Looking for the Variants of Detect Evil

Scratch-N-Dent Adventures

I have to ask this about the current state of Dragon and Dungeon mags

updating the Mountebank

Do Dungeon PDFs ever go on sale?

Looking for specific wizard artwork from Dungeon or Dragon Magazine

Dragon 345


Original 3E Dragon / Dungeon Title Font?

The Fiction of J. Gregory Keyes in Dragon Magazine

Mounting my Maps

Question about Beholders

Bestowed Curses Article in 348

Dragon Compendium: Dvati race (and others)

Dragon#352: The World of China Mieville


What's with the Dvati?

Wizard Duel Article

Ogrémoch's Absorb Cold Ability p. 35 Dragon 347

Another Dragon Magazine


Tvash-Prull's Unfinished Symphony

Paizo Blog: Dragon Slayers!

Kender rock

Dragon PCs

Doesn't the Mag go through Editing????

Old Dragon issues for sale in Sugar Land, TX

Magic Well or Fountain?

Dragon Racial Class for PCs what dragon issue?

AD&D Adventure about Green Dragons

Ring the Golden Bell feat

Whither the Dragon PDFs?

Searching AD&D 2nd Edition article about druid spells

Dragon Compendium: Official Errata Now Available

D20 Magazine?

FREE Dragon Magazines (you pay shipping, if any)

Bring Back the Sundered Empire

Dragon 310 Stoneface prestige class

Question about Dragon #293: the wolves?

What were your favorite Dragon article(s)?

Question about Feat: Single Blade Style

Art Request

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